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Horizon Zero Dawn: Thunderjaw Boss Fight

As Two Honest Guys resident casual gamer, I have never played Horizon Zero Dawn. I’m not even sure I’ve ever played a PS4.

Despite my obvious lack of qualifications, Ryan decided I was an excellent choice for a gaming commentary on his battle with the ferocious Thunderjaw in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Stumbling across the behemoth out in the wilds of whatever world this is — yeah, I do my research — Ryan tried his luck against the mechanical T-Rex knock-off, much to Jess’ surprise.

In a Two Honest Guys first, myself, Ryan and Jess have come together to talk about Horizon Zero Dawn (well they talk, and I ask questions) and commentate this foolhardy attempt to beat one of the toughest dinos in the game.

We should also mention at this point that Ryan was about ten levels lower than this monstrous machine, meaning this Thunderjaw fight was almost certainly going to end up with him getting splattered under its over-sized feet.

How to Defeat a Thunderjaw in Horizon Zero Dawn

As it turns out, this didn’t happen. And, spoilers, Ryan manages to take down the Thunderjaw.

If you haven’t come here for our hilarious commentary track, make sure you check out the video to see how can kill a Thunderjaw in Horizon Zero Dawn while still at a low level.

Hint — it takes a bloody long time.

To defeat the giant, Ryan employs a variety of techniques, primarily utilising stealth to ensure the carnivorous metal monster is unable to track him down and tread him into the dirt.

Keeping his distance, Ryan aimed for the components attached to the Thunderjaw, as destroying them dealt far more damage than his arrows alone could. After a long, draw-out fight, he finally uses the likes of shock wires to bring the beast to its knees.

It’s not the most dramatic or pretty fight, but you can’t say he didn’t win.

If you’re interested in more gaming content, make sure you check out our gaming page and head over to Twitch for streams of betas and new titles.

Ryan Lipton
Ryan Lipton
Ryan is your local game aficionado. A master button basher with years of dedicated gaming under his belt, he’ll constantly be keeping you up to date with all the latest releases.

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