20 Best Bows and Crossbows in Video Games

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Who hasn’t used a bow and arrow in a video game? From Zelda to Crysis, there’s a bow and arrow (or a crossbow) featured on just about every platform imaginable. Retro games have bows, sci-fi games have bows, there’s magical variants, a host of crossbows, and some just plain weird bows.

There have been many attempts to make archery a fun sport on both consoles and PC’s and the folks at targetcrazy.com have compiled a list of the best of the best. If you want to see the whole list, with a total of 50 bows and crossbows, take a look at the full article here, but if you just want a quick rundown, here’s a graphic that shows the top 20 overall.

Longbows from Age of Chivalry: Are They Really The Best Video-Game Bow?

If you’ve never played it, Age of Chivalry is a free mod for Half Life 2 that totally transforms the game into a one based on medieval combat. If this still doesn’t ring any bells, you may have come across the game the developers eventually made based on their highly-successful mod, called Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. — a game that received some pretty strong reviews.

In the Half-Life mod, you can fight with a longbow, a crossbow or a javelin. The longbow archery in this game is pretty realistic, and who else would know better than the guys at Target Crazy? Which is why it gets the top spot. 

What gets your vote for the best archery gameplay? Have you ever played Age of Chivalry or Chivalry: Medieval Warfare? Do you think it’s the best bow action to be had in a game?

Remember to check out that top 50 list if you’re interested in more archery action, and visit the Two Honest Guys video-games page for more of our own-brand content!

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