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10 Great Christmas Films On Netflix: 2020

If you need a Christmas film fix this December Netflix has you covered!

This Christmas will be much different from previous years, what with COVID around, and not being able to travel as much with all the restrictions, rules and guidelines. It’s supposed to be the festive season of joy and cheer but this year feels a little bit different don’t you think?

The Christmas films started a little early this year. I mean I watched Home Alone and Home Alone 2 back in October before even the Halloween and horror films started. There are many great Christmas films to watch, I know some people start early and I’m sorry to say I’m one of those people.

If you’re not really feeling the Christmas spirit yet? I think it’s time to fire up Netflix to help you into the festive mood. Here is a list of films, all available on Netflix, which I think will help us all feel like it’s Christmas. 

A Perfect Christmas List (2014)

A mother and daughter who don’t see eye to eye are more alike then what they care to admit. When a grandmother comes up with a plan to restore the relationship between her daughter and granddaughter, her daughter gets the wrong end of the stick. She will do whatever it takes to make this the best Christmas ever, even if it means that it doesn’t fit into her version of perfect. A great film of repairing broken bonds and making new ones, where an author and a chef and a list to fulfil at Christmas makes for a wonderful journey at Christmas. 

Director: Peter Stewart 

Starring: Beth Broderick, Ellen Hollman, Aaron Hill, 

A Christmas Prince Collection (2017 – 2019)

Sparks fly when junior editor Amber and playboy prince Richard meet. It’s definitely a fairytale romance where truths come to light. It’s a story where two souls fall in love at first sight. Follow King Richard and Amber’s journey with A Christmas Prince, A Royal Wedding and The Royal Baby. Every adventure for King Richard and Amber brings its own set of challenges.  All it takes is Amber’s journalistic instants to find out the truth. A fantastic set of films following a journalist and a prince. 

Director: Alex Zamm 

Starring: Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Honor Kneafsey

Christmas Wonderland (2018)

Nothing beats being back at home during the Christmas period? Heidi, a successful New York art gallery curator, heads back to her hometown, Pleasant Valley, for the holidays. As well as looking after her niece and nephew, Heidi helps out with the Christmas dance. While in town she meets her childhood sweetheart again, making Heidi question if New York is still where she wants to be. Being back in Pleasant Valley, Heidi finds her self falling back in love with her childhood sweetheart and inspired to start up an old passion.

Director: Sean Olsen

Starring: Emily Osment, Ryan Rottman, Kelly Hu

Holiday Rush (2019)

An all-black cast featuring a lead character who realises that it’s never too late to follow his dreams, that time heals everything and that it’s okay to fall in love again. The films follows widowed father radio DJ Rush Williams and his four spoilt children who have to learn the importance of materialistic possessions. When Rush loses his job as radio host during Christmas, it takes a special lady, and going back to where it all started for him to finally feel like it’s Christmas again. A heartwarming romantic film about a father who reconnects with his children and teaches his children the importance of what really matters and that money isn’t everything. 

Director: Leslie Small

Starring: Darlene Love, Romany Malco, Sonequa Martin-Green

Klaus (2019)

Klaus was the first original animated film to appear on Netflix, and earned an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Film. Forget what you know about Santa because Klaus gives a totally different view and image of this Christmas symbol. An original origin story of the one and only Santa Claus. The film follows a spoilt postman who gets more than he bargains for when he’s sent to a place which it can only be classed as hell. In a village where revenge and violence reign this postman will have a hard time fitting in. However, meeting Klaus and a school teacher he changes his views and helps the children of Smeerensburg learn the joy of fun and laughter that is Christmas.

Director: Sergio Pablos

Starring: Will Sasso, J.K.Simmons, John Cusack

Santa Girl (2019)

Santa’s daughter wants a chance at a normal life, making friends and attending college. However, she’s trapped at the North Pole, learning the family business inside out. With her dad being Santa Claus, she will have a hard time convincing him to let her leave for college. With a promise to not fall in love, she will have a difficult time fitting in. But what if you’re arranged to marry Jacks Frost’s son? Would you still want to go ahead? What if he was keeping watch and making sure you married his son. Falling in love is hard to do if you’re arranged to marry Jack Frost Junior. 

Director: Blayne Weaver

Starring:  Barry Bostwick, Jennifer Stone, Devon Werkheiser

A Cinderella Story Christmas Wish (2019)

Watched this film a few times this year. It’s perfect if you love cheesy romances. It’s Cinderella at Christmas. Following an aspiring singer/songwriter who works at Santaland as an elf and falls in love with Nick, the boss’s son and most popular guy in town. However, she has a stepmother and two stepsisters, Joy and Grace, who try to crush her dreams and spirit. Like Cinderella, she has her own fairy godmother who comes in the form of her best friend and a dashing prince who ultimately ends up saving her. 

Director:  Michelle Johnston

Starring:  Laura Marano, Gregg Sulkin, Isabella Gomez 

Princess Switch: Switched Again (2020) 

If you watched the first film then I think you will love to know there’s a sequel on the way to Netflix for Christmas 2020. You most likely see double, if not triple. Vanessa Hudgens reprises her role as Stacey and the Duchess Margaret. However, Margaret surprisingly inherits the throne, while dealing with relationship troubles with her boyfriend Keven. Needing help she calls Stacy, however their plans are jeopardised by Margaret’s cousin Fiona.

Director: Mike Rohl

Starring: Vanessa Hudgens, Suanne Braun, Nick Sagar

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (2020)

Another new Christmas film arriving on Netflix in late 2020, this is just the perfect film for this year. Exactly what we needed this Christmas. Something just a little bit magical. When an inventor has his greatest secrets stolen by his apprentice it takes his granddaughter to catch the thief. When everything’s looking bleak this holiday season, a miracle ensures that the past will come to light and a wrong will be put right. An inspiring film about a granddaughter who believes so much in her grandfathers abilities and helps him to find the magic in inventing again. 

Director: David E. Talbert

Starring: Forest Whitaker, Madalen Mills, Keegan Michael Key

Holidate (2020)

Holidate arrives on Netflix for Christmas 2020. Sick of your family trying to set you up for holidays? Tired of not having someone to share the festivities with? Just tired of being alone? Tired of your mum setting you up? Why not find yourself a Holidate? A Holidate? A relationship with no strings attached only for the special occasions and the holiday season. Your guaranteed to never be alone during the holidays, but watch out you may just fall in love with your Holidate. 

Director: John Whitesell

Starring:  Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey, Kristin Chenoweth

This article was written by guest contributor Zahra Arshad.

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