Rick and Morty season 3 got a surprise release this April 1st, when the release of episode one, titled The Rickshank Redemption, aired for unsuspecting fans. The season was initially slated for a December 2016 release but has now officially been pushed back to the summer of 2017.

Still, the creators of the show had something exciting for us, a completed first episode, which beautifully tied together that loose thread of good old crazy man Rick Sanchez being locked up in maximum security prison.

The episode played out perfectly from start to finish, offering Rick and Morty fans exactly what they always want, an absolutely insane episode full of twists, turns, laughs, hairbrained schemes and Morty shitting himself.

However, with Rick and Morty season 3 still months away, we’ve got plenty of questions that will go unanswered for a long time. Still, that doesn’t stop us asking them! Here are our top 5 questions from Rick and Morty season 3, episode 1: The Rickshank Redemption.

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Rick and Morty season 3 spoiler

Was that Really What Happened to Rick’s Wife?

In The Rickshamp Redemption, we see Rick’s wife blown to pieces by another Rick. This heartbreaking turn of events leads him to invent his portal gun and creates the Rick we know and love today. But, as it turns out, the event being shown was false, simply a way of corrupting the files of the computer simulation Rick was inside.

However… how much of this memory was false?

It is possible that this memory was not fake, only the data imprinted upon it. We at THG suspect, as is a trend with Rick and Morty, that there is sincerity, tragedy and heartbreak buried in the laughs. This might be how Rick’s wife actually died, how he became the man he is today. This innocuous gag may actually turn out to be a pivotal moment in our beloved character’s backstory, although we’ll have to wait til Rick and Morty season 3 continues in the summer to find out.

If That Memory Was True, Who Was the Little Girl?

In this memory, Rick’s wife was not alone. Alongside her was a child, a small girl. Who was this girl? Of course, if this memory was fake, it was probably Beth. But if it wasn’t it couldn’t be Beth, or could it?

In the event this memory turns out to be real, we at THG have two theories:

  • Rick replaced his Beth: Rick can jump from reality to reality at will, with many Beths lying around the place. It is possible he moved to a reality where Beth was still alive, or he might have even stolen Beth from a reality before her death.
  • Beth is an Android: Rick’s a smart dude. Could it turn out that he actually built his own Beth to replace his dead child, maybe as a robot maybe as some sort of synthetic human. Perhaps this is why it was so easy for her to leave Jerry at the end of episode one, because she is programmed to be endlessly loyal to Rick, no matter what he does. That, or Jerry is just trash.

Is Jerry Gone for Good?

At the end of Rick and Morty season 3, episode 1, the relationship between Beth and Jerry finally seemed over.

They’d had their ups and downs, mainly downs, but it was still a surprise, considering the first episode of Interdimensional Cable, when it was shown they were never meant to be apart. Well… it wasn’t all that surprising, it was kinda spoken about a lot before the episode premiered. The creators claimed they had had enough of the will-they won’t-they divorce gag so decided to end the entire thing.

But it is really over?

Jerry is certainly a wet blanket, but he’s also a fun character. I’m sure Jerry probably isn’t gone for good and will likely win Beth back at some point. Although, as Rick seems to have hopes that the show will go for over 90 years, it might take him a while.

How Does the Szechuan Sauce Change the Game

Rick revealed a secret at the end of Rickshank Redemption, that his goal in life now is to get more McDonald’s Szechuan sauce.

This really switches the game up for Rick and Morty season 3 and beyond. There never really was an arching plotline, so a quest to return the sauce to the realm of reality will create an interesting dynamic for the show.

Yes, we know it’s a gag.

Still, it might be a return gag. All we can hope is that McDonald’s do the decent thing and bring us out some sweet Szechuan sauce so we can all bask in its glory. Currently, our hopes are high:

What Does the Return of Bird Person Mean?

If you watched until after the end credits — which I didn’t, thanks for the heads up Ryan! — you’ll have noticed Bird Person is back!

Resurrected by the Galactic Federation, newly named Pheonix Person, or Cyber Bird (TBD) is now under the control of Tammy. The goal is undoubtedly to use him against Rick, but how are they going to do this? There seems to be a new theme opening up in Rick and Morty, a battle between Rick and the Galactic Federation. It might mean we get a lot more Rick’s backstory in season 3. It might also mean we do get that linear story we joked about before, just with Rick vs Government, not Rick vs McDonalds.

Another interesting question would be, is Bird Person still in there somewhere? Is he totally gone, or could our monotone friend be back at some point?

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