Halo Infinite Splitscreen, Free-to-Play And Trailer Thoughts | FinalBoss BossCast

Halo Infinite Splitscreen, Free-to-Play And Trailer Thoughts + Failed Movie Franchises It’s that time again, time for another article that summarises the bi-weekly ramblings of...

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Bonus Podcast Episode #3: All Things Jaws

Yes, it’s only the third episode of the BossCast and we’re already breaking from the regular format for our first special edition! In these specials, we’ll be taking a deep dive into one particular subject; first up it’s Jaws! Noted FinalBoss shark experts James and Shaun are on board to voyage through the history and legacy of Steven Spielberg’s 1975 blockbuster, which opened 45 years ago this month. What a coincidence.

The episode is divided into five very unequal segments, and please note the podcast contains major SPOILERS relating to all

The Movie

James and Shaun chat about why they love the movie, their favourite characters and scenes, what it did for the reputation of sharks and ponder what a 2020 version would be like.

The Novel

Shaun (read the book) runs through some of the major differences between the book and the film and gets James’ (has not read the book) reaction to how different some storylines in the movie could have been. They also take a moment to look at the impact on the author Peter Benchley, who’s attitude towards sharks changed upon the film’s release.

The Sequels

Into the murky waters of the sequels we go. Shaun (seen them) runs through the major plot points and tries to answer James’ awkward questions. How is Vaughan still mayor? Why would the Brody kids be anywhere near water again?

Other Shark Movies

Since the success of Jaws, there have been many imitations. Guess what? Shaun has seen several, James less. They talk Open Water, The Shallows and laugh at the increasingly ridiculous nature of the genre, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus anyone?


James in his element now, reeling off fact-after-fact about the movie and it’s making. My favourite: why is the boat name Orca?

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