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Jon Holmes is a writer based in Bristol, UK. Alongside his articles, he also writes for stage and screen, having spearheaded his Youtube channel: "Hans H.S". He can be followed on Twitter at @Jonnyjonjon1

Cartoon Crush: Remembering Spongebob Creator Stephen Hillenburg

spongbob creator
In this addition to FinalBoss’ Cartoon Crush, we touch on something very close to my heart. I’ve talked at length on here (and numerous...

Aquaman – A Fishy Delight or Just Another Wet Squid?

Aquaman Brave and the bold
** Disclaimer: This article is 100% satire. There are no spoilers ahead because I haven’t actually seen it. Enjoy! ** Last week saw the Aquaman...

Cartoon Crush: “Homer at the Bat” – The Series Home Run

Home At the Bat Team Phone
On the 20th of February, 1992, a plucky company softball team, Springfield’s Nuclear Power Plant, won the pennant. It was an achievement that no-one at...

Cartoon Crush: Understanding Rick Sanchez

A little while back a meme went around Facebook in the form of a self-referential teasing passage of text, claiming that Rick and Morty...

Cartoon Crush: The Brilliant Irrelevance of Family Guy

Family Guy Logo
Ask Google to describe the word “Irreverence” and it will tell you it means a lack of respect for people or things that are...

Cartoon Crush: The Mundane Brilliance of Bob’s Burgers

Bobs Burgers Family in Dinner
In a strange little town somewhere in New Jersey is a greasy spoon business by the name of Bob’s Burgers, run by manager and...

Cartoon Crush: The Enduring Relevance of South Park

At the beginning of each episode of Comedy Central’s “South Park” we are greeted by simple white titles against a black background that reads: “ALL...