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Jon Holmes is a writer based in Bristol, UK. Alongside his articles, he also writes for stage and screen, having spearheaded his Youtube channel: "Hans H.S". He can be followed on Twitter at @Jonnyjonjon1

Cartoon Crush: Understanding Rick Sanchez

A little while back a meme went around Facebook in the form of a self-referential teasing passage of text, claiming that Rick and Morty...

Cartoon Crush: The Brilliant Irrelevance of Family Guy

Family Guy Logo
Ask Google to describe the word “Irreverence” and it will tell you it means a lack of respect for people or things that are...

Cartoon Crush: The Mundane Brilliance of Bob’s Burgers

Bobs Burgers Family in Dinner
In a strange little town somewhere in New Jersey is a greasy spoon business by the name of Bob’s Burgers, run by manager and...

Cartoon Crush: The Enduring Relevance of South Park

At the beginning of each episode of Comedy Central’s “South Park” we are greeted by simple white titles against a black background that reads: “ALL...