Top 10 Best Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring

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Discovering the best spirit ashes in Elden Ring can be the key to overcoming the game’s most formidable opponents

For over a year now, Elden Ring has enthralled gamers with its intricate world-building and challenging gameplay. The action role-playing game from FromSoftware boasts many unique features, but perhaps none are as intriguing as the Spirit Ashes. Fallen foes drop these valuable items, which players can collect and use to enhance their abilities.

With so many Spirit Ashes to choose from, players often wonder which ones are the most valuable and useful. We will be taking a closer look at some of the best Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring and how they can be used to help players conquer the game’s toughest challenges.

10. Skeletal Militiaman

Skeletal Militiaman ashes

The Skeletal Militiaman is one of the challenging enemies that players will encounter in Elden Ring. As with other skeletons in the game, defeating them can be frustrating, as they have the ability to reform after being killed. The Skeletal Militiamen are no exception, but their Spirit Ashes are definitely worth the effort.

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If players want to get the Skeletal Militiaman Spirit Ashes, they need to go to Summonwater village and defeat the Tibia Mariner. This task is challenging because there are other dangerous skeletons along the way. After successfully defeating the Tibia Mariner, players can claim the Skeletal Militiaman Spirit Ashes as a prize.

The Skeletal Militiaman Spirit Ashes are precious items that can boost combat abilities and open up new paths in the game. To make it easier to get them, players should remember to stab the bright light that shines from defeated skeletons. This will prevent them from coming back until the player reaches the next checkpoint. Even though obtaining the ashes can be difficult, they are essential for Elden Ring players who want to fully explore the game and find the best Spirit Ashes.

9. Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf Ashes

Ah, the Lone Wolf Spirit Ashes – the trusty companion that players receive early on in Elden Ring. It’s easy to overlook these furry friends in favor of flashier Spirit Ashes, but don’t be fooled – the Lone Wolf is an invaluable ally in the game.

Once you are killed by the Tree Sentinel, Ranni (or Renna) will give you the Spirit Calling Bell and a loyal wolf companion. Although they may not be as impressive as other Spirit Ashes you may come across; the wolves will be there for you in difficult situations.

When you level up and enhance the Lone Wolf, they will become more potent and be known as “Tarnished’s Best Friend.” Besides assisting you in defeating foes, they can act as a decoy, aiding you in landing crucial hits and executing strategic maneuvers.

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The Lone Wolf Spirit Ashes shouldn’t be underestimated. Despite being the underdog, they are a valuable ally in the game. Additionally, having a furry companion by your side while traveling through the perilous lands of Elden Ring is always desirable.

8. Mausoleum Soldiers

Mausoleum Soldiers Ashes

The Mausoleum Soldiers are tough enemies that should not be underestimated, especially since they often appear in groups. They are headless brutes and can pose a formidable challenge even to skilled Elden Ring players.

Although the Mausoleum Soldiers’ Spirit Ashes don’t have heads, they’re certainly valuable. To get them, players must go to Deeproot Depths and find them near a small dead tree on a cliff close to Nameless Eternal City’s site of grace. However, it won’t be easy to retrieve them since players will have to battle through challenging enemies and bosses.

The ashes of the Mausoleum Soldiers’ spirits are very valuable because they can improve your combat abilities and help you unlock new paths. However, getting them is not easy. You will need to use your weapon to fight the decapitated thugs  in the Mausoleum Soldiers’ area. If you can handle the challenge, the reward will be worth it.

7. Nepheli Loux

 Nepheli Loux Ashes

In Elden Ring game, players can encounter Nepheli Loux – a strong ally who can help in a crucial battle. If players talk to her before the fight, she can provide valuable help in defeating the boss.

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Furthermore, if players successfully keep her alive during the fight, she can assist them in battles with other bosses in the future and grant them impressive rewards.

Players can obtain Spirit Ashes puppets depending on who they give Seluvis’s Potion. However, for those who are fond of Nepheli Loux and want to learn more about her story, it may be better to explore alternative options instead of giving her the potion. One such option is to make her royalty.

Overall, Nepheli Loux is a fascinating character who offers a lot to players willing to invest time and effort into her story. Whether you decide to align yourself with her or not, make sure to keep an eye out for her and take advantage of any opportunities she presents. With her assistance, players can overcome some of Elden Ring’s toughest challenges and uncover the game’s many secrets.

6. Dung Eater

Dung Eater Ashes

In Elden Ring, players can obtain a one-of-a-kind puppet called the Dung Eater’s Spirit Ashes by feeding Seluvis’s potion to the body of the Dung Eater. Although it may appear harsh, players may be motivated to do so because of the Dung Eater’s objectionable behavior during the game.

The Dung Eater is a powerful Spirit in Elden Ring, equipped with a spine sword and a massive body. Despite being an intimidating foe, players can take pleasure in controlling him if they go through the effort of completing two separate quest lines. It’s worth noting that acquiring the Dung Eater puppet entails significant effort, and some players may not find it worthwhile.

If you’re brave enough, obtaining the Dung Eater’s Spirit Ashes can be beneficial in battle. You can turn the Dung Eater into your own puppet and take advantage of its strength. However, it’s not an easy task and may require some effort from you.

5. Aurelia

Aurelia Spirit jellyfish ashes

In Elden Ring, players can obtain Aurelia, a Jellyfish Spirit Ashes, as one of their first allies. Roderika gives Aurelia to the player as a gift in the Stormhill Shack, located next to a grace site, and asks the players to take good care of her.

The game also features a side quest involving Aurelia, which leads players to the Stargazers’ Ruins and can deepen their connection to the game world.

At first, Aurelia’s attacks may seem slow, but after leveling up, she can be a useful partner. Her ranged attacks cause poison build-up, which is a benefit for melee-based players. If players draw enemy attention away from her, Aurelia can use her strengths effectively.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and distinctive partner to aid you in battles in Elden Ring, Aurelia is a great choice, even though she may not be the most impressive or potent Spirit Ashes. Her unique abilities and dependability can offer significant support to players. Therefore, if you want a whimsical partner inspired by a jellyfish, don’t hesitate to get Aurelia and test her out.

4. Stormhawk Deenh

 Stormhawk Deenh Ashes

Players face these challenging enemies in Stormveil Castle only if they take the correct route. These enemies, named Stormhawks, have knives on their feet that can cause blood-loss buildup, making them tough opponents. However, if players successfully defeat them, they may be able to obtain useful loot.

The Spirit Ashes of Stormhawk Deenh can be easily found in the Chapel of Anticipation upon returning to that location. It is situated at an elevated position, but there are no complicated tasks to be completed in order to obtain it. 

Once summoned, Deenh will accompany the player and provide air support, serving as a useful ally irrespective of the player’s build. Having a flying companion is always beneficial in Elden Ring.

3. Banished Knight Oleg

Banished Knight Oleg Ashes

Banished Knight Oleg is a Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring that players can acquire by completing a challenging side quest. To obtain Oleg’s Spirit Ashes, players need to use two Stonesword Keys on the imps near the Stranded Graveyard site. 

This will allow them to enter the heavily trapped Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, where they have to fight numerous ghosts. The botanical boss fight must be won to acquire the ashes.

Oleg can be a valuable ally due to his interesting backstory and imposing presence. He is a heavily armored knight who wields two large swords, making him a formidable opponent. It’s worth noting that players must spend 100 FP to summon him, so they should increase their Mind stat to maximize his potential.

2. Black Knife Tiche

Black Knife Tiche Ashes

Black Knife Tiche is a Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring that falls under the Legendary Category. In order to get Tiche’s ashes as a reward, players need to defeat her father, Alecto in his stronghold called Evergaol located in Liurnia. 

If players are interested in the game’s backstory, they will find Tiche to be a valuable asset to their team as she has experience in defeating daunting  enemies.

Understanding Tiche’s strengths is important for optimizing her usage. She may not excel at battling swarms of enemies, but she is highly effective at fighting a solitary boss. Players can fully utilize her abilities to their advantage by treating her as an NPC summon.

1. Mimic Tear Ashes

Mimic Tear Ashes

If you’ve ever wished for a duplicate of yourself while fighting an area or boss, you’re in luck. You can find the Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes behind an Imp Statue Door in Night’s Sacred Ground. It is a powerful tool in the game that allows you to summon a copy of yourself by using HP instead of FP.

The Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes in the game have been significantly nerfed compared to its initial release. Despite that, it remains the most potent Spirit Ashes you can get. 

When summoned, the Spirit will have the same armor and gear you currently have, making you an unstoppable force against any challenges you may face.


In Elden Ring, Spirit Ashes provide a fascinating way for players to not only enhance their combat skills but also delve deeper into the game’s complex lore. 

With a variety of Spirit Ashes to choose from, including the challenging Skeletal Militaman and invaluable Lone Wolf, players have the opportunity to discover unique advantages that can be acquired through a variety of methods. 

Whether players prefer a loyal companion or a powerful ally with a rich backstory, selecting the right Spirit Ashes and using them strategically can lead to triumph over even the most daunting challenges and uncovering the game’s hidden mysteries.

By following this list and obtaining the best spirit ashes in Elden Ring, you will be better equipped to face the numerous challenges that lie ahead. 

As you continue to explore the captivating world of Elden Ring, don’t forget to experiment with different spirit ashes combinations and strategies to find the perfect fit for your playstyle.
Good luck, and may your journey be filled with epic battles and unforgettable moments.

Elden Ring

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Release Date: 25 February 2022

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