Final Space Theories: What Will Happen in Season 2?

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At FinalBoss we love a good theory. We also love Final Space. So what better to do than throw together some loose conjecture about our new favourite series? If you’re getting hyped for season 2, but can’t wait for it to return, here are some Final Space theories ideas to tide you over.

Is Mooncake Gary’s Father?

I cannot take credit for this theory, but I wanted to mention it briefly anyway. It’s something I’ve seen in a few places online but the best example is this awesome video from The FanGirl:

In short, this Final Space theory suggests that Mooncake could be Gary’s father, or at least remnants of him. The theory is based on the idea that:

  • Mooncake, a conscious being, is created following the destruction of The Breach.
  • Despite being hounded and abused for his powers, Mooncake forms an immediate connection and trust with Gary.
  • In Future Quinn’s stories, Mooncake loses his s*** after Gary dies, potentially because his son is dead.

The theory isn’t certain if Mooncake knows he’s Gary’s father, or just his consciousnesses pushed into another form, perhaps with a scattering of memories or just a feeling about Gary, like instinct.

Either way, it’s an interesting idea.

Everyone Gary Knows Will Die, and Be Replaced

So potentially, Gary’s father has been replaced by Mooncake. But this isn’t the only instance of Gary losing important relationships and having them replaced either. Near the mid-season point, Avocato is killed and Lil Cato takes his place.

Okay, so this is two circumstances of death and replacement — maybe, if the Mooncake thing holds up — but how is this a Final Space theory?

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In the season finale, Quinn is killed when she detonates the anti-matter bomb. Kevin, Gary’s favourite little robot, is also destroyed. In the series, all these character’s combined make up the major relationships Gary has.

We have now seen that Kevin exists in many forms (anything for a Kevin!). This means that once Gary is found to be alone in space, there is potential for him to be given another identical Kevin. As for Quinn, she might be dead, but there is another Quinn floating around the Universe now her time-travelling ship has been destroyed, meaning ‘old hot Quinn’ could become just regular old Quinn.

Final Space really takes on some dark elements alongside the comedic aspects. It gives the show weight and a profound message of loss and loneliness. It takes these moments seriously, as the important death scenes are never mired by jokes or comic relief; they always follow through on the emotional beats they promise.

Of course, you could argue that if time travel in this Universe exists, then there is a way back for everyone from Quinn to Avocato, but given how this show approaches dark subject matters, we’d like to think the creators have the balls not to take the easy way out.

In which case, it seems like Gary is destined to keep losing the ones he loves, and have them replaced by similar but altered versions. The tragedy that is Gary’s life is the emotional Crux of the show, and feeds into his characterisation of somebody you can’t ever get down, somebody that makes the world around him what he needs it to be, because if he didn’t, he’d probably just crumble and fall to pieces.

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Without true tragedy in this show, what would be the point of it?

Also, this then begs the question, how much time has H.U.E got?

The Titan Lie: It’s Not What We Think

So what do we know about these vengeful beings, the Titans?

We know that:

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  • They used to exist in normal space-time
  • They were imprisoned by Bolo, a benevolent Titan
  • Bolo, as a result, was imprisoned himself
  • They want out to wreak havoc on the Universe
  • Their goal is to escape the dimension in which they are trapped

Except, this doesn’t add up to what we’ve actually seen.

In the series, the Titans are trying to rip a hole in space-time in order to re-enter the Universe, or so we think. However, when they do briefly achieve this, what do they do?

They don’t push and shove to escape. They don’t try and get out. Instead, they grab Earth and take it into the dimension. Following that, there is a small window where The Breach is open before Quinn destroys it, but nothing attempts to leave.

What do we actually know based on the actions of the Titans? Well, they really wanted Earth. Despite space being an infinite place, both breaches were opened in the vicinity of Planet Earth, and when they got their chance, they took it.

Based on this, we at FinalBoss have two theories. Either:

  1. The Titans aren’t trying to escape.
  2. The Titans need Earth to get out.

The first Final Space theory is based on the idea that all the information we’ve had about Titans comes from Quinn and our encounter with Bolo. However, is Bolo really a trustworthy source? He’s imprisoned, and maybe that’s for a different reason to the one we are given. If he is, in fact, the evil Titan, the others may be protecting the Universe from him by sealing him away and locking him, and themselves, in this other dimension. Those that are communicating with, and trying to help Bolo come from Earth. Maybe in their quest to keep him contained, the Titans are removing Earth and its people as a threat.

Our second theory also comes back to this idea that, in Final Space, things seem to replace other things. Mooncake replaces Gary’s father, Lil Cato replaces Avocato, Kevin replaces Kevin, and so on. Given their obsession with Earth, it could be the Titan’s need it for something to fully realise their plan to be free. What could Earth be? A key to escape. An egg containing a powerful Titan capable of getting them all out. A cookie. We just don’t know.

These theories are likely to be total bulls***. However, we do know one thing is for certain:

Earth has a major role to play in whatever is going on with these Titans, and what we’re being told is definitely not the whole truth, or we’d probably have Titans roaming the Universe by now.

Whatever the reveal, it’s sure to be titanic.

Share Your Final Space Theories

So, these are our Final Space theories, but we love to hear yours, and what you think we’ll see in season 2. Leave us a comment below! Then check out more of our TV content!

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