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Should I Get Jurassic World Evolution? Reasons to Buy

Who doesn’t love a good top-down business simulation title?  We’ve been lapping up this kind of title for years, from Sim City to Zoo Tycoon, and with Jurassic World Evolution...

Playstation VR – Honest Review

Back when we at FinalBoss io were kids, we’d dream of VR without even knowing what it was. Playing driving games we’d complain about how unrealistic it was that...

Top 10 Must Have Games From E3 2018

Now that the E3 2018 has just wrapped up in LA, it is time for ravenous gamers to take stock of the news and announcements and start planning the...

E3 2018 Rumours: Unannounced Projects We Think We’ll See

E3 has become a bit superfluous in recent years. In 2017, FinalBoss io covered the news and announcements in our breakdown podcast, and we weren’t shy about how disappointing...

Honest Reviews


Playstation VR – Honest Review

Back when we at FinalBoss io were kids, we’d dream of VR without even knowing what it was. Playing...

Gran Turismo Sport – Honest Review

We love racing cars. But we can’t afford to actually race actual cars. So we go for the next...

Apple Pencil vs Surface Pro Pen 4: Which is best?

Apple or Microsoft? No, you can't have both. A few years ago when Microsoft revealed a shiny new pen, Apple...
Guest Posting

Guest Posting

We are looking for those with a passion for pop-culture/entertainment - that are looking to gain experience with their work. We welcome contributors from all backgrounds: experienced writers to novices with something to say.




What Titles are 4K, HDR/Dolby Vision on Netflix & Amazon? [Updated 10/07/2018]

Before we delve into these titles I think a brief introduction to these exciting new formats is in order, after all not all of...

Is Maeve Sentient & How Does She Control The Hosts? Westworld Season 2: Episode 5

Westworld season 2 episode 5 ended on a rather spectacular and gruesome action set piece, but watching the Shogun getting slowly decapitated wasn’t the...

Westworld New Series Talking Points: What Can We Expect From Season 2?

The first season of HBO’s Westworld certainly captures a lot of audiences, climbing to the top of rating charts as one of the most...

5 Of the Most Powerful Weapons in Sci-Fi History

War is a recurring theme in modern sci-fi, and what comes hand-in-hand with war? Bloody great big weapons, that’s what. Science fiction is a...

Westworld Season 2 Speculation: 20 Plot Holes and Mysteries Explained

Westworld is over for 2016, and it couldn’t have been a more momentous inauguration. Westworld season 2 is now probably my most anticipated returning...

The Most Expensive TV Shows of All Time [Infographic]

Your entertainment doesn’t come cheap and you might be surprised to learn just how high the price tag of some of your favourite shows...