Top Blockchain Games that Let You Earn Crypto

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As a gamer, you now have access to a host of play-to-earn crypto games that let you earn real cryptocurrency by doing what you do best: playing games. There are generally two ways you can earn crypto rewards in these games: through gameplay, such as completing adventures or winning battles, and through selling in-game assets on an in-game marketplace.

Axie Infinity

With over one million active users, this is currently the world’s most popular NFT game. It was also the first NFT game on the Ethereum network to reach $1 billion in U.S. sales. The game is similar to Pokemon in that you build a collection of creatures called Axies that you, then, use to battle enemies and fight other players. The game features two cryptocurrencies: one that you earn by completing adventures and the other that you earn by climbing the leaderboard. To start playing, you need to purchase at least three Axies.


Another Pokemon-inspired game, this game lets you breed and raise Mons, a type of NFT virtual pet, that you then pit in a battle against other Mons, either game-controlled (Player vs. Environment or PvE) or controlled by other players (Player vs. Player or PvP.) You can also explore an infinite open world to find Ambrosia (AMB,) a special item you can use to upgrade and otherwise improve your Mons. With the in-game token, called BIN, you can purchase eggs to breed new Mons. You need five Binemon, which you can acquire either by purchasing them or buying eggs with which to hatch them, to start playing the game.

Bomb Crypto Game

Fight monsters with your Bomb Heroes, the game’s NFT avatars, to accumulate Bomb Crypto tokens (BCOIN.) Providing gamers with a more classic, vintage gaming experience, the game features three modes: treasure hunt, adventure and battle. Each has different missions and difficulty levels.


Running on the Ethereum blockchain, this 3D virtual reality (VR) game lets you create avatars and explore the in-game world earning MANA, the in-game token. You, then, use this MANA to create more unique and advanced avatars and purchase land within this world.

Gods Unchained

Also on the Ethereum network, this trading card game lets you use a variety of types of cards to engage in combat with other players. You can earn free cards and purchase cards from other players using the in-game token, known as GODS, on the marketplace as well as craft NFTs and earn a variety of other rewards.


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In this 3D Open World RPG running on the Ethereum network, your tasks are primarily to complete quests, win battles and rise up the ranks. Through your gameplay, you earn the in-game token, called ILV token, which you can, then, use to buy and upgrade NFT Illuvials, the creatures you use to perform these activities.

The Sandbox

You might call this game the crypto evolution of the classic game Minecraft; it’s also very similar to its fellow 3D Open World building game Decentraland. In this one, you use a utility token called SAND to buy, sell and trade lands from a limited pool of only 166,464 lands. The game lets you choose how to monetize the content you create on those lands, like scenery and objects.


No longer do you have to be a professional gamer to earn money playing online games. Now, after you’ve finished streaming The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin on fuboTV, and are feeling pumped to get in on the crypto action yourself, you know you have your choice of games to play, from RPGs to trading card games, to earn yourself real cryptocurrency that you can, then, exchange for cold, hard cash.


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