You don’t have to know every little detail about Star Wars to be a Star Wars fan. Confused about some of the major announcements coming out of the 2016 celebration? Our Stars Wars for Dummies blog for dummies can help!

So, have you ever heard of Star Wars?

Me neither! But it must be pretty awesome, because thousands of nerds from across the globe descended upon London last week to attend a celebration in its honour.

A lot of big news came out of the event, but some of it might have been a little confusing for the casual Star Wars fan in the room.

We feel your pain. With so much going on in the Star Wars world, it can be tough to keep up, especially if you’re only reference point is the seven movies.

With that in mind, welcome to our latest blog: a look at the Star Wars celebration 2016, for dummies.

To help you make sense of the most important takeaway points from Star Wars Celebration 2016, we’re breaking down the biggest Star Wars questions we think you’re probably asking:

Who the Bloody Hell Alden Ehrenreich?

Star Wars for Dummies: casting choice for Han Solo explain

Alden Ehrenreich, has only gone and landed the Han Solo gig, hasn’t he?

But while cheers went up in the Star Wars Celebration auditorium and the rumour mills across the land proclaimed themselves oracles of the Star Wars cinematic universe, others were left wondering: who the fuck is Alden Ehrenreich?

Why has he got one of cinema’s most sought-after roles?

Just like Ridley and Boyega, Ehrenreich is a bit of a nobody. He’s had small parts in a couple big budget movies and bigger parts in smaller projects, but he’s a relatively undiscovered talent.

This is no accident, Disney seems to be making a habit of this for the Star Wars franchise. I’m going to give you the abridged version here, but this is what Star Wars: The Force Awakens director, J.J Abrams, had to say on the matter:

“[Boyega and Ridley] needed to be actors whom the audience could discover as these characters, not as actors they’d seen elsewhere.”

So, you haven’t heard of Ehrenreich because nobody has. He’s an unknown, Disney wanted an unknown.

Well, was an unknown.

So, Is Darth Vader the Bad Guy in Rogue One?

It was pretty hard to miss the social media frenzy following a secret Rogue One trailer shown only to attendees of the movies panel at Star Wars Celebration.

It confirmed one thing: Darth Vader is back.

Is Vader the villain in Rogue One?Credit: Giphy

Many fans, both hardcore and casual, will have suspected that the foreboding figure would return for Rogue One, given that it’s set during the height of his power. But all this fanfare around the return of the series most iconic character has caused a bit of confusion, is Darth Vader the movies main antagonist?

Vader is expected to play an influential part in this movie, potentially setting himself up for a spin-off of his own, yet he is not the focus ‘bad guy’.

That honour falls to Ben Mendelsohn’s Director Orson Krennic. A mysterious, white-caped member of the Galactic Empire. We know very little about Krennic as of this moment, but MovieWeb reports that he’ll be as ‘deadly and dangerous as Darth Vader’ and ‘one of the franchise’s most iconic bad guys’.

Star Wars for Dummies: Who is Director Orson

While you might be disappointed that Vader isn’t taking the pivotal antagonist role in Rogue One — especially since the legendary James Earl Jones is bringing his iconic voice back to the role — you have to admit this new Star Wars villain sounds pretty promising.

Check out the Rogue One trailer for a snapshot of Director Orson Krennic. He appears only briefly, but you immediately get an ominous sense of power from him.

What in God’s Name is a ‘Thrawn’?

Thrawn is back, yes! — said no casual Star Wars fan ever.

Out of Star Wars Celebration came a bit of a hullabaloo around the return of a much loved Star Wars character. Thrawn, a blue-skinned humanoid, is set to make his first Disney canon debut in Star Wars Rebels: Season 3.

Star Wars for Dummies: Who is Thrawn?Credit: Giphy

But, who is Thrawn?

“Is he related to Ehrenreich?”

“Was he in a previous film?”

“He’s blue? Is he from Avatar?”

“So this is why they call it Star Wars for dummies…”

Thrawn was a big part of the Star Wars expanded universe. A mountain of comics, short stories, novels and more that catalogue events outside of the original six movies. He was a favourite of hardcore Star Wars fans, yet when Disney bought the franchise, it looked like we’d seen the last of Thrawn.

Disney culled all of the Star Wars expanded universe, leaving only the six movies and a few other pieces of media as canon. As a result, Thrawn was out of the Star Wars universe, and fans weren’t happy.

This explains the excitement surrounding his triumphant return to canon, as an antagonist on the popular series Star Wars Rebels.

So, who is Thrawn?

Thrawn is a badass strategist and a cold, calculating member of the Galactic Empire. He’s ranked as Grand Admiral — a higher rank than the intimidating Grand Moff Tarkin — making him a highly influential figure in the Imperial Armada.

Star Wars for Dummies: Thrawn's shipHis leadership techniques are very different to Vader’s aggressive style. Thrawn is more relaxed and has a flare for creative thinking, rewarding those who think outside the box. Still, make no mistake, this ‘man’ is a threat to the Rebel Alliance, one who acts with swift and brutal effectiveness.

His return spells trouble for the Rebels and promises some very interesting plotlines. If you aren’t into Star Wars Rebels yet, now is the perfect time to give it a try.

Where Have All the Cowboys Jedi Gone?

At Star Wars Celebration, we saw sneak peeks of many wondrous new creatures and characters, were treated to a new Han Solo and met the next iconic droid. Yet, something was missing.


Star Wars for Dummies: Where are all the Jedi?Credit: Giphy

Jedi are perhaps THE most iconic thing to come out of the Star Wars franchise. Everybody knows what a lightsaber is. Even my mother, and she couldn’t tell you who Han Solo is.

However, fans will have noticed a lack of lightsabers and Jedi in the news and promotional material to come out of Star Wars Celebration 2016, so where are they?

Most of the info to come out of the event focused on Rogue One, so this is a matter of context. Before Luke’s ascension in the original trilogy, the Jedi were all but wiped out.

We do see Jedi in Star Wars Rebels, set five years before Rogue One, but as they are nowhere to be seen in the original trilogy or the current content for the new movie, we can only assume they’re going to meet their end very soon.

As there are no Jedi around during this period, you’ll be seeing no Jedi in this movie. This does actually make Rogue One unique, as all other movies in the Star Wars franchise have centered around Jedi and the force.

So that’s where the Jedi are: dead — or in hiding at least.

It is rumoured that Donnie Yen’s character, seen in the trailer as a blind staff-wielding monk, could be force sensitive but just not trained in the Jedi arts. But that is, of course, just speculation at this point.

Star Wars for Dummies: Donnie Yen

Perhaps he is similar to Maz Kanada from Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

That’s it! Star Wars for dummies: Celebration 2016 edition. Got any questions we didn’t answer? While you’re here, why not check out some of our other movie blogs and honest reviews?


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