Top 5 Tips to Improve PSVRs Tracking

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PSVR has its technical limitations, but FinalBoss offers our top 5 tips to help improve your VR gaming experience.

Since its launch in 2016 PSVR has been a brilliant piece of technology, using the light tracking point tech from the previous generations’ Move controllers to track the headset within a 3D environment, this allowed Sony to create something new and incredible allowing console gamers their first chance of VR at home without having a high powered gaming PC to run it. This also allowed Sony to deliver a cost-effective solution to VR with the cost of the headset undercutting others of the time.

However as good as PSVR tech was in 2016, 6 years down the line and the VR market has changed with other more advanced headsets available on PC, some without wires or then need for a PC connection at all like the Oculus Quest 2.

As early as next year we may be seeing Sony’s next leap into the VR market with PlayStation VR 2 coming to PS5 which is looking to be one of the most advanced VR headsets on the market. Boasting features like HDR screens, 1st party Sony titles like Horizon Call Of The Mountain, and designed from the ground up Sense controllers Sony is going all-in with its next generation of VR headset. 

But while we wait on the new headset let’s look at some useful tips to get the best tracking from your current system.

1) Camera Tracking

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The Playstation camera is used to track the position of the headset and controllers so it needs to be able to see them clearly of course. However, just popping it in front or on top of your TV and looking directly forwards may not be the best solution.

In fact, having the camera higher than head height whether you are sitting or standing allows for the camera to see the controllers moving in 3 dimensions a lot easier, this can help to avoid your hand from drifting away mid-game

Another benefit to raising the camera is will have a greater field of view allowing you to extend your arms further if you need to grab an in-game item from the floor like a dropped gun in SuperHot VR for example.

Remember that you don’t need to be facing the screen when playing VR. Back when you were washing windows on the EyeToy you always needed to be facing the screen to follow what was going on, but with VR the screen is always in front of you so you can position the camera anywhere. The cable is 6ft long, so the camera could be placed on top of a large unit or even a curtain rail depending on where your console is positioned.

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2) Cleaning

Psst, you know that cool-looking blue microfibre cloth that came in your PSVR box? Did you take it out? Did you leave it in the box or in a drawer somewhere because you were too excited to plug in your new VR unit to worry about some cloth?

Well, you may wanna dig this thing out, not only is it in that stylish PS4 era blue with the button symbols emblazoned across it, but it’s also great for helping keep your set up in tip-top shape.

Very simply, give the camera a wipe, and remove any dust that may be settled on the lenses. There is no need for any cleaning solutions that may leave smears, just use that lovely dry cloth to remove any dust that may be settled. Yes, when you look through the camera on your screen it may look perfectly fine but if the camera has even the tiniest bit of trouble seeing the lights from the headset or controllers then it may just throw out your tracking just as your trying to hit that perfect combo in Beat Saber. 

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Stepping away from tracking for a second, the cloth can also be used to remove dust from the screens inside the headset, and just for good housekeeping remember that the rubber on your PSVR can be easily removed and cleaned. Seriously if you work up a sweat playing VR be sure to give that a clean from time to time, especially if you share the PSVR because that thing will start to get pretty disgusting in no time.

3) Lighting

The PlayStation camera is an excellent piece of kit, but when it is being used as a sensor it has its downfalls. Any conflicting light source can really mess things up for you.

Having the camera facing a window on a sunny day will wash out the camera’s view making it harder to see the lights it needs to track. If you have to face the window, make sure your curtains are closed. Your PlayStation will let you know if too much light is shining into the camera but consider where your light sources are even if there is no warning.

Dim indirect lighting is best as your headset and controller lights will stand out more but be wary of other causes of lighting interference. Anything which may reflect the light of your controllers could confuse your system into thinking your hands are elsewhere in the room, consider temporarily moving picture frames and mirrors and covering windows as well.

If you are playing your PSVR around Christmas with the family round trying to enjoy some Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes or a few hilarious rounds of Traffic Jams consider switching off those Xmas Tree lights, blasphemy I know but the fewer coloured lights confusing your camera the better.

4) Clothing

Now you may call me crazy but, after extensive testing, I can happily tell you that a giant Easter Bunny suit is the best outfit for playing VR games, not only does the suit interfere with your tracking but you look great while playing. Now obviously I am not being serious about the bunny suit but in truth what you wear can impact your PSVR tracking.

Remember earlier when we discussed how reflections can cause issues? Well, you may wanna consider how shiny your clothing or jewellery may be because these may also. If the light from your Move controller reflects off your top the camera may read the light as being larger and therefore nearer than it actually is, causing your in-game hand to float off in front of you. 

Of course, if you want to play Beat Saber in a giant bunny costume you are more than welcome to, but FinalBoss accepts no responsibility for any bunny suit-related accidents or injuries. 

5) Keeping You In Your Playspace 

Now we come to the final top tip, the creme de la creme of improving your PSVR tracking.

It all comes down to a simple rug. 

If you are playing a VR game that requires you to be on your feet while dodging enemy attacks, knowing where you are in your play space can help keep you in view of the PlayStation Camera as well as avoid damaging any furniture or your TV. 

The idea here is that having a rug or something similar under your feet will help you stay within your play area as you will feel the difference under your feet. Obviously, you could pull that old Kinect Game Boat accessory out from the loft but with those high sides, it may prove to be more of a trip hazard.

So here are some of the best tips we can give you to help improve tracking on PSVR and to get you through until PSVR2 is finally here. Happy gaming.

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