5 Of the Most Powerful Weapons in Sci-Fi History

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War is a recurring theme in modern sci-fi, and what comes hand-in-hand with war? Bloody great big weapons, that’s what.

Science fiction is a fantasy platform in which the mind can truly explore the depths of power and destruction. Forget swords, guns or even nuclear bombs, these instruments of death pale in comparison to some of the nightmarish creations born from the minds of very creative — and somewhat disturbed — individuals.

But even in the world of sci-fi death machines, some still come out on top. While a lightsaber isn’t a weapon you’d like to be matched up against, and you certainly wouldn’t want to meet a man holding a Ray Gun down a dark alley, there are even worse tools of mayhem you could face in the sci-fi genre.

Here are 5 of the most powerful weapons ever dreamt up for sci-fi:

5. The Death Star — Comparative Destructive Power: Bow and Arrow

Known as the ultimate power in the universe, the Death Star was a truly destructive force. Powered by Kyber Crystals, the same thing used to power lightsabers, this terrifying space station demonstrated its ferocious power when destroying the planet Alderaan.

Some will argue that the Death Star was beaten in terms of power by the mighty Star Killer Base. True, but the iconic nature of this mighty machine earns it a spot on our list.

Capable of annihilating entire planets, this intergalactic super-weapon is perhaps the most famous sci-fi weapon of all time. Yet the Death Star is not the most powerful weapon we’re going to talk about, not by a long shot.

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4. Halo Rings — Comparative Destructive Power: Gun

In the Halo video game series, the Halo rings exist as a destructive force designed to extinguish all sentient life in the entire galaxy. Constructed by an ancient race when combating a species known as the Flood, these weapons clearly outstrip the Death Star in their awesome destructive power.

The Flood, a parasitic hive-mind infestation, feed off sentient life, converting it like a zombie plague and causing the dead to rise up and attack the living. The only way to destroy the Flood is to cut off its source of food and life, living organisms. The Halo rings were capable of wiping out all life in the vicinity when activated — destruction of epic proportions.  

Universe-to-Universe Missile— Comparative Destructive Power: TNT

We aren’t sure what makes this bomb more dangerous: the fact that it can literally destroy an entire universe upon detonation, or that Zap Brannigan has control over it.

Appearing in the Futurama ‘movie’ Beast with a Billion Backs, the Universe-to-Universe missile is exactly what it sounds like, a missile that can be fired through tears in reality, right into other universes, destroying them completely. Little is known about this bomb, other than it is produced by DOOP — the governing body of the Futurama universe.

It’s surprising that this deadly weapon wasn’t created by Professor Farnsworth. It’s also surprising they allowed it to be created in the first place, since an accidental detonation would mean… well…

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Reality Bomb — Comparative Destructive Power: Tsar Bomba

If you thought the Dalek’s were Doctor’s greatest enemy, think again. Their creator Davros posed an even bigger threat to life. Compared to his ultimate weapon, the Dalek’s were about as dangerous as a butter knife.

In the fourth series of Doctor Who, crazy Davros decided to construct a weapon, known as the Reality Bomb, which could collapse reality itself. The idea was the unleash the bomb and destroy all universes in existence, connecting to all realities through that grand old trope, a rip in spacetime.

The bomb would have essentially destroyed everything and everything, if that sassy Doctor Donor hadn’t stopped it.

1. Infinity Gauntlet — Comparative Destructive Power: Donald Trump’s Twitter Account

If you’ve been following the Marvel movies, you will have noticed the appearance of some pretty powerful gems known as The Infinity Stones. These gnarly little glowing rocks possess some immense properties, from Doctor Strange’s ability to manipulate time to Loki’s capability to influence the mind. However, if their power alone was extraordinary, their power together is utterly apocalyptic.

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When all connected to each other through Thanos’ fancy golden glove, the Infinity Gauntlet, which has been touted in many movies and teasers, the wearer of the flashy fashion item essentially becomes God. They have the power to manipulate and control anything in the universe; complete control over reality, capable of doing anything they want. This includes small things, like destroying galaxy, and impossible things, like making a good Fantastic Four movie. In the comic books, Thanos even goes so far as to annihilate half of the creatures in the universe, just to prove his immense power.

Despite the destructive capabilities of the Reality Bomb, it was an object that had weaknesses. Once in control of the Gauntlet, the universe is entirely at the mercy of the wielder.
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