This weekend Disney’s Live Action remake of Aladdin opened in cinemas across the UK. FinalBoss journeyed back to the bustling streets of Agrabah to see whether Will Smith’s Genie was as fresh and princely as we were expecting and if Guy Ritchie could resist giving everyone cockney accents. While Ritchie, Smith and the principal actors Naomi Scott (Princess Jasmine) and Mena Massoud (Aladdin) did a decent job, we were a little disappointed that Jason Statham didn’t cameo as a grizzled guard and Alfonso Ribeiro didn’t feature in the closing dance number.

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Ritchie’s updated Aladdin has already suffered from a fair amount of controversy, with many critics calling out the casting choices, plot and setting for a lack of cultural understanding. While there may be issues with this adaptation of the 90’s classic, here are five things that are great about it.

1This is the First Live-action Disney Movie with Non-white Leads

Ok so it shouldn’t have taken us until 2019 to get a live-action Disney movie with a non-white lead cast, but it finally happened with Ritchie’s Aladdin.

2Jasmine Is A Kickass Role Model for Little Girls

The new princess Jasmine is strong, brave and powerful

OG 90’s Princess Jasmine doesn’t really care about becoming Sultan, or what will happen to Agrabah after her father’s reign is over. She’s more concerned with her own affairs. At the end of the movie, Jasmine becomes Aladdin’s wife because her father agrees to change a law that says she can’t marry someone other than a prince. Aladdin then becomes the new Sultan-in-waiting.

Ritchie’s updated Princess Jasmine is a powerful and capable would-be leader who loves her people and wants to lead them into an age of prosperity and change. Much is made of her journey to power, and the way that she stands up to those who want to keep her from becoming Sultan is empowering for little girls everywhere. Finally, a kickass Disney Princess update.

3Jafar Has a Believable Backstory and is Less of a Pantomime Villain

4Will Smith is the Fresh Genie of Agrabah, and it’s Glorious

5Alan Menken

Alan Menken is the undisputed king of Disney musicals and it’s so fabulous that he came out of Mouse-tirement to re-orchestrate this updated version of, arguably, one of his best Disney movies to date. The updated numbers are bouncy, rich and have been given lyrical changes that make them appropriate for 2019 audiences. We can almost forgive Mr Menken for allowing Zayn Malik to sing A Whole New World on the soundtrack. Almost. Those first few breathy seconds of the track are enough to make you turn it off for good.

Final Thoughts…

If you’re a fan of the original Aladdin movie and fancy a trip down memory lane, don’t go see this movie expecting it to be a carbon copy of the 90’s animated classic. Go with an open heart that’s eager to see your favourite characters come to life and you’ll get a lot out of this fun, thought-provoking and very well orchestrated movie. Ritchie, Menken and the choreography team have done a wonderful job pulling this project in a way that makes it feel fresh, exciting and engaging for a whole new generation of Disney fans. Just don’t stare at Smith’s CGI face for too long if you don’t want to have nightmares.

Fresh Prince Fans need to hear the end credits version of “Friend Like Me” right now.

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