Far Cry 5 is not out for a while, February 27th 2018 to be exact. Yet, at this years EGX event, the THG team managed to sit down and play a 10-minute portion of the game. Set in the western state of Montana, the premise of the game is devoted to cultism, delusions of grandeur and the isolated aspects of small-town America.

First impressions were not good, we weren’t impressed when we first sat behind our screens seeing the text “E3 demo” plasters across the screen, I mean come on guys show us something we haven’t seen before? The setup provided was also sub-par to play a shooter and that’s being kind, all of the screens in the booth seemed to have some glaringly awful vivid picture settings applied to every screen in use, this easily caused 40+ms of gaming lag which is appalling in a home gaming situation, but unforgivable at a showcasing event. But enough of the pre-game woes and pain, let’s take you through our experience at EGX 2017.

You do get a slight sense of that from this snippet of the Far Cry 5 game, but for the most part, it’s just a bit a carnage in the middle of nowhere. We started on the edge of a town and made our way inwards, with no objective other than to liberate the town, quickly descending into a bloodbath of good old American-style violence.

The townsfolk attack you from every-which-way, and you, equipped with a rotation of guns and your ‘gun-for-hire’, depending on who you picked — a choice of either an attack dog, a support aircraft or your average lass — just have to bring them all down.

Overall, the Far Cry 5 gameplay we experienced at EGX wasn’t particularly engaging or even that enjoyable. Without context, the slaughter of these random townspeople had no impact, and the mechanics of the game itself didn’t really add anything new or exciting.

The game, in the form we played it, felt pretty damn generic without any story behind it, there was a lot about what was happening that we didn’t know, a brief clear that village was all we had to work with. This very quickly became a rinse and repeat affair of shoot,  cover, shoot again and reload, which by today’s standards of modern shooters felt pretty basic. Series like Far Cry rely a lot on plot and freedom to provide enjoyment, rather than style and gameplay. Still, what we got really didn’t wow any of us at THG.

We go into further depth in our experience in Far Cry 5 in our EGX podcast.

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