New Years Resolutions for 2020 at FinalBoss

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The new year is always a good time to try something new, to try out a new fad diet, or to even clean all your underwear that has been stagnating in the corner of your room! Here at FinalBoss, we have been collectively thinking of all the top (best and worst) resolutions that you can set yourself this year, along with a movie/show to go along each of these. What sounds better: motivating yourself to get these tasks done or, watching movies all day and not do anything, inevitably making yourself feel worse?

  1.  Get Fit!

You find yourself entering a world of everything fit and healthy, overly pumped men and women and watching motivational videos to get yourself in the mood. It can be overwhelming at first let’s be honest and even harder to stick to a workout regime. Many of us can’t afford a personal trainer or be able to afford plastic surgery (to help speed up the process!). Below are some movies that we can suggest motivating you out into the gym to unleash hell! Might I suggest seeing these movies when you’re feeling down and out and feel like you’ve hit a wall, you’ll want to get back up to your feet and block out the haters.

What we suggest: Rocky Movies/ Creed/ Fighting with My Family/ Run Fat Boy Run

Creed Michael B Jordan

2.  Be More Confident

It’s about time that you came out of your dusty, rusty old shell that you’ve known and loved all these years. Get out there and seize the day. If that fails, then find someone you can seize the day with; this could be a best friend or a relative that wants to join you in the quest to become confident and love yourself more! It is nerve-racking, and people tell you to just go out there and meet new people and do new things. But, it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be and sometimes you may doubt it all.

Fake it till you make it.

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What we suggest: 13 Going on 30/ The Greatest Showman/Superbad/The Kings Speech/ 40-Year-Old Virgin/ Shallow Hal/ SING!

SING Movie

3.  Learn to laugh more and be happy

Yes, we all know this one is an extremely soppy one and cringey with a capital ‘C’. But, learning to laugh off the awful or awkward situations, or to see the brighter side of things one small step at a time, can be extremely beneficial to your health (and heath of those around you). January can be tough for the best of us and very boring as we’re all getting back into the swing of things with work and school, like staying sober for more than one day of the week and waking up before 12 noon- it’s a challenge! Here are some fun movies to cheer you up, any day of the week, that are also relatable as heck. Some may be culturally outdated but, they still cause tears of laughter for years to come.

What we suggest : White Chicks/ IT Crowd/ Gavin and Stacy/ Girls Trip/ Superbad/ How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days/ Wedding Crashers.

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Wedding Crashers

4.  Saving Money

We are all down out of luck regarding our finances, as we have depleted all our funds for Christmas! No matter how hard we try to stay away from the sales (that are supposed to save us money but just make us want to spend more) and to stop ordering our favourite pizza from JustEat, we still can’t rub two pennies together. So, in this list we present the movies and shows that demonstrate the extreme measures of saving and making money, thus, making the world your oyster.

What we suggest: Wolf of Wall Street/ Everybody Hates Chris

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The Wolf of Wall Street

5.  Learn or improve a skill

Feeling inferior or needing change is only normal when approaching a new year. By learning a new skill, we can create a better version of ourselves and blah blah blah… Okay, most of us just want to try something new because we’re bored, let’s face it, just downright bored with our lives. Why not try some cooking or baking? Or try a new sport or hobby! If these don’t sound right up your alley, then just watch Gordan Ramsey yell at everyone and calling the contestants ‘Donkeys!’. Why do they always have to undercook the oysters?!

What we suggest: Hells Kitchen/ Nailed It

Hells Kitchen


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