5 Video Game Movies You Probably Didn’t Know Were in the Pipeline

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Video game movies don’t have the best reputation:

But, they aren’t always terrible. The hotly anticipated Assassin’s Creed movie hits cinemas later this year, and we’re pretty buzzed for it — maybe just out of love for Michael Fassbender.

Assassin’s Creed isn’t the only upcoming video game movie though. There are actually plenty of exciting — and not so exciting — properties heading to our screens in the future.

Most film fans know 2018 will see the return of the Tomb Raider and that Tetris is going to slowly drop, move three squares to the left, rotate and wedge itself uncomfortably onto our screens, but there are plenty of other video game movies in the works you probably didn’t know where on their way:

Fruit Ninja

Who doesn’t love a good cash-grab?

Despite the fact another popular mobile app turned video game movie — Angry Birds — recently languished in the box office, Fruit Ninja has been marked for a cinematic release.

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The rights to the movie have been acquired by New Line Cinemas, apparently looking to destroy the reputation they built with the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

While no date has been pegged for release, we actually know a bit about the plot already. Breathe Cast reports that the video game movie will follow a “team of misfits, who are recruited to become Fruit Ninjas and save the world”.

Oh Jeez…

We reckon this movie will be: Unwatchable


2019 will see Hollywood’s dedication to incredible picture quality fall to pieces, when the crude world of Minecraft takes to our cinema screens.

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Despite having an official release date, we know sweet FA about Minecraft, other than it will be directed by Rob McElhenney, creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

While plot details are scarce, IMDB offers us a little tease, claiming the movie is a ‘feature film based on the popular video game, Minecraft’.

You minx, IMDB.

Yet Minecraft is, at its heart, a fun little game; one that doesn’t take itself too seriously. We hope they can get this across on screen, potentially creating something as genius as the lego movie.

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We reckon this movie will be: A lot of laughs

Nintendo’s Avengers of Dropping Sales

A Legend of Zelda movie could be with us in the future, as could a Mario series and plenty of other Nintendo properties.

Company president Tatsumi Kimishima has stated that the company plans to enter the cinematic world, in a blatant attempt to jump on the expansive universe bandwagon that Marvel is currently riding.

Yeah, cause that works for everyone, right DC?

No plans are in place yet, but this official announcement seems pretty official. I would expect to see your favourite Nintendo characters on the big screen soon.

“They can’t stop their plummeting sales, but they can be damn sure to ruin our favourite characters.”

…I’m doing a parody of what Tony Stark said in the Avengers. Did you get it?

We reckon this movie will be: ruined by shocking CGI


Recently, we got an announcement. The announcement was that there would soon be an announcement on a Portal movie.


J.J. Abrams is apparently set to bring the world of Portal to life in a live-action cinematic whirl. The man himself is quoted as saying: “We have a meeting coming up next week with Valve, we’re very active, I’m hoping that there will be a Portal announcement fairly soon”

As of yet, there are public details on how the move will play out, but hopefully we’ll learn more soon.

We reckon this movie will be: A well-made retread of the same story players have experienced in game.


Now this is a property worth getting excited about.

Uncharted was scheduled for a June 30, 2017 release, but unfortunately that was just wishful thinking. The movie has seen numerous development issues and shakeups in its battle for a silver screen release, and right now we have no idea when we’ll finally see the film. 

Still, it is a release to look forward to. The critically acclaimed Uncharted series is a thing of cinematic beauty in its own right. With stunning visuals and a gripping story, it has the potential to translate very well on the big screen.

Unlike Tetris or Fruit Ninja, this franchise seems born to exist in the cinematic world.

We reckon this movie will be: A shorter version of the already brilliant games

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