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Capcom has revealed that its first ever European team championship competition – Street Fighter League Pro Europe 2022 – will begin airing on 10 October, 2022 and will include the continent’s best Street Fighter™ V players.

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Following the success of the US and Japanese leagues, which have been running since 2018 and 2020 respectively, Capcom is launching its Street Fighter League Pro in Europe this year. This championship, which pits twenty-four of the region’s best players against each other, will take place across seventeen weeks starting from 10 October, 2022.

Six four-player teams will face off on Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (Season 5), the publisher’s flagship fighting game, in weekly programmes broadcast every Monday at 19:00 UK time on:

The winning team will receive a place in the Street Fighter World Championship 2022, which will pit them against the best SFL US and SFL Japan teams in 2023. A total cash prize of €75,000 will be divided between the winners and finalists of the competition.

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Well-known esports competitors such as Problem X (United Kingdom), MQS (United Kingdom), Luffy (France), Mister Crimson (France), Phenom (Norway) and Vegapatch (Spain) will captain the teams, with matches to be hosted by Logan Sama and featuring dynamic expert commentary courtesy of F-Word and Jammerz.

Stuart Turner, COO of Capcom Europe, commented, “We are proud to inaugurate this year’s Street Fighter Pro League in Europe. This is a huge leap forward for European esports, and a great place to start watching for anyone wanting to get into the sport. I look forward to seeing the victorious European team competing against the best SFL US and SFL Japan teams in the next Street Fighter World Championship!

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Full details of the competition will be available soon on the official Street Fighter League Pro Europe 2022 website here.


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