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Meet The FinalBoss io Team

Two Honest Guys was established in 2016, when founders Ryan and James came up with with a groundbreaking and innovative format: an online portal for all things gaming, TV, movies and tech. As it turns out, that had already been done, but they decided to go ahead with it anyway. But in 2018 James became bored with the name THG, whined for weeks and months on end and now the THG team are reborn – under the guise, but we’re still honest.. Honest! Here at Final Boss you’ll find features, commentaries and unique stylings from the Final Boss crew. While they may have very little knowledge or experience, by god do they have a lot of opinions. Since Final Boss was born, more than a few people have joined the bosses in creating content for the website making it what it is today. How to get in touch with the guys For guest posting enquires please use the dedicated form provided on our guest posting page. Alternatively for anything else please contact the guys at

Ryan Lipton


 Qualifications: BA in Creative Digital Media, Masters in Business Administration & CMI Level 7.
  Current Career: Website Development Project Manager.
FinalBoss io specialism: Gaming and Tech.


Ryan is your tech guru by default, mainly because neither of the other two know anything about technology. He’s got a passion for the latest gadgets, consoles and tech releases and the credit card debt to back it up. Watch out for his in-depth looks at the biggest releases in the tech world.

Technology isn’t all you’ll get out of Ryan, though. On the rare occasion, he’ll dip his toe into the world of video games to bring you reviews and insights into some of the latest titles. You’ll also find him streaming games on Mixer and uploading play-throughs to YouTube.

This isn’t to say Ryan is particularly good at video games. There once was a time long ago, before the times of MLG that this founder used to play hard-core gaming sessions, leading a team that rose through the ranks of the GameBattles EU circuit. Now he just bumbles around trying not to get smashed by 11-year olds with reflexes far beyond his own. Still, it’s funny to watch.

James Speyer


Qualifications: BA in Creative Writing.
Current Career: Copywriter and
Content Marketer.
FinalBoss io specialism: TV,
Movies and Theories.


James is FB’s TV nut, movie addict and theorist crackpot. He’ll be bringing you features, insights, and incoherent ramblings on all your favourite and least favourite shows and movies.

When he isn’t waffling on about Game of Thrones, Westworld, or anything else made by HBO, you might spot James posting articles about video games. An unashamed gaming failure, his input might not be valuable, but it definitely is comical.

It isn’t just in the digital world that James’ struggles, though. A rarely-sighted technophobic millennial, if you asked him to explain Dolby Atmos, he’d tell you all about the house-elf from Harry Potter. When James isn’t working on, he’s usually writing for his fantasy fiction website, The Azrian Portal.

James Speyer


Qualifications: BA in Creative Writing.
Current Career: Copywriter and
Content Marketer.
FinalBoss io specialism: TV,
Movies and Theories.

Adam White

Afk Staff Writer

Qualifications: BA in Screenwriting.
Current Career: Digital Content Editor.
FinalBoss io specialism: Gaming
and Reviews.


If you ask most men about their most treasured possession, you’ll often hear of a family heirloom, a keepsake from a life well travelled or a gift of particular sentimental value. If you ask Adam, you’ll be shown a dusty old copy of his 1994 Sega Megadrive classic, Shaq Fu.

An accomplished writer with a deep-rooted fear of acronyms, Adam had his first screenplay optioned off last year; he’s sure it’ll go into production any day now… any day now.

While he waits to be whisked off to Hollywood, our very own James Cameron in the making will bring you content on everything from the latest and greatest movies to average 90s video games he really shouldn’t still own; providing his infamously faulty disk drive doesn’t eject it halfway through playing.

The Other Bosses

Jon Benoy

Jon is a bit of an all-rounder. Writing for, stage, screen and producing content for his YouTube channel, his interests are about as varied and diverse as The Village People. You’ll notice that Jon often takes a deep-dive into the subjects he chooses to cover; whether they are mainstream icons or undiscovered indie gold, you can be sure you’ll find some unique insight into whatever themes Jon is exploring.

Fraser Vincent

Fraser is’s resident social media mogul. He might not be writing articles on the latest games or movies, but everything you see on our socials, from Insta polls to Facebook stories, is entirely his design. A gaming and movie enthusiast, Fraser has a passion for almost everything you do, so don’t be afraid to connect with him on any of’s social profiles!

Charly Venables

Covering an eclectic range of both gaming, movie and TV content, Charly can be found writing about anything from JRPGs to Netflix binge-fests. The bubbling life and soul of, when she’s not attempting to avoid Ryan or supporting James through his crippling cake addiction, Charly is barraging the team with funny pictures, quotes and geeky memes.