Joe Manganiello Cast as Deathstroke: But Who Is He?

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Recently, a certain Mr Joe Manganiello was cast as Deathstroke in the DC Cinematic Universe.

A collective ¯_(ツ)_/¯ went up around the internet, as people reacted in the only way they could — optimistic confusion.

While hardcore fans have been calling for Manganiello to take up the Deathstroke mantle, more casual viewers were left scratching their heads.

This is understandable. While he definitely looks the part — gruff, tall, built like young Arnie — Joe Manganiello is no Ben Affleck, Jared Leto or Margot Robbie: his announcement doesn’t mean a whole lot when you have no idea who the guy is.

So, we’re here to help you, just as we helped you figure out who Alden Ehrenreich was.

Who Is Joe Manganiello?

Probably most famous for having his abs on the cover of every men’s health magazine in the western hemisphere, Manganiello has a pretty solid career behind him.

As far as movies go, his most noticeable role is as a glorious beefcake in the smash hit Magic Mike. Outside of that, he’s done some smaller roles on the big screen, including Flash Thompson in the original Spiderman series and some other stuff you’ve never heard of.

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On the small screen though, Manganiello has had a much bigger impact, starring in One Tree Hill, How I Met Yo Momma and his big breakout role in True Blood.


Manganiello has actually been trying to crack his way into the DC Universe for quite some time. He was heavily rumoured to be Superman before Henry Cavill was announced. He was also linked to the Batman role.

Now he’s finally made his way into this quickly crumbling cinematic world, in a role that is sure to be either his big theatrical break, or his last major role in entertainment — only time and Affleck’s directing skill will tell.


Will He Be a Good Deathstroke?

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Deathstroke is essentially the anti-Batman. He’s a gun for hire with the moral compass of a shark. He’ll tear you apart if he has to, but he won’t give a damn if there is no money involved.

In my totally non-expert opinion, Manganiello does have the chops for this role. Why? Because to my eternal shame, I have seen every episode of True Blood — yes, even the ones without boobs.

In the show, he portrays a lone-wolf werewolf that eventually has to take on the responsibility of being a pack master. In this role, Manganiello strikes a strong presence. It’s not an exact Deathstroke copy, but he is rough, intimidating, powerful and you know it.

It will be interesting to see how Deathstroke is incorporated into the DC — especially after the whole murderous Batman incident. Who knows, maybe Deathstroke won’t kill anyone?

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But, as far as actors for the part go, I think we stand a good chance of getting something great out of Manganiello.

Let’s hope he channels his inner werewolf.


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  1. Having only seen him in HIMYM and Spider-Man have to admit I was a bit sceptical when I first heard this and confused about the hype. Weird that people were so excited about this guy but when multi-Oscar winning filmmaker Ben Affleck was cast there was widespread outrage. Weird standards hey?

    I mean I’m not down on the guy – I hope he’s great!
    Nice article! I had forgotten he was rumoured for Superman

    • I was surprised by how taken people were by this choice in casting, but I understood the worry about Affleck. He’s had some less than great roles in the past, and although he’s picked himself up recently, I was myself worried it would be another phoned in Hollywood A-lister playing themselves! Glad he proved me wrong. And thanks for the kind feedback 🙂