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Elite Dangerous Odyssey Finalboss

Gaming News This Week 05-06-2020

Welcome to the gaming edition of our weekly pop culture round-ups. Here you can find out all about the week's latest video game gossip and what’s due out soon. The...
Ps5 Logo Finalboss

Gaming News This Week 31-05-2020

Welcome to the gaming edition of our weekly round-up pop culture round-ups. Here you can find out all about the latest video game gossip of the week and what’s...
Xbox Series X Gameplay Reveal

Xbox Series X Gameplay Reveals

Microsoft recently showed off their first round of Xbox Series X games to mixed reactions across the board, with many gamers left wanting more. Misguided Promises In the days before the...

The PlayStation 5 Has A Secret Weapon – Its SSD

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is certainly expected to be faster than previous generations, but how fast you ask? Well Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeny called it ‘far ahead’ of high-end...
nvidia A100

NVIDIAs GTC 2020 Keynote Is Over And They Have Huge Ambitions For The Future...

The NVIDIA GTC 2020 keynote is finally done, and just as CEO Jensen Huang promised, it did not disappoint. In a series of nine pre-recorded episodes, Huang unveiled the...

Honest Reviews

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake: An Honest Review

Final Fantasy VII is without a doubt, one of the most widely known RPG's of all time and had...
Tools Up! Honest Review

Tools Up! Honest Review

Who Doesn’t Love Decorating with Friends?   I’m always on the lookout for some couch co-op madness as these were some...
Hunt: Showdown – An Honest Review

Hunt: Showdown – An Honest Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDkmyjWWmwU Hunt: Showdown in its most basic form is a first-person shooter survival horror. But, in its entirety, though it is...

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