The Epic Journey of Alexander in Elden Ring: An In-Depth Guide to His Quest and Rewards

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Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, has garnered widespread acclaim for its rich and immersive world filled with intriguing characters and captivating narratives. 

One such character, Iron Fist Alexander, has captured the hearts of players with his eccentric appearance and unique storyline.

Let’s learn more about Alexander, a Living Jar who is known for his tendency to get stuck in unusual places. Alexander’s storyline is intriguing and offers players valuable items and knowledge about the game’s lore. 

The article covers the different parts of Alexander’s questline, as well as the challenges and rewards involved.

Alexander Elden Ring Quest Part 1: Stuck in Limgrave

Players will begin their journey with Iron Fist Alexander in Northern Stormhill,  Limgrave. Along the way, they will come across various creatures and notice the diverse geography, which includes lush forests, winding rivers, and crumbling ruins. These features add to the enchanting atmosphere of the questline. However, players should be prepared to face enemies and challenges as they make their way to Iron Fist Alexander’s location, serving as an introduction to the world of Elden Ring.

When players arrive at the location where Alexander is trapped, they will discover him caught in a strange position, which highlights his ability to find himself in odd circumstances. 

This initial interaction with Iron Fist Alexander, one of the game’s most fascinating NPCs, establishes the foundation for a captivating and memorable series of events that will evolve as the quest progresses. 

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By aiding Alexander during his difficult time, players will not only receive valuable rewards but also develop a relationship with this extraordinary character.

Players are suggested to talk with Alexander after rescuing him, which provides information about his background and motivations. This dialogue helps to develop his character and arouses interest in the story. 

As players progress through the questline, they’ll learn more about Iron Fist Alexander and Elden Ring’s world, slowly uncovering the secrets regarding the mysterious Living Jar.

Elden Ring Alexander’s Journey Through Gael Tunnel and Redmane Castle

After rescuing Alexander in Limgrave, players will meet him again in Gael Tunnel. It’s a dungeon situated on the border of Limgrave and Caelid, where Alexander reveals more about himself as a warrior vessel holding the souls of legendary fighters.

By finishing the dungeon, players receive Moonveil, one of the game’s top-notch weapons that requires high dexterity and intelligence. Later on, players will encounter Alexander once again during the Radahn Festival at Redmane Castle.

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During the battle against Radahn, Alexander was a helpful ally who fought with great enthusiasm. After achieving victory, players can find Alexander at the site where Radahn’s Starscourge was vanquished, devouring fallen warriors to boost his own strength.

Alexander’s Quest in Elden Ring: Exploring Liurnia, Jarburg, and Mt. Gelmir

As you progress through the questline, you will find Alexander in eastern Liurnia, located just south of the Carian Study Hall. He will be stuck once again and to free him, you will need to use an oil pot and your weapon.

As Alexander’s story unfolds, players will have the chance to fight alongside him during the Radahn Festival at Redmane Castle. Upon defeating Radahn, Alexander reveals the existence of Jarburg, a hidden town inhabited by other Living Jars. 

As players delve deeper into Alexander’s tale, they will find themselves drawn into the lives of the inhabitants of Jarburg, including Alexander’s nephew, Jar Bairn, and a wayward artist named Diallos.

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The adventure continues as players find Alexander on Mt. Gelmir, near Fort Laiedd and the Seethewater Terminus site of grace. Alexander is found soaking in the lava near the Magma Wyrm’s spawn point, and players must defeat the boss before attempting to speak with him. 

In this encounter, Alexander gifts the player with the iconic Jar Helm and hints at his next location: Mountaintop of the Giants.

Navigating Volcano Manor and Conquering Giants: Alexander’s Shard Discovery in Elden Ring

To progress in the questline, players need to go to Volcano Manor and defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. While exploring the manor, players should regularly interact with Diallos in the drawing room. 

After defeating Rykard, players will find Diallos in Jarburg and need to have multiple conversations with him as well as with Jar Bairn. To move the story forward, players must reload the area several times.

In the next part of the story, players will have to climb the Mountaintop of the Giants to confront the Fire Giant. They’ll need to call upon Alexander to help them defeat this difficult foe. Once they emerge victorious, the questline will reach its conclusion in Crumbling Farum Azula, where players will find Alexander waiting for them near the Dragon Temple Lift site.

In the final battle, Alexander challenges the player to a duel. If the player wins, they will receive two items: Alexander’s Innards (a key item), and the Shard of Alexander (a talisman that boosts the damage from Ash of War skills).

Conclusion of the Alexander Quest in Elden Ring: Rewards and Final Thoughts

In order to complete the Iron Fist Alexander questline, players need to go back to Jarburg and present Jar Bairn with Alexander’s Innards. To be able to do this, players must have had sufficient conversations with both Jar Bairn and Diallos in Jarburg, and they must have witnessed the poacher’s assault on the village and Diallos’s unfortunate demise. 

As a reward, players will receive Diallos’s Mask. After the area once more, players will find the Companion Jar talisman that boosts the damage of thrown pot items. This marks the end of the intertwined stories of Alexander, Jar Bairn, Diallos, and the village of Jarburg.


The questline in Elden Ring motivates players to venture into distant areas of the game’s world, discover hidden places and secrets, and face tough battles and memorable duels. By completing the questline, players can earn rewards that acknowledge their skill and determination and as souvenirs of their remarkable journey together with Iron Fist Alexander and the people of Jarburg.

The Iron Fist Alexander quest highlights how companionship and unlikely alliances can thrive in difficult situations. As players share battles and experiences with allies, they will discover the deep and intricate bonds that can be established in Elden Ring’s world.

The Elden Ring experience is enriched by the Iron Fist Alexander questline, which is both essential and memorable. It provides a superb combination of humor, heartache, and triumph for players. This questline is an excellent demonstration of the immersive gameplay and rich storytelling that characterizes FromSoftware’s creations.

Players will remember the adventures of Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring long after defeating all enemies and finding all treasures. These memories will serve as a cherished reminder of the bonds formed and the journey shared with others in the game’s vast and enchanting world.

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