I Stole An Alien From Area 51! The True Life Story With Official Event Organiser Ethan Aguilar

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Ethan Aguilar is the main creator of the Facebook phenomenon STORM AREA 51 group. At the time of writing, the page stands at 13 thousand fans. Hysteria around the event gained so much coverage even the US government has released a statement addressing it. Before he can get his filthy human hands on a fresh new anal probe, I reached out to Ethan and we shot the shit about what’s actually going down on September 20th.

FinalBoss: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What made you start the group?

Ethan Aguilar: I am from a small town in West Virginia known as Canvas. I grew up in the mountains and have always been entertained by memes. It all really started when the meme “Storm Area 51” started. I found it funny that people were going along with it so I started my own group page on Facebook.

FB: What’s the main goal of all of this?

EA: The main goal was just to keep the meme going and getting more people involved in the meme. I love reading comments and see others posts.

Zoidberg Storm Area 51
Would devilled eggs make a good snack for the boys before the run?

FB: At what point did you go “wow, this is actually getting traction”? You’re more than 13 thousand strong now. What’s the attack method?

EA: It started off slow. I was getting like 50 requests an hour. Then after a few days, I started getting 2,000 + requests every morning. It was crazy! I don’t really have a method of getting people in the group. I promote it a little here and there, but people see the meme and wanna join in on the fun.

I grew in the mountains and have always been entertained by memes.

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Flying Saucer Storm area 51
Will saucers be inside the compound?

FB: What are we going to find in there? 60s camera set ups? Alf?

EA: I honestly think we are gonna find The Shagster and the gang from Scooby Doo.

FB: Suggested snacks for before the assault?

EA: The suggested snacks for the boys are anything small. We like barbecue. We may have one before the storm. 

Alien face reveal storm area 51

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FB: And after?

EA: After the storm we will come out victorious and maybe have a couple juice boxes for the hard work we have just done. 

If you are looking for an alien pet or maybe some sort of ray gun, the official Storm Area 51 event takes place on September 20th 2019. “Paul” is also available on Netflix, I guess. You can follow any updates on the Storm Area 51 Facebook page. All things Ethan Aguilar can be found on his Youtube channel.

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