How Long To Beat Elden Ring? Main Story, Platinum & Completionist

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Here’s How Long The Treacherous Journey In The Lands Between Will Last

Elden Ring, unlike previous Souls games by FromSoftware, offers a far longer experience thanks to its open-world design.

Depending upon your preferred playstyle, a casual playthrough can last anywhere between less than fifty to hundreds of hours. And, as expected from a Soulslike game, the bosses don’t make it easy to end. 

For those troubled about what they’re getting themselves into, this guide on how long to beat Elden Ring will immediately clear things up.

How Long To Beat Elden Ring

The main story of Elden Ring will take about 55 hours to complete. However, if you aim to defeat all the Great Rune holders, and do a fair bit of exploration, that 55 hours of playtime will easily stretch to 100 hours or more.

Elden Ring has the most massive open-world of any Soulslike game to date, and its main storyline unfolds across many different regions.  You’ll spend hours traveling across the Lands Between, and each region has its own unique set of enemies. Getting accustomed to their attack patterns will take a great deal of time, not to mention the biggest headache to deal with in the game: the bosses.

Platinum Trophy

If you’re a trophy hunter who’s looking to capture that sweet Platinum in Elden Ring, expect the playthrough to last at least 70–100 hours. Compared to other Soulslikes, Elden Ring’s Platinum trophy isn’t actually that difficult to unlock, it’s rather time consuming. If you’ve already beaten the main story, then there will only be a handful of objectives you’ll need to clear out.

My first Elden Ring playthrough came around to 104 hours for the main story since I explored every nook and cranny of the game — and not because I died a lot. By the time I came around to checking the achievements, I realized I needed to do two more quests for the Platinum. As such, the best route to getting Elden Ring’s Platinum is to enjoy the main story at your own pace, and once you’re done with that, then you can see what’s left on the bucket list.

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A 100% Completion Run

Hardcore Souls veterans who are gunning for the 100% completion rate in Elden Ring will have to spend around 130 hours in-game. That’s fitting considering that there are over 300 weapons to find, 238 bosses to vanquish, and hundreds of spells and incantations to collect.

You’ll need at least a dozen sick leaves off work, and unlimited amounts of effort to pull this off, but the satisfaction of getting 100% in Elden Ring isn’t the same as in any other game. 

That’s a wrap on the how long to beat Elden Ring guide, and while 55 hours is close to how long it takes to finish the main story, the playtime in open-world games is generally pretty hard to keep track of. In Elden Ring, that’s especially true since you never know when a cool side activity may pop up, and then an hour passes and you realize you’re halfway through another questline. If that’s the predicament you’re caught in now, you can follow this Elden Ring boss order guide to keep track of where you’re at.


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