How To Win at Apex Legends: Tips for Total Domination

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Apex Legends is developed by Respawn Entertainment, famously known for bringing you Titanfall and Titanfall 2. It’s a new contender to the battle royal genre and oh boy is it kicking ass and taking names!

This game brings all of the best features, mechanics and visual elements from a huge list of similar games. Apex Legends doesn’t just copy these elements though, it improves upon them tenfold, whilst also working them together seamlessly. Fans of Fortnite will envy this game for it’s more adult approach rather than a childish atmosphere. Black Ops 4 Blackout is a sheer shell of a game in comparison, and PUBG is simply far too buggy to be enjoyable. 

It shares a similar art-style to Borderlands and Overwatch, which is also something many gamers will appreciate. 

In this guide that looks at how to win at Apex Legends, we’ll be going through some of the best tips and tricks we’ve picked in the weeks since launch, as well as letting you know what we think about the game and its current mechanics. It’s still early days yet and we are massively hyped to keep bringing you new things we find. 

Be sure to read this whole article. Brush up on your knowledge and boost your apex rank, or face the wrath of the battlefield!

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Oh and for reference, we’ve been playing Apex Legends on PC and Xbox One X, but you can also play it on PlayStation 4.

Apex Legends: What You Need to Know:

  • This is a 3 person squad battle royal game.
  • You can choose to play with your friends or randoms.
  • You get to choose between 8 different characters called “Legends“.
  • Each Legend has a unique passive ability, active ability, and ultimate ability that you will want to pair well with your friends or new battle buddies.
  • Once you and your squad have chosen your Legend within the time limit, you are shot out in the sky with an appointed jump-master chosen at random in your team.
  • You all follow The Jumpmaster, who will take the squad (auto-following) to the battlefield.
  • You can split off from your squad and go solo if you wish, but we advise against this unless your Jumpmaster is a jump novice.
  • Use voice-chat or teamchat!

What Should I Do First?

If you haven’t already done it, you’ll need to complete the tutorial level. This is mandatory, not optional. The game will not let you matchmake online until you have. It actually makes a nice change from the other battle royal games just dropping you from a plane – quite literally.

The first tip we have in our Apex Legends beginners guide is that you make sure to practice shooting with all of the guns, picking up ammo and really testing out the inventory system. Get a feel for the pace of the game and really test the range and damage of each of the guns.

Don’t worry, we’ll go into detail about what works best later on.

Best Settings for Apex Legends

We might be a little biased here cough PC Master-Race cough but here are the best settings for Apex Legends on PC.

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Most of the Advanced Video Setting in Apex Legends you will want to turn to Low or Disabled, with the exception of Effect and Model Details. These two Settings can be set to Low or High depending on how good your computer is.

  • Ambient Occlusion Quality – (Disabled)
  • Sun Shadow Coverage – (Low)
  • Sun Shadow Detail – (Low)
  • Spot Shadow Detail – (Disabled)
  • Volumetric Lighting – (Disabled)
  • Dynamic Spot Shadows – (Disabled)
  • Model Detail – (Low or High)
  • Effects Detail – (Low or High)
  • Impact Marks – (Disabled)
  • Ragdolls – (Low)

You also want to adjust your mouse sensitivity to line up your shots accurately!

Apex Legends Beginners Guide to Characters & Abilities 

Be sure to check out the character trailers available to view with of our character breakdowns. These help you figure out the best Apex Legends teams for playing with your friends. You really want to complement each others skills. Bloodhound and Bangalore work well together as Bloodhound can see through Bangalore’s smoke. Throw it down (confuse the enemy) and rack up those kills.


As you can tell, this is your go to tank. But that’s not all he’s useful for. Gibraltar is the perfect distraction with his passive shield, allowing your team mates to flank your enemy.

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Passive Ability: Gun Shield

When aiming down sights you can deploy a shield that will block any incoming fire.

Ultimate Ability: Defensive Bombardment

This allows you call in a mortar strike on a pre-determined target.

Tactical Ability: Dome Of Protection

This throws down a Dome Of Protection or “bubble” which blocks any incoming damage for 15 seconds.

  • Note: Enemy’s can walk in and out of this with no harm so be aware.

Optimal Weapons: Triple Take, Spitfire, G7 Scout

Pairs Well With: Lifeline and Caustic

Difficult Against: Pathfinder and Gibraltar


Bloodhound is a character with impeccable senses. When playing as him you’ll be able to see tracks on the floor and around you where enemy’s have been. This includes bleeding, movement tracks or scent. He’s great for clearing out buildings and other areas where sight is relatively limited.

Passive Ability: The Tracker

See footsteps, door use, enemies taking damage/killed and items/weapon pickups. Lasts 60 seconds

Ultimate Ability: Beast Of The Hunt

Improves your senses giving the ability to move quicker and pings your enemies up.

Tactical Ability: Eye Of The Allfather

Temporarily shows hidden enemies, traps, and clues around you. This will reveal a rough area of where you are to your enemies so be aware. Useful when playing with a Bangalore as you can see through her smoke.

Optimal Weapons: Mastiff, EVA-8 Auto, Peacekeeper

Pairs Well With: Bangalore, Pathfinder and Wraith

Difficult Against: Wraith


Lifeline is well, the lifeline of the game! She’s the medic of the character roster with some fantastic skills for utility. Be sure to spam your ultimate as much as possible for loot (improves as game progresses), heal your team mates after each fight or when pinned down and try to use your ultimate as a decoy late game.

Passive Ability: Combat Medic 

You can revive knocked down allies faster with a handy shield wall. Also all healing items have a 25% reduction in time used.

Ultimate Ability: Supply Drop

Brings down a supply drop with three high quality items with end game drops typically spawning high tier loot. Be careful as others can see where this lands from the rocket trail. Or use it as a decoy!

Optimal Weapons: Prowler, Flatline, R-301

Pairs Well With: Gibraltar and Bloodhound

Difficult Against: Wraith


Bangalore is a DPS character with some extremely useful skills. She has various playstyles where she is effective. These include setting up cover for your team mates, confusing the enemy with smoke and calling down a strategic artillery strike. Get in the heat of the action teamed up with Bloodhound to ensure your smoke canisters cover the enemy but allow your team to see anyone for a limited amount of time.

Passive Ability: Double Time 

When taking enemy fire you get a temporary speed increase to either get away or get into a better position. Pair this with a shotgun and you become an insanely hard to swat bee.

Ultimate: Rolling Thunder

This is Bangalore’s weaker version of Gibraltar’s ultimate. It calls down an artillery strike that is spread out in a comfortably large radius.

Tactical Ability: Smoke Grenade Launcher 

Bangalore’s tactical ability allows you to fire a smoke grenade at some range. Provide cover for your team mates to get away or pair this with Bloodhound to allow him to see through the smoke.

Optimal Weapons: G7 Scout, Flatline, Devotion, Peacekeeper

Pairs Well With: Bloodhound

Difficult Against: Bloodhound and Gibraltar


Wraith is your go to fast paced DPS character. She can phase in and out of the void to avoid all damage, she has a great passive which gives you a heads up if anyone has their sights on you, and she can even create a portal allowing you and your team mates to get into and out of the heat of battle.

Passive Ability: Voices From The Void

This allows Wraith to know if anyone has their sights on you. You will hear a voice warning you of any danger.

Ultimate Ability: Dimensional Rift

Create a portal and gain faster movement speed to create a second portal. Use it to setup ambushes or to get out of the heat of battle with your team mates.

Tactical Ability: Into The Void 

Get to cover or get out of harms way avoiding all damage and gaining faster movement speed for a short amount of time. Be aware though, you leave a trace which enemies can see/follow.

Optimal Weapons: Mastiff, R-301, Peacekeeper

Pairs Well With: Pathfinder and Caustic

Difficult Against: Bloodhound


Pathfinder suits those who enjoy being a scout. It’s great for scanning where the next zone is going to be and setting up useful ziplines for you and your team mates to use. Get higher ground or even use his tactical to pull enemies to you for a hearty whack!

Passive Ability: Insider Knowledge

Find a survey beacon and interact with it. It will reveal the next zone location.

Ultimate Ability: Zipline Gun

This one is great: it fires a zipline anywhere that you and your team mates can use to either get to higher ground or get out of the danger zone.

Optimal Weapons: Kraber, Triple Take, Longbow, G7 Scout

Pairs Well With: Wraith

Difficult Against: Anything. He seems to stick out like a sore thumb at times.


Mirage is a character that you don’t get for free. You either have to buy him with in-game currency you can earn as you play or pay for him with cash. He’s not overpowered thankfully, so there’s no pay to win here, but he is incredibly fun and challenging to play against.

You can Unlock the Legend Mirage by using 750 Apex Coins ($10) or 12,000 Legend Tokens (In-game currency earned from playing).

Passive Ability: Psyche Out 

Confuse your enemy with a holographic decoy of yourself. Aim and send him away!

Ultimate Ability: Vanishing Act

Confuse your enemy (again) with a team of holographic decoys. You also get temporary invisibility to get away or into the fight.

Optimal Weapons: Flatline, Peacekeeper, R-301

Pairs Well With: Lifeline

Difficult Against: Bloodhound


Caustic is the second paid character in Apex Legends. He’s gassed up and no we don’t mean he’s all bark and no bite. He can really distract the enemy and allow for easy kills due to his toxic barrels which hinders their vision.

You can Unlock the Legend Mirage by using 750 Apex Coins ($10) or 12,000 Legend Tokens (In-game currency earned from playing).

Passive Ability: Nox Vision   

Your enemies are blind but you are not. Toxic Gas does not affect you.

Ultimate Ability: Nox Gas Grenade 

Causes a radius of Nox Gas. Enemies take 1 DPS & hinders vision

Tactical Ability: Nox Gas Trap 

Place canisters that when shot or hit by enemies releases deadly Nox Gas. Can block doors.

Optimal Weapons: Devotion, Flatline, R-301, G7 Scout

Pairs Well With: Bloodhound, Wraith

Difficult Against:  Lifeline

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Best Weapons in Apex Legends: The Guns With the Highest damage

In Apex Legends you are given 6 types of guns to pick up across the battlefield. They are pistols, shotguns, sub-machine guns, assault rifle, large machine gun and snipers.

Before you get in the heat of things, be sure to check out this how to win at Apex Legends by picking the right gun. It’ll give you the heads up on the amount of damage you can arm yourself with and be sure to pick up the right weapon.

Image source:
image source:

We’ve enjoyed running with a sniper & assault rifle while another squad member goes shotgun and LMG. Get creative with it!

Apex Legends Map Guide: Best Drop Locations

As you may now know, their is only one map currently within Apex Legends called The Kinds Canyon. Here are some of the best locations we’ve found to give you some great loot to take the fight to the centre of the map:


This is a great early game spot found far east of the map. It’s quite peaceful here early game. Loot as much as you can and be sure to use the zip lines.

  • Zip-lines
  • Lots of high tier loot
  • Low-med chance to meet others here


Water Treatment

This place is crate city so be sure to loot as much as you can. High tier loot is almost always here so kit yourself up and move out asap!

  • Zip-lines
  • Lots of high tier loot
  • Low-med chance to meet others here



This area is great to go depending on the route you end up flying in. Be sure to wait and check if anyone is actually going because it’s sure to be a hot zone for the high tier loot that is available both above and underground. If things get a bit too tense head north to get to the underground dam.

  • High tier loot above ground and underground
  • Easy escape north of area



A Few Early Teething Problems 

No Battle Royal game has launched flawless. I mean look at the buggy stage that PUBG is still in, and that’s the OG Battle Royal game that got the ball rolling for all those that followed.

Apex Legends launched pretty damn near perfection, with only a few slight hiccups with download timeouts, but flawless server performance throughout. That being said, we have experienced a few oddities however during our time in Apex Legends.

Strange Crash Errors Apex Legends

Evidently, in the middle of a heated firefight, I managed to remove my GPU mid-game? A talented endeavour I must say, but one I cannot take credit for, frankly it leaves us a little bewildered.

Ship Glitch

Here is a clip of a glitch we encountered when being revived on the drop ship.

How to Win at Apex Legends: Plays to Improve Your Game:


I’ve played various other battle royal games before and this bar far blows them all out of the water. As I said, it looks and feels like Borderlands with a mixture of play mimicking Overwatch and Titanfall. It seems to combine all of the popular elements of similar games and smashes them all into one beautiful game. And above all else, IT’S FREE.

I’ve played Black Ops 4 Blackout tirelessly for 2-3 months and regret the purchase massively. This game is free and has been far more enjoyable in the first game vs my 250th game in Blackout. PUBG was far too buggy and had a simple return due it while Fortnite is too suited to younger gamers for my liking.

I’m really excited to see what new things Respawn have in wake for the game, and we’ll try and keep this updated with any new useful findings.

Get it and squad up!

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