The Ultimate Game of Thrones Cersei Theory: Will She Be All That’s Left?

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I have a theory, a theory about how Game of Thrones will end, and it’s not one you are going to like.

We’ve all seen speculation about who is going to finish the last season on the Iron Throne, winning the Game of Thrones once and for all. Danny is a pretty popular choice, as is Jon and surprisingly, even Tyrion.

But I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t be any of these characters. No, I have another idea…

A Game of Thrones Cersei Theory nobody wants to come true.

I think Cersei will finish season eight still sat atop the throne, Queen of the Andals and of the first men.


We’ve Been Promised A Bittersweet Ending

G.R.R Martin has confirmed very little about what will happen in the final book of his Fire and Ice saga, but one thing we do know is that it will have a very bittersweet ending.

Bittersweet ending means Game of Thrones isn’t going to end happily ever after, but then, how on Earth could it?

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Having a fan favourite sit on the Iron Throne, victorious after a bloody but well-fought battle, doesn’t seem bittersweet to me.

Yes, they will probably lose something on the way, but we have already lost so much in Game of Thrones that a couple of deaths here and there mean very little.

No, I believe bittersweet means that the White Walkers are defeated, that relative peace does fall on Westeros, but it is a bitter victory because one of the most hated characters on the show maintains rule.

She is the Ultimate Game Player

When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. Cersei herself said this.

The thing is, Cersei is the master of playing games. She can toy with a person like nobody else on the show, thus if the Game of Thrones really is a game, she’s the one who knows how to win.

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To relinquish the throne would mean death. Death for Cersei is not an option. She might not have the loyalty or the dragons, but she’s got the intellect and the power to keep herself alive.

Daenerys is (Probably) Going Insane

So, there is another very popular Game of Thrones ending theory that Daenerys Targaryen is going insane.

It makes sense. This is a fictional world, but G.R.R Martin is a keen proponent of keeping things realistic. From deaths that are both inopportune and unheroic to birth defects relating to incestuous relationships.

Danny is the child of siblings, which means she is more than likely born with birth defects, such as her father’s insanity.

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If this theory does come to fruition, there is no way Daenerys will be able to capture the throne, let alone hold it.

She is Cersei’s greatest threat to the crown, and really her only threat, besides Littlefinger — yes you have the Dornish, but they are so non-existent in the show it’s hard to imagine they’ll actually be the ones who end up on top come the season 8 finale, even if we do get more of the ‘masterplan’.

All Cersei has to do is to hold the Iron Throne long enough for Danny to lose her shit, and she’ll only have Petyr Baelish to contend with.

Not sure what we are on about, watch this video explaining it all:

Cersei has the Defences

Winter has come. The White Walkers are on the march and they’ll be in Westeros soon, tearing the place to shreds.

Cersei is in a very good position for this. She has the numbers, she has the defences and she’s situated in the south.

Let’s look at our other major players:

Jon is in the North, he’s fucked.

Danny is coming by sea. She’s got a massive army but no defences to protect them against the White Walkers or the cold. Her army is used to hot temperatures, how will they fair in the cold dark of Westeros’ winter? I’m guessing not well.

Remember how well Stannis’ men did? And they were from the North.

Baelish has the Bloody Gate to keep himself safe, but that rabble of Wight’s didn’t seem to be afraid of cliffs or mountains, so I doubt anything will stop them finding a way into the Vale.

The Dornish are very far south granted, but in order to take the Iron Throne, they’ll have to move north to King’s Landing, where they’ll be defenceless and also struggling with the cold.

All Cersei has to do in this circumstance is outlast her other players.

Don’t Put too Much Stock in Prophecy

G.R.R Martin dislikes tropes. He breaks them every chance he gets. His world is dripping with fantasy and magic, yes, but it is also founded in realism.

Prophecies were a big part of many cultures throughout history, including the Ancient Greeks which Martin took some inspiration from. The thing is though, these prophecies rarely, if ever, actually came true. More often than not, prophecies are just the ramblings of some nut job.

How many doomsday prophecies have you lived through?

A lot of people will argue that Maggy the Frog’s prophecy means that Cersei will die, but I would argue that if you believe this story will unravel like you think it will, you clearly haven’t been paying close enough attention.

Ah but, I hear you say, Maggy said all her children would die, and they did. You are correct sir, but there are such things self-fulfilling prophecies.

The fact is Cersei’s children have died because she has put herself, and them, in a position where they were compromised.

Myrcella was killed because Cersei had Oberyn killed. Oberyn was killed because of Cersei’s blind hatred of Tyrion.

Tommen killed himself directly because of the actions undertaken by his mother.

Joffrey… Well, Joffrey was just a psycho.

And That’s About It

Right, so that’s my Game of Thrones Cersei theory and I’m sticking to it — until somebody destroys my idea in the comments or on social media.

It isn’t the ending anybody wants, or the ending you thought would happen, which is exactly why I think it will. With the odds stacked against the other contenders, Cersei holds all the cards she needs to keep the throne and win the Game of Thrones.

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