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Simpsons Run Home

Classic Video Games to Replay: 4 Unforgettable Childhood Games

We constantly reminisce about our childhood memories; the life-changing experiences with our family and friends that will always be embedded in our minds. For the modern individual, with many of...

From Blackjack To Gwent, Mini-Games That Were So Good They Stopped Us Playing The...

The mark of a great and truly engrossing game is it boasting a wonderfully addictive and somewhat challenging mini-game or two. We’ve all experienced it: we’ve got an important...
Apex Legends Changes

Apex Legends Update Changes: 5 Important Things to Know from Patch 1.1.1

Apex Legends recently saw a slew of major changes following the 1.1.1 patch update. While the game is still in its infancy, it hasn’t stopped developers Respawn making some...
How to survive apex legends

How to Survive: Apex Legends — Apex Legends Survival Guide

At FinalBoss, we’re known for our quirky survival guides. Well, I say known… I’ve written a handful. Usually, these are on-the-nose, humorous pieces, like the most recent one about surviving...

How the Gaming Industry is Leading the Way in Social Responsibility

Across the majority of industries, now is not a good time to be a CEO. Sure, pay packets are skyrocketing for those at the top of the food chain but,...

Honest Reviews


Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro – Which 4K/HDR Gaming Console...

Microsoft and Sony are head to head again in the console wars, and this time it is Microsoft’s Xbox One...

Apple Pencil vs Surface Pro Pen 4: Which is best?

Apple or Microsoft? No, you can't have both. A few years ago when Microsoft revealed a shiny new pen, Apple...

Homefront: The Revolution – Xbox One Review

Right off the bat, this is not an in-depth coverage review of Homefront: The Revolution with video and what-not. However,...

Apex Legends

Are you looking for Apex Legends tips and guides to help you get an edge on your opponents? FinalBoss has everything you need right here.


Apex Legends

Are you looking for Apex Legends tips and guides to help you get an edge on your opponents? FinalBoss has everything you need right here.



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