The Mandalorian is the Disney Plus smash hit that captivated the world, brought to us by Jon Favreau & LucasFilm. It’s created a rival streaming service to Netflix all with one show. The visuals are spectacular, the plot is gripping and the world is nostalgic. But quite frankly, that isn’t what has got people talking. Nor is the fact that it’s a Star Wars property. No. It’s that little green alien the Mandalorian is protecting. 

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Baby Yoda is a certified cult icon. The Mandalorian was only out for a few days before his face was spread all over social media. Cries for Baby Yoda merch immediately called out, but since Disney was trying to keep the whole Star Wars reveal a secret, there was little in the way of Baby Yoda merch available. You couldn’t even pre-order merchandise. It just didn’t exist. 

But you needn’t worry. That’s all changed. There is lots of Baby Yoda merchandise available now. Here you’ll find all our top picks of Star Wars Baby Yoda merch, so you can grab the Amazon gifts that are just right for you. Our list features everything from Baby Yoda plush to Baby Yoda mugs.

Beware: Baby Yoda gifts may contain spoilers.

Best Baby Yoda Merch: Baby Yoda Valentines Gifts!

Valentines day is fast approaching, and what better way to show your deep and nerdy love than with some adorable Baby Yoda valentines gifts? Including unique Valentines-themed t-shirts, mugs, Valentines cards and more, below is the best Baby Yoda merch available for Valentines day!

Best Baby Yoda Merch: Baby Yoda Plush

Yes, this is the Baby Yoda merch you’ve been looking for. Baby Yoda plush is here and cuddly as you like. Pick up this adorable Baby Yoda plush toy and snuggle up the The Child at home. They won’t drinking bone broth, but one does come with a tasty frog to eat! Who needs a teddy bear when you can grab this Baby Yoda plush toy?

Best Baby Yoda Merch: T-Shirts

It’s not surprising that when it comes to the best Baby Yoda merch, t-shirts are everywhere. Everyone wants a chance to sport ‘The Child’ front and centre. With so many on offer, it can be tough to pick the best tee, but we’ve brought together our favourites in the current slew of Baby Yoda merch to help make it a little easier. Share your favourite moments or go for whacky designs, with so many options, there must be a Disney Baby Yoda t-shirt for you out there. 

Best Baby Yoda Merch: Hoodies and Sweaters

Showing off your Baby Yoda merch with t-shirts is all well and good in the summer, but what about when the cold outside starts to bite? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this collection of the best Baby Yoda merch hoodies and sweaters! Keep warm and wear something that features your favourite new Disney character.

Best Baby Yoda Merch: Backpacks

Baby Yoda t-shirts and sweaters aren’t the only wearable Baby Yoda merch you’ll be able to find. On our search for the best Baby Yoda merch, we found a selection of adorable backpacks that can help you recreate that icon Luke Skywalker scene from Star Wars, except this time with The Child himself, Baby Yoda!

Best Baby Yoda Merch: Mugs

If you haven’t seen the Baby Yoda meme of the little green alien sipping soup, making him look like an elderly person snuggled up in a warm jumper, you’ve been living under a rock. Now you can enjoy this already iconic scene while recreating it all for yourself, with this selection of the best Baby Yoda merch mugs! Who wouldn’t want the image of Baby Yoda, one of the best Disney creations of the last few years, brightening their day while at work or getting up the morning? These Baby Yoda mugs would warm anyone of a cold December day!

Best Baby Yoda Merch: Funko Pop! & Figures

If you’re a fan of Funko Pop! figures, then this really is the best Baby Yoda merch for you. Even if you aren’t, but are just a fan of the little green man himself, it’s an excellent addition to any shelf or office. And, the Baby Yoda Funko Pop! isn’t the only Baby Yoda figure on the market. There is a selection, albeit a small one, of more figures when it comes to the best Baby Yoda merch you can buy. If you like to collect little items like an action figure, or are looking for gifts for office workers or figure collectors, you can’t go wrong with this Baby Yoda merch. Some great Baby Yoda toys. 

Best Baby Yoda Merch: Posters

Who doesn’t love a classic poster? Perfect for bedrooms, bars, game rooms, offices, studios, man-caves, she-sheds, family dens, you name it! With his selection of the best Baby Yoda merch, you can decorate your space with your new favourite Star Wars character from The Mandalorian. From striking images of Baby Yoda and Mando on a black background to classic episode settings, posters are the ultimate way of showing off your Baby Yoda love!

Best Baby Yoda Merch: Art

Let’s look beyond pin-up posters to some more refined options for the best Baby Yoda merch you can buy. How about putting Baby Yoda really in the spotlight with these amazing of wall art?

Best Baby Yoda Merch: Blankets

What do we love about Baby Yoda? We love that he’s a cute cuddly little alien whose face you just wanna smush. The best Baby Yoda merch you could find then, couldn’t be better tailored than blankets to give you that cosy, fuzzy feeling Baby Yoda. Snuggle up with this warm and inviting Baby Yoda merch! Big enough to share!

Best Baby Yoda Merch: Tech Accessories

There really is Baby Yoda merch for everyone. Kit your phone out with a Baby Yoda phone case collectible or protect your AirPods with a rechargeable headphone dock.

Best Baby Yoda Merch: Outfits for Babies

Who is Baby Yoda merch more suited for than your own baby? They might be fifty years younger than our strange intergalactic Jedi friend, but they’ll enjoy being part of the Star Wars scene of the same. Or they won’t. It’s not like they have a choice when Star Wars fans choose what they wear. 

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