Creative Ways to Enhance Your Minecraft Server Experience

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One of the hardest things you can do, especially when you want to be the best at it, is maintaining a Minecraft server. Also, getting many players participating on your server is not easy. Therefore, you must take advantage of the available resources to have a steady stream for old and new players. You can use several ways to enhance your server and make it stand out in the market.

These include outright simple or complex; everything is based on your execution and will. If you own a Minecraft server and don’t know how to make it more engaging, check out the below tips. Despite having these simple tips, you need to be ready to take the initiative for successful events.

Online presence

One of the essential things you can have in this technological world is an online presence. Start by giving your server members a sense of belonging as part of your exclusive group. Get new yet free Minecraft banner designs to help you reach out to more potential members. Ensure your social media accounts are similar to your Minecraft server: fun and engaging to participate in.

Interacting with your members and organizing competitions, meetings and fan arts is essential to make them feel at home and welcomed in your server. This is another way to keep your players entertained and engaged even when they are not doing anything: go beyond the Minecraft server. You will grow your server if someone finds your banners on social media accounts.

High-quality gameplay

The best and high-quality gameplay doesn’t care if there is strong competition on the internet or how good your advertising is. If your gameplay lacks quality, no one would want to stay. However, you can take care of this situation by using high-quality plugins.

Most servers mistake using cheap, low-quality plugins that hinder players’ gameplay quality. No player would go for a crappy game, hence provide a high-quality game to boost the experience on your server. You can use polls once your community is big enough to know the type of plugins they want to use.

Create regular competitions

No one loves boring, but a place full of energy, people who are having fun and hyped, will always be the best to hang out. You will notice a big difference between a Minecraft server that is just there for players to play and one the moderator takes the initiative.

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One of the ways to take simple initiative is to run some sort of competition on your server, weekly or monthly. Allow your players to get involved in the community and win in-game prizes or bragging rights.

In-game rewards

You won’t be the first to incorporate in-game rewards on your server: this idea can be traced back to the first Minecraft servers. However, it depends majorly on the server moderator’s execution.

Minecraft servers don’t allow a “play-to-win” reward system, but you can offer cosmetics instead. Therefore, you should go the extra mile and create a custom item using custom textures and make them scarce. Remember, scarcity will drive hype on your server.


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