Gaming More Safely in 2023

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In 2023 it’s important to be aware of the threat of cybercrime at online gaming platforms. These platforms are some of the primary targets, and so many attacks happen here. This is why any gamer should take security measures in order to stay safe. Read more about how to do that here.

We’re gaming more than ever before. Gamers today come in all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes. With the popularity of gaming, it has become a huge target for all kinds of cybercriminals. This is not something that is going away anytime soon – on the contrary. This is why all kinds of gamers should consider their online security now. Here you can read a bit more about some of the common video game threats, and how to protect yourself against them.

Common video game threats

There are many different ways to launch a cyberattack. Unfortunately for you, this means that there are many things for you to protect yourself against. Some of the most common ones are infection and account takeover. To infect your computer or device, a cybercriminal will usually try to trick you using phishing methods. This is usually done through a cheaper or free version of a game, cheat codes, and the like. This is why you should never download these or click on anything from an unknown source.

Even though it might seem like a good idea to get your hands on a cheaper game, it might end up costing you a lot more. Account takeover is simply when a hacker manages to breach your account in some way – usually by hacking your password. For most hackers, this is unfortunately not very difficult. There are obviously many more types of attacks – different types of malware, spyware, doxx attacks, and so on. Read more about the many different kinds of cyberattacks here.

Gaming safely

Security measures to take

To protect yourself against attacks, there are two primary things that you can do. The first one is to get yourself some software that will help detect malicious software and viruses. The other one is to educate yourself on which security measures to take. One of the things that you can do today to optimize your security is to upgrade your password to your account. Your password can be the one thing that stops the account takeover attack. This is why you should always prioritize having a strong password, and enabling MFA whenever possible. If you want to read more about strong passwords and get help creating one, you can visit

Another important security measure is to make it a habit not to overshare online. You should always avoid sharing any personal or sensitive information online – on online gaming platforms and everywhere else. This information can easily be used against you in multiple ways. All of these things contribute to the importance of educating yourself on cybercrime. The more you know about how cybercriminals operate on online gaming platforms, the better you will be at protecting yourself.


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