Elden Ring: 10 Best Spells To Make An Overpowered Build

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You Seriously Can’t Sleep On These Overpowered Elden Ring Sorceries and Incantations

In Soulslikes, melee combat is usually always heavily emphasized, but in Elden Ring, FromSoftware has taken a very different approach. Unlike others of its kind, Elden Ring offers you the opportunity to become an overpowered wizard, priest, and many other things. So, there’s no reason not to live out your Harry Potter fantasies.

That being said, the world’s strongest wizard needs a collection of epic sorceries at their disposal. If you’re in the market for that, then here are 10 best spells in Elden Ring I picked which you should get ASAP.

Best Spells Elden Ring #1 Comet Azur

Comet Azur spell

Stat Requirements: Int 60

Casting the Comet Azur sorcery allows you to summon a continuous beam of magic that follows a straight path. The damage on this spell is one of the highest among any sorcery in Elden Ring, and if you’re rocking an Intelligence build, most bosses will die within two uses of this bad boy. The Comet Azure also rapidly causes stagger, and that’s why it annihilates in PvE.

Unfortunately, its long wind-up time and ability to only travel in a straight line make it easy for other players to dodge it, so I wouldn’t advise using it in PvP matches. But on the off chance you manage to connect, death is all but guaranteed for the soul on the receiving end. 

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Best Spells Elden Ring #2 Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike

ancient dragons lightning strike spell

Stat Requirements: Fai 26

The Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike is hands down the best offensive incantation in Elden Ring. Using it rains a plethora of red lightning strikes onto your enemies in quick but random succession. Its rapid casting speed and gigantic area of attack make it the perfect pick when going up against large mobs. 

The Lightning Strike is especially effective against giant bosses since all the lightning bolts will manage to land the attack that way — this one’s for those still stuck on Dragonlord Placidusax. Unlike the Comet Azur, the Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike doesn’t pack as much of a punch. Still, it’s one of Elden Ring’s best spells because of its versatility in any situation.

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Best Spells Elden Ring #3 Smarag’s Glintstone Breath

smarags glintstone spell

Stat Requirements: Fai 23, Arc 15

Any Elden Ring best spells list would be incomplete without mentioning at least one dragon incantation. That being said, Smarag’s Glintstone Breath is a top-tier magic spell that inflicts tremendous damage, even at long range.

It’s the perfect weapon of choice whenever a small window of opportunity arises since its casting time is very short compared to other incantations. Plus, the option of using Smarag’s Glintstone Breath in mid-air also makes it one of the best surprise attacks that you’ll find in your entire playthrough. Because Smarag’s Breath scales with Faith and Arcane, there are a bunch of talismans and buffs you can utilize to further increase its damage. After tapping into its fullest potential, it’s said that the wielder might end up becoming the strongest dragon in-game.

Best Spells Elden Ring #4 Night Comet

night comet

Stat Requirements: Int 38

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The Comet Azur and Night Comet are the closest things you’ll get to an Avada Kedavra spell in Elden Ring. The Night Comet doesn’t instantly obliterate your foes per se, but the shards sure do hit like a truck. 

When you first acquire this sorcery, you might hate it because of its low damage, but if you’ve got the resolve to do the tedious chore of creating a great Intelligence build, then every projectile the Night Comet fires will be a mini-nuke. And thanks to its swift firing rate, most enemies will end up dying before they take their third step. But if they manage to reach you, good thing your left hand is free to use the Catch Flame incantation.

Best Spells Elden Ring #5 Catch Flame

catch flame spell

Stat Requirements: Fai 8

Although the Catch Flame incantation is among the best spells in Elden Ring, its situation is similar to the Night Comet. Without a proper Faith build, Catch Flame will work against you, but with a stellar one, it’ll literally melt bosses with its flames. 

The little sparks of fire your hand generates don’t look much, and the spell’s range is very poor as well. But when up close and personal, Catch Flame burns enemies to ash. Radagon died after I used the spell 5 times with my mediocre Faith build. That’s actually way fewer hits than it takes to kill our character, so you can imagine how broken of an incantation this will become with an overpowered Faith build. I’d recommend equipping the Night Comet, and Catch Flame spells in each hand if you’re aiming for a magic-only run. That way you can have the best of both worlds.

Best Spells Elden Ring #6 Adula’s Moonblade

adulas moonblade

Stat Requirements: Int 32

For those who are transitioning from a warrior to a spellcaster class, the Adula’s Moonblade is a terrific magic sword that’ll help deal with all those longings to return to melee combat. Using the Adula’s Moonblade sorcery manifests a “Great-Greatsword” — believe me, it’s really big — which slices left and right, and applies some Frost debuffs while doing so.

Similarly to other melee spells, Adula’s Moonblade has a follow-up attack as well.  What’s special here is that this spell can be chained endlessly — provided you’ve got a giant FP reserve. Its scaling is off the charts too, since even with a passable Intelligence build its damage output is comparatively higher than actual +25 melee weapons. If you’d like to become the ultimate spellcaster but can’t quite seem to let go of your melee trigger finger, you know what to do.

Best Spells Elden Ring #7 Ranni’s Dark Moon

rannis dark moon

Stat Requirements: Int 68

Some of the concepts for best spells in Elden Ring might’ve been taken as inspiration from anime if I may so bluntly add. Ranni’s Dark Moon for instance looks like a perfect replica of Goku’s Spirit Bomb — in damage and animation. You might not be able to destroy worlds with this one, but Ranni’s Dark Moon does a great job of gathering your mana in a jiffy, and then unloading it onto enemies swarming the area and blowing them to smithereens.

There’s also that sweet 30% magic negation debuff it applies to targets which provides for an even sweeter opportunity for casting high damage spells. Despite Ranni’s Dark Moon being a little slow to cast itself, it has got an amazing tracking range, so you can charge up other spells while imminent death is hovering over your enemies. 

Best Spells Elden Ring #8 Black Blade

black blade spell

Stat Requirements: Fai 46

The Black Blade is easily Elden Ring’s most underrated incantation. Players usually avoid it because of its slow casting speed, but if you know how to create opportunities rather than waiting for them, then the Black Blade will deliver some serious damage. 

Casting the incantation summons a Greatsword that causes you to leap up into the air and deliver a fatal slash onto enemies, and if that doesn’t prove sufficient, there’s always another one of those slashes in reserve. The decent damage aside, the Black Blade’s ability to permanently decrease the maximum HP of foes and continuously sap away at their health for a few seconds is what sets it apart from the rest of the spells in Elden Ring. The margin for error on this thing is huge, so unless this isn’t your first rodeo, I wouldn’t recommend relying too heavily on it.

Best Spells Elden Ring #9 Star Shower

star shower spell

Stat Requirements: Int 24

The Star Shower spell is perhaps the worst punishment to go up against in PvP. The sorcery summons 6 projectiles — shooting stars — that fall from the skies above and home in on those below. You may be wondering why you should use Star Shower since it’s basically a weaker version of Stars of Ruin. Well, unlike the Stars of Ruin, the Star Shower projectiles have far better tracking, and offer more damage per projectile when compared to Stars of Ruin.

And I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet: you can spam Star Shower continuously due to its low FP cost. With an end-game build of 90+ Intelligence, you can kill bosses like Elden Beast, and Malenia in two castings, and that’s saying something. Plus, the stagger on the Star Shower is downright unfair and paired with the Black Blade, this combo is deadly to even the hardest bosses in Elden Ring.

Best Spells Elden Ring #10 Gavel of Haima

Stat Requirements: Int 25

The Gavel of Haima is a testament to the effectiveness of simplicity. This spell summons a magical Greathammer that crushes your foes in a wide area. Its initial attack pulverizes an enemy and can even break their guard. And if the first attack doesn’t stagger your opponents or misses, then there’s always its devastating follow-up that will finish the job. . The Gavel is a fantastic alternative to Adula’s Moonblade, and although it’s not as powerful, the hammer is a fantastic spell if you’re looking to create a chance to riposte.

Another amazing attribute the Gavel of Haima possesses is its area-of-effect. If an enemy is close to you, either in PvP or PvE, and they try to dodge your attack by rolling sideways, odds are that almost always they’ll get hit, so it’s an all-around melee armament more than a spell.

Elden Ring

Game Name: Elden Ring

Available on: PS5, PS4, XBox Series, XBOX One, PC.

Developers: FromSoftware

Release Date: 25 February 2022

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