How to Fuse and Unfuse Weapons in Tears of the Kingdom

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Fusing weapons in Tears of The Kingdom is one of the best features offered in the game and the best solution for anyone who disliked the weapon-breaking system in Breath of the Wild.

The Fuse ability is obtained early on as part of the initial shrines and becomes a part of Link’s arsenal. T

he ability can be used to create all sorts of weird and wacky weapons, and it can also be used to create extremely powerful weapons and tools that make you feel invincible.

Fuse Weapons in Tears of the Kingdom: How to Get Started

Once you’ve finished the In-isa Shrine on the Great Sky Island ( Its coordinates are 0013, -1506, 1408), you’ll gain the ability to fuse weapons together.

With this new skill, you can combine any shield or sword with other compatible items.

To begin fusing, select the Fuse ability by pressing the left bumper and choose the item you want to work with. This feature allows you to create all kinds of unique weapons.

Special items like Zonai devices can be combined with weapons to get interesting effects. If you attach a rocket to your shield and shield surf, you will be launched into the air.

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Keep repeating the process while in the air to reach great heights while your Zonai charge lasts.

You can also combine precious items like rubies with weapons to give them a fire effect.

If you can imagine it, it’s possible to make it.

To fuse a weapon with an item from your inventory, follow these steps:

First, drop the item from your inventory.

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Then, use the fuse ability to attach it to the weapon.

When using arrows, the process works a bit differently.

While shooting an arrow, press the up button on the D-pad and choose an item from your inventory to attach to the arrow.

You have the freedom to attach various items, such as rocks or monster parts, to the arrow. Each combination has some effect, like attaching arrows with Keese eyeballs results in creating a homing arrow.

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The Process of Unfusing Weapons in Tears of the Kingdom

After combining two weapons, they become a new weapon.

However, there may be times when you accidentally fuse items or want the original one back.

Unfortunately, the only option displayed in the menu for a fused weapon is to destroy it. This causes you to lose valuable materials that could have been reused to create something else.

But don’t worry! You can visit Goron Pelison’s shop in Tarrey Town (at the coordinates 3993, 1633, 0128) which you helped to create in Breath of the Wild.

Image source IGN.

For a fee of 20 Rupees, he can separate the fused materials and return them to you, allowing you to use them again.

Tears of the Kingdom promotes experimentation, and you should try your best to create the craziest combinations.

It’s always fun to attach a mine craft or a bomb to a shield and start skating, soaring through the sky, or attach a beehive to your sword and watch the chaos ensue.

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