In-Depth Nintendo Switch Unboxing: UK Gamer’s Impressions

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Ryan did something pretty crazy recently.

Against the advice of my incredibly well thought-out article about the Nintendo Switch, he bought the console.

Thankfully though, it is a decision he does not regret. While the games available for the Switch are currently limited, what is available is definitely worth the price tag — in his opinion at least.

But, before we get to the games and the Nintendo Switch experience, there is something we have to do first.

Nintendo Switch Unboxing: UK Gamers Look at What’s in the Box!

When buying the standard edition of the Switch, currently the only edition available on the UK market, you’ll find inside:

  • The Console: A portable screen, similar to a tablet, but chunkier.
  • The Dock: A charge port for the console and the element that puts it on the big screen.
  • Joy-con Controllers x2: Nintendo’s innovative new controllers that feature their new 3D rumble tech.
  • Joy-con Wrist Straps: So you don’t smash your TV playing party games.
  • Joy-con Grip: Separates the two elements of the Joy-con to make it feel more like a standard console controller.
  • Wiring and boring bits: You know, the important stuff.

Ryan and Jess also take a look at the pro controller, but that’s an additional accessory!

What is a Nintendo Switch?

The successor to the Wii U, Nintendo’s worst selling console of all time, the Switch takes hardware elements from its predecessor and ramps things up to a whole new level.

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It is not secret that the new console has a portable element, although if you aren’t too familiar with it, you’ll see exactly what we mean in Nintendo Switch unboxing video.

This basically hijacks the unique selling point of the Wii U, a portable(ish) controller pad for the console, but removes the ish. The Wii U could be played kind of remotely, maybe down the hall from your console, but now, for the Switch, the portable screen is the console.

There is no question of portability here, as you’ll see in the promo material, with people playing the Nintendo Switch on rooftops and even planes.

Nintendo Switch In-Depth Look And Impressions

Out of the box, the console itself is impressive.

The portable screen makes it very different to the normal hardware we’re used to. As you can see this Nintendo Switch unboxing, the console itself is built to a high quality and feels much more robust than the plasticky build quality of the Wii U.

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As mentioned up top, while there aren’t many games for the Switch yet, what is out there is pretty great.

In particular, Bomberman has caught Ryan’s attention. A throwback to the 1980s classic, the Switch version revitalises the franchise with a superb 3D dynamic that still retains the core gameplay and nostalgia of the original.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Zelda: Breath of the Wild are also two games that make picking up with the Switch worth picking up. Although Mario Kart 8 was available on the Wii U, so few people ever played it that it became the best-selling game of 2017 in a matter of hours.

One thing to note is that, like the Wii, the Switch is the ultimate party console. In our Nintendo Switch Unboxing, you’ll see how the Joy-con can be split to create to separate controls, which means, unlike most consoles, the Switch is two-player friendly right out the box.

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Enjoy our Nintendo Switch Unboxing by UK gamers and looking for more gaming articles? Then switch over to our dedicated gaming category.

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