Retrogaming : 15 Classic Games That Deserve a Remaster.

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Everyone loves nostalgia, and there’s no better feeling than discovering that your favourite childhood game is about to get the remaster or remake it deserves. Some games have captured our imaginations and become timeless icons that are echoed by the gaming community. 

But with time, these masterpieces risk being forgotten, depriving the new generation of gamers of long hours enjoying iconic videogames.

Yet our hearts yearn for the beauty of yesterday to mingle with the marvels of today’s graphic prowess. 

Today, we delve into the glorious past of video games and draw up a list of 15 games that, in my opinion, deserve to be remastered more than ever.

Legend of Dragoon (2000)

In a world teeming with RPGs, Legend of Dragoon was a melody that tugged at the heartstrings with its captivating narrative and unique combat mechanics. A remaster could soften the polygonal edges of yesteryear, making Dart’s journey against the sinister antagonist a visually stunning narrative odyssey filled with dragon knights, magic and the eternal battle between good and evil.

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Developed by Sony, a remake of The Legend of Dragoon would be a good move for the Japanese publisher to add an exclusive to its PS5. Especially after Microsoft has been buying up studios to deprive Sony of exclusivity.

Metacritic rating : 74

Parasite Eve (1998)

A chilling blend of survival horror and role-playing game, Parasite Eve was nothing short of a masterpiece of storytelling. Aya Brea’s haunting journey through a changing New York City was a story told before its time. A remaster could give this spooky tale a graphic facelift while preserving the atmospheric dread that set it apart.

Parasite Eve was well received by gamers. With graphics and cinematics that were pleasant for the time and a story marked by its mature tone. 

A remake of Parasite Eve, with reduced loading times, dubbing and next-gen graphics, could bring fans back to Aya’s adventures.

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Metacritic rating : 81

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

The roar of engines, the thrill of the getaway and the glory of being the most wanted: this classic released in 2005 has adrenaline junkies hooked, and deserve a remaster.

With its open world and police chases, ‘Need for Speed: Most Wanted’ was a forerunner in the evolution of open-world racing games. 

The chance to relive that chase, with updated police AI, expanded car customisation options and perhaps an even bigger open world exploring a day-night cycle, could open up new avenues of engagement and thrills.

Added to this is an online multiplayer mode allowing players to challenge each other and revel in the rivalry while bringing the masterpiece to a new generation of speed enthusiasts. 

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“Need for Speed: Most Wanted” is calling for a comeback.

Metacritic rating : 83

Skies of Arcadia (2000)

At the dawn of the new millennium, “Skies of Arcadia” captured the hearts of role-playing game fans with its dazzling celestial landscapes, 

A band of charismatic sky pirates, a fabulous story and ships that fly. This is Skies of Arcadia, an RPG released in 2001 for the Dreamcast.

The immersive exploration, heartfelt camaraderie and haunting music by Yutaka Minobe and Tatsuyuki Maeda have left an indelible mark that allows “Skies of Arcadia” to claim its place in the club of the best RPGs of all time.

Exploiting modern gameplay mechanics could refine the exploratory essence of the game. Improved navigation tools, interactive quest systems and redesigned airship customisation could enhance the player’s immersion in the infinite skies. 

Already extremely well done in its day, a remaster wouldn’t require any major changes. 

“Skies of Arcadia’ has a special place in the hearts of RPG fans, and a remastered edition on more established media would be a great way of introducing many new fans to the skies.

Metacritic rating : 84 

Super Mario 64 (1994)

Do we still need to introduce Super Mario 64? 

The appearance of the Italian-Japanese plumber on Nintendo 64 was revolutionary, to say the least. 

Nintendo’s favourite licence was appearing for the first time in 3D, but also in a semi-open world filled with fanciful landscapes and fearsome enemies. 

There’s no doubt that a remake with improved graphics adapted to the modern era (Switch 2?) would be a success and would allow many gamers to discover one of the games that revolutionised the video game landscape.

Metacritic rating : 85

Sly Cooper (2002) 

Sly Cooper’s escapades are a charismatic mix of humour, stealth and action. Sly’s gang are like old friends with whom you can embark on daring heists, each episode a page from a comic strip. 

A remastered Sly inspired by the cell-shaded graphics of Jet Set Radio or, more recently, Hi-Fi Rush, modernised controls and enhanced stages would allow a new league of young thieves to discover camaraderie and clever plots with a modern twist. 

Metacritic rating :86

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind (2002)

In the annals of role-playing games, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind occupies a special place. When it was released in 2002, it was nothing short of revolutionary, offering a vast open world brimming with history and freedom. Bethesda’s masterpiece offered a complex story set on the mysterious island of Vvardenfell.

The remastering of Morrowind could benefit not only from a refurbishment of its outdated graphics but also from improved mechanics and a simplified user interface, making it more accessible to new players while retaining the depth that returning players appreciated. 

Certainly, a remake would allow a new generation of adventurers, ready to lose themselves in the enigmatic lands of Vvardenfell, to discover this hallmark of open-world design.

Morrowind is a monumental landmark, and a remastered edition could bridge the gap between the historical and the contemporary, restoring an ancient story with modern mastery. Failing Bethesda getting down to the task, we know that a mod is being developed by the community for a remake of Morrowind using the Skyrim engine.

Metacritic rating : 87

Shenmue (1999)

At the end of the 90s, Yu Suzuki’s fertile imagination gave birth to an exciting saga: Shenmue. 

This revolutionary game set new standards in video games, combining a rich narrative with an open environment – where every character had his routine – and a captivating combat system. 

Ryo Hazuki’s journey to seek revenge in a meticulously crafted Japan and China of the 1980s touched gamers like me deeply.

Revisiting Shenmue with a proper remaster (not the simple PS4 port) could reveal this treasure to a whole generation of gamers. Improved graphics and textures would breathe new life into the picturesque villages, bustling towns and mysterious martial arts dojos, enhancing immersion in this deeply affecting narrative journey.

Work on Ryo’s animation would be necessary to meet the expectations of contemporary gamers, as would improvements to the voices and dialogue to deliver a more emotionally rich narrative. 

All this would make Ryo’s quest as visceral and intense as its narrative stakes suggest.

At a time when open-world adventure games and narrative experiences are valued, Shenmue’s tale of revenge, mystery and self-discovery remains a compelling candidate for a remaster. 

A modern version of Shenmue isn’t just a nostalgic trip down memory lane, it’s also an opportunity to relive a pioneering narrative adventure in the light of advances in contemporary gaming. 

With Ryo’s quest far from over, a remastered Shenmue could rekindle the embers of a deep legacy, and give newcomers a chance to explore this extraordinary game. 

And for vets like me, it would allow us to dive back into Ryo’s adventure while we wait for a much hoped-for Shenmue 4.

Metacritic rating : 88

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (1997)

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night”  is a PlayStation 1 classic that set the Castlevania series apart with its blend of side-scrolling action, role-playing elements and horrific storytelling that made it a true masterpiece. The saga of Alucard’s adventure in Dracula’s menacing castle was a masterpiece for its time.

Revisiting the haunted corridors of Dracula’s lair with a remaster could be more than just a nostalgic trip; it’s an opportunity to bring the thrills and emotions of a daring adventure in gothic corridors to contemporary audiences. Modern graphics can bring back to life the grotesque yet strangely captivating aesthetic of the original game. Every swing of Alucard’s sword, every eerie whisper in the haunted corridors can be made more vivid and immersive today.

What’s more, a remaster could streamline the gameplay, making it more intuitive and accessible, while preserving the combat and exploration of the original. The refined melodies could reinforce the sinister atmosphere that defines Castlevania.

“Castlevania: Symphony of the Night” wasn’t just a game, it was also a chilling tale that was way ahead of its time. At a time when Metroidvania continues to captivate, a remake of this classic would do justice to its pioneering status.

Metacritic rating : 89

Syphon Filter (1999)

Another Sony studio title, Syphon Filter, was a blend of atmospheric spy thriller and relentless action, a formula that has never gone out of fashion. 

The story of Gabe Logan, a field operative entangled in a perilous web of bioterrorism and shadow agents, has resonated with a generation keen to get a taste of digital espionage. It’s a stealth game, but with enough weapons to satisfy the appetite of action fans.

The Syphon Filter series was a big hit on the PlayStation 1.

A remake could revive this licence with a modern twist, offering veterans and new agents alike a chance to immerse themselves in a captivating world of espionage.

Metacritic rating : 90

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (1999)

If you’ve never explored the dark and bewitching lands of Nosgoth, then a remaster is in order.  Raziel, a once noble vampire turned vengeful spectre. In “Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver”, you play as Raziel, a once noble vampire turned vengeful wraith. “Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver” features a rich narrative infused with a gothic atmosphere.

The remastered version of “Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver” would feature an improved combat system as well as modern animation and control mechanics to deliver fluid, responsive and captivating encounters with the dark denizens of Nosgoth. 

Environmental puzzles, an essential aspect of Soul Reaver’s gameplay, could be redesigned to stimulate new players.

In addition, enriched lore with additional backstories could deepen our understanding of Raziel’s torment and his complex relationship with Kain, making the story even more captivating.

The potential of a remaster of ‘Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver lies not only in a fresh coat of paint but also in revitalising the story arcs and gothic atmosphere that have kept players on the edge of their seats. As Raziel’s haunting lament echoes through the years, the desire to return to the cursed lands of Nosgoth intensifies, in anticipation of a day when we can once again cross the chasm between vengeance and redemption.

Metacritic rating : 91

Medal of Honor (1999)

Long before the advent of Call Of Duty and Battlefield, one FPS captured the attention of gamers.

Launched in 1999 on PlayStation, Medal of Honor was a jewel of military storytelling. Inspired by the film “Saving Private Ryan”, the series immersed players in the realism of the Second World War, offering a chance for heroism from the comfort of home. 

While subsequent versions have attempted to recapture this magic, they have never managed to stand up to the behemoths of Call Of Duty or even Battlefield from the same publisher. 

A remake of ‘Medal of Honor’ could offer veterans and new players alike the chance to traverse the storm-swept beaches of Normandy and the war-torn streets of Berlin with unrivalled graphical and aural fidelity.

Metacritic rating : 92

Splinter Cell (2002)

Sam Fisher’s stealthy escapades in Splinter Cell brought spy fantasies to life. The delicate balance between strategy, stealth and action kept gamers on the edge of their seats. With the shadow being Sam’s best friend and worst enemy, imagine the stark contrast a remake could offer with today’s graphics power, allowing for a more immersive stealth experience in the moonlight.

Ubisoft abandoned the series after the disappointing sales of Splinter Cell Blacklist. 

A Splinter Cell remaster could fill the void left by the vagueness of Metal Gear Solid 6, and bring a host of new fans back to its cause.

Imagine a Sam Fisher with updated graphics and gameplay. More cunning AI and smoother stealth mechanics. The storytelling could be strengthened with current-generation voice acting and cinematic narration.

What’s more, the possibility of incorporating modern gameplay features such as multiplayer co-op or even VR could take Sam Fisher’s clandestine escapades to a hitherto unexplored level of immersive realism. Imagine donning the iconic trifocal goggles, the world plunging into a palette of night-vision green as you infiltrate hostile realms.

Metacritic rating : 93

Chrono Trigger (1995)

Chrono Trigger is a name that has marked the history of RPGs thanks to its impeccable storytelling and a combat system that was ahead of its time. Released in 1995 on the SNES, this gem created by Hironobu Sakaguchi and Yuji Horii, with the help of Akira Toriyama, quickly won over players.

The story is fascinating: players travel through time, from prehistoric times to a post-apocalyptic future, to prevent a global catastrophe. With colourful characters and a non-linear storyline offering multiple endings, every choice in Chrono Trigger is important.

A remaster could embellish the already stunning 16-bit art, showcasing the lush, vibrant world and memorable characters.

In addition, the unique turn-based combat system could be refined to achieve the fluidity and responsiveness of contemporary role-playing games. 

Chrono Trigger remaster, if done with care and respect for the original, could bring this legendary story to a new generation of gamers, while satisfying the long-standing desire of the original fans to relive the adventure in a modern form.

We share the hope that one day the hands of time will reverse, bringing Chrono Trigger back to the forefront of modern gaming, where it rightfully belongs.

Metacritic rating : 94 (PS1 version)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)

In 1998, a legend was born on the Nintendo 64 that will forever go down in the annals of video games. Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  This game set the benchmark for 3D game design and open-world implementation, paving the way for future generations of action and adventure games.

Link, ocarina in hand, transcended time to thwart the malevolent ambitions of Ganondorf. The complex yet accessible gameplay, rich narrative and vast world of Hyrule offered a cocktail of exploration, puzzle-solving and combat that left gamers wanting more, even decades after the game’s release.

Today, the call for a remaster of The Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is growing louder, especially after the brilliant Tears of the Kingdom. 

A remastered version of this timeless classic could modernise the combat and puzzle mechanics, making the game more fluid while retaining the authentic essence that made it a masterpiece.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time doesn’t just deserve a remaster, it’s a narrative and cultural treasure that deserves to be discovered by a new generation of gamers, and relived by those whose hearts were captured by the first note of its enchanting melody. 

Metacritic rating : 99


As we delve into the annals of gaming history, we’ve rekindled the embers of nostalgia. Each game mentioned contains a world of memories, a distinct echo in the hearts of gamers. However, the desire for a remaster is not just a journey into the past, but an invitation to younger gamers to discover these gems of video games.

Until these masterpieces come back remastered on our modern consoles and PCs, with updated gameplay and modern twists.

Until then, the illustrious past of video games remains a playground for our memories and a catalyst for our imagination. So let’s keep the joysticks moving, the discussions flowing and the hope of remasters alive. Our precious pixels of the past deserve so much more. The quest to revive these iconic titles is a testament to our unwavering love for the worlds that have moved us, challenged us and sculpted countless hours of gaming bliss. 

We hope that one day we’ll be able to welcome back these remastered treasures with the same wonder and passion that has been with us since we first picked up a joystick.

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