5 Times Game of Thrones Hinted at its Own Ending

Prophecies, visions and predictions that foreshadowed the end of GoT

Game of Thrones is over sob and while some fans feel that the ending was too random, others say that it was foreshadowed from the start. Whether you agree with how the show finished or not, here are five times Game of Thrones hinted at how the show would end, starting way back in Season 2.

Dany’s Vision – The Ruined Throne Room

In Season 2 Episode 10, Danaerys has a vision as she searches for her dragons in the house of the undying. She sees the Iron Throne empty and covered in what looks like snow, but what we now know is ash. Dany stands before the throne as she does in the final episode, except instead of touching it she turns away, back to where her dragons wait for her.

Dany’s Vision in The House of The Undying

Bran’s Vision – The Throne Room, The Horse & The Dragon

Bran has a similar vision in season 4, episode 2. As well as seeing the ruined, empty throne room, he sees the shadow of a single dragon flying ominously over Kings Landing, foreshadowing the death of Rhaegal and Viserion, as well as Drogon and Dany’s attack on the capital. In the same vision, Bran sees one of the undead horses that the White Walkers ride into battle in Season 8 episode 3 (with half its face missing – grim).

Bran’s Vision in Season 4


The Red Priestess and The Flames

In Season 6 episode 5, Kinvara the Red Priestess tells Varys and Tyrion that Daenerys is the saviour who was promised, reborn in flames. She prophesies that Danaerys will purify thousands of non-believers with flames – foreshadowing Drogon’s attack on King Landing in season 8 episode 5.

Before making her exit, Kinvara reminds Varys of the night he was castrated by the red sorcerer and asks him if he remembers which name he heard spoken, suggesting that the name was Daenerys. She tells Varys that if he is a true friend of Daenerys, he will live, foreshadowing his betrayal of Dany and eventual execution by flames, in the same manner of “purification” Dany uses to destroy Kings Landing.

Uncle Benjen’s Rabbit Blood

In season 6 episode 6, Uncle Benjen rescues Bran and Meera from the Night King. He gives Bran rabbit’s blood to drink and tells him that when the Night King comes, Bran will be ready for him and waiting. This foreshadows their meeting in the God’s Wood, where Bran awaits the Night King for their final meeting in Season 8 Episode 3.

The Queen of Ashes

In Season 7 episode 2, after landing at Dragonstone, Dany and her council discuss their plans for taking on Cersei. Tyrion warns Dany that she should not take Westeros by force, because she does not want to become “the Queen of Ashes” – which is exactly what she becomes by burning King’s Landing to the ground.

Dany confronts Varys for his lack of loyalty to previous kings that he’s served and threatens to burn him alive if he doesn’t stay absolutely loyal. You can’t say she’s untrue to her word.

FinalBoss’ Final Thoughts

Whatever your thoughts on the ending of Game of Thrones, one thing’s for certain: While the eight-season-long fight for the Iron Throne was full of mystery, tension and drama, it was only ever going to end one way. GoT asks the question where true power lies; in wealth, strength or intelligence. Which do you feel won out in the end?


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