William Tokarsky is an actor from Atlanta. Having made his name as the fourth-wall-breaking killer from the Too Many Cooks viral video, he has gone on to continue his small role work on huge pictures like Hunger Games: Catching Fire (IMDB credits William as “Someone Else (uncredited)”), Anchorman 2 (“Cab Driver (uncredited)”) and Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (“Bread Vendor”). I originally reached out to William via Facebook and asked for an interview, to which he sent me a colourful graphic informing me that his IMDB features a picture of him in a bra. Well… enjoy!

FinalBoss.io: What’s the background of the name “Tokarsky”?

William Tokarsky: All my grandparents came through Ellis Island. My mother’s side from Russia and my father’s from the Ukraine. And I have worked as a spy once upon a time in service to my country…

FB: You’re the very first person on screen in Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell. You open the entire show. That must feel pretty special.

WT: I am special. I rode the short bus to school, seriously … I made friends on set and my best friends are always the editors.

FB: How much of that show is a real set vs green screen? How difficult is that to perform against as an actor?

WT: Season one was all location shoots. Season two 50/50. Season three & Four are 100% blue screen. I’m not a very good actor so I just play myself… that’s why my performances are memorable.

FB: What is your relationship with, Too Many Cooks and Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell director, Casper Kelly?

WT: Casper has opened doors for me. Anything he wants I will do for him… we are friends and I love him and his family.

FB: How did you originally start out as an actor? You have described yourself as a “highly trained background artist”

WT: I went to see Robert Duval  & Bill Murray filming “Get Low” where I live .. never saw them but I spoke with some extras and thought “ I could do that”.. I started doing background and I was on the set of Hunger Games: Catching Fire when I ws told “You have a speaking Line with Jennifer Lawerence”… I worked two days made $2,400 and been drawing residuals ever since … I just loved the treatment and took classes and got lucky.

FB: Do you have a regular day job, or do you work enough as an actor to survive?

WT: I have a Pension, Social Security and a 401k, no debt. So I am comfortable… now the occasional blockbuster film and the residuals from it has really upgraded our vacations.

FB: In every interview that I’ve seen with you, pretty much all of them have mentioned your wife. Can you tell us a little about her?

WT: She is a saint. We have been happily married over 50 years and in all that time we never considered divorce. Murder many times… but never divorce.

FB: Please tell me what kind of shooting schedule you had for Too Many Cooks. How long did it take, overall?

WT: Three 12 hour days and nine months later some reshoots – when I kill the tennis player in the reshoots my beard had greyed. Check it out.

FB: You described the set as having a family atmosphere – was it conflicting then to have to hack this family into pieces?

WT: It was a non-union shoot so everyone did everything for everybody, gorilla filmmaking at it’s best. A couple of the perps just killed themself in the family spirit of things.. I think I was booked because I’m just a Natural Born Killer!

William Tokarsky 1

FB: Did you get to meet Smarf, the puppet? What’s he like?

WT: Smarf and I are still very good friends to this day and we have made many personal appearances together.

FB: And Anchorman 2? You have one wordless scene as a cab driver. How did you get into that role? Was there much research involved?

William Tokarsky 2

WT: I was speechless getting to work a tight scene with my hero Ron Burgundy. $64 day as an extra. Adam McKay picked three of us by photo to film a cab scene. Mine made it to the final cut – remember that make friends with the editor thing… Thank you for doing for this interview … I will be sending you a copy of my latest book.

William Tokarsky’s IMDB is right here. You’re Pretty Face is Going to Hell is on AdultSwim. It’s really great too.

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