BREAKING: Mr Men Star Mr Tickle Caught in Controversy

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Breaking news out of Dillydale today, as Mr Tickle becomes the latest in a string of celebrity personalities to be embroiled in on-the-job harassment controversy. Described as being ‘too hands on‘ by unnamed victims, Mr Tickle faced questions outside his home. Jon Holmes has the full story.

Star of both screen and page, Mr Tickle’s fame began rising in the 1970s, during which time his books would cost only 20p. But as prices rose, interest fell, and Mr Tickle soon found himself hitting rock bottom harder than Mr Bump. His mental and physical decline are being blamed as contributing factors in the allegations.

Co-stars of Mr Tickle have been quick to distance themselves from the incident. Comments from Mr Forgetful claim that he never knew the disgraced star, despite appearing alongside Tickle on numerous occasions. And while Mr Grumble said little on the issue, Mr Mischief was quick to point fingers at his peers alongside Tickle, including Mr Mean and Mr Rude.

Not everyone is convinced by the story though, with Mr Impossible unsure about the legitimacy of the sources, and Mr Uppity arguing that the sensationalist media will ‘make up any old s***’.

Be sure to follow Jon Holmes on his YouTube channel for updates on the story as it develops.


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