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Pokemon Go: 5 Tips To Catch Pokemon While Driving

Pokémon Go: The Rundown Pokémon Go is huge right now; there's no escaping that! It's certainly a lot bigger than mobile games company Niantic, Inc could have...

The Witness: Mind Blowing or Mind Boggling?

There's nothing better than coming up against an uncrackable code or a relentless maze and finally, finally solving it's riddle. The victory is made...

Gears of War: Top Five Unforgettable Moments

Gears of War 4 is out, and the heads are poppin’ The game has already picked up a pretty positive reception and we at THG...

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5 Video Game Movies You Probably Didn’t Know Were in the Pipeline

Video game movies don’t have the best reputation: But, they aren’t always terrible. The hotly anticipated Assassin's Creed movie hits cinemas later this year, and...

The Town of Light Review and Exclusive Interview: A Game to Lose Yourself in

At EGX 2017, the Final Boss team had the chance to get a closer look at some of the Indie games in development right...

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The Evolution of Nintendo Handheld Consoles

Gaming PCs are constantly evolving, often astounding expectations through the utilisation of the latest technology. In that respect, Nintendo has done it all. Ranking the...

World of Warcraft Classic Basics: Beginners Guide to WoW

You’ve heard about it, your Uncle’s talked about it, and your mums probably even played it…  World of Warcraft: Classic is being released on Tuesday,...

Apex Legends – Season 2 Patch Notes Apex Legends finally has new content! This comes in the form of new hop-ups, map changes and a whole slew of weapon and character...

Classic Video Games to Replay: 4 Unforgettable Childhood Games

We constantly reminisce about our childhood memories; the life-changing experiences with our family and friends that will always be embedded in our minds. For the...

How to Survive: Apex Legends — Apex Legends Survival Guide

At FinalBoss, we’re known for our quirky survival guides. Well, I say known… I’ve written a handful. Usually, these are on-the-nose, humorous pieces, like the...

Is Anthem Bad? – An Honest Review

Available on Xbox, PS4 and PC, Anthem is the latest major release from big-shot developer BioWare, masterminds behind classics like Dragon Age and Mass...

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