Apples WWDC 2022: Recap

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Apple just kicked off WWDC 2022 with its keynote address revealing all the latest developments for the software that supports its various devices.

If you couldn’t spare two hours to watch the event yourself, FinalBoss has you covered!

Here are the headlines from the event…

iOS 16

iOS 16

iOS 16 brings new intelligence, sharing and communication features that will enhance iPhone use. These will run alongside new personalisation features to freshen up the experience.

  • The lock screen gets its biggest ever update with increased customisation, including the ability to have multiple lock screens to host your favourite widgets. Notifications will roll in from the bottom of the screen rather than dominating the whole display. Focus will be available from the lock screen to filter out unwanted content.
  • Messages get three new highly requested features. Users will be able to edit existing messages, unsend a message and mark a thread as unread to return to later.
  • SharePlay comes to Messages and Facetime.
  • There are updates to dictation to move between voice and touch when writing.
  • Updates to Wallet include the ability to authenticate your identity to apps that need it and to use Apple Pay to pay in instalments.
  • Updates to Maps will include the ability to plan up to 15 stops on a route.
  • Completely new is iCloud shared photo library which will allow up to six users to share photos in a joint album.
  • Then there is Safety Check, a new app, aimed particularly at those in abusive relationships, to allow you to alter privacy permissions to your apps and messages.
  • There’s a new Home app, reorganised to make it easier to control your home accessories.

WatchOS 9

WatchOS 9

  • The workout app is improved to assist runners and triathletes.
  • It has increased sleep analysis and can measure how much time your heart spends in A-Fib.
  • It can also record and remind users of their medication needs.
  • Apples fitness app will also be available to all Apple users, not just those with an Apple Watch.

M2 and new MacBooks


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  • Apple Silicon continues to involve with the introduction of M2. It promises more efficiency, power and improved performance.
  • The M2 will be found in the new MacBook Air. It will be just 11cm thin and weigh 2.7lbs. Its screen will be 13.6 inches. The MacBook Air will come in four colours – silver, space grey, midnight and starlight. The Air will include MagSafe and a new AC adapter. Priced at $1199, it will be available from July.
  • The 13-inch MacBook Pro also gets the M2 upgrade, it will cost $1299.
New MacBook Air
New MacBook Air

mac OS13 Ventura

macOS 13

  • macOS 13 is going to be known as Ventura.
  • Stage Manager will make it easier for users to manage the various windows they are working on.
  • Mail gets some new features such as unsending emails, reminders, scheduling and an improved search function.
  • One of the most interesting announcements was Passkeys, the start of a long journey to replace passwords.
  • For gamers, Metal 3 will allow games to run with fewer resources and improved frame rate, enhancing the gaming experience.
  • Users will be able to use their iPhone as a webcam.

iPad OS 16

iPadOS 16

This update focused on collaboration.

  • Freeform is a new app, like a digital whiteboard, that allows multiple users to share ideas.
  • Users of Pages will be able to make edits to documents in a similar way to Google Drive.
  • And finally, iPad OS 16 brings a weather app to Apple’s tablets!

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