Peaky Blinders Series 6: 10 Things We Want to See

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Series 5 of Peaky Blinders is now over with a typical dark and shocking ending. With the likely outcome that we’ll have to wait at least 18 months for more of the Shelby family and all their bloody escapades, let’s talk about it non-stop till its back on to fill the void left in its absence. With that in mind here’s 10 things we want to see in the sixth Series of Peaky Blinders.

Spoiler warning, duh!

Moseley to Get What’s Coming to Him

We start with the least likely option, the downfall of facist and Series 5 antagonist Oswald Moseley. Sam Claflin plays the politician perfectly, making us love to hate every snide sentence that falls from his mouth, which would sting watchers to lose such a talented actor. Although, seeing Moseley on the end of a peaky razor blade is unlikely, due to the real Moseley living until 1980, it wouldn’t be too hard to see creator Steven Knight imagining up gruesome and fitting ways to subvert history. We can hope, right?

A Happy Retirement?

Michael’s proposal of a company restructure may have been laughed off by the family, but the idea of a happy retirement for Tommy and, especially, Arthur is the brightest end we could hope for. Tommy’s suicide mission to see the lengths he can go to before dying, all while Arthur is becoming more and more unhinged with every passing moment, might be to the delight of the viewers and to the gain of the show in general, but will most likely cause heartbreaking moments in the future.

It’s the option of least resistance, and might not cap off Tommy and Arthur’s stories quite as emphatically as some would want or have come to expect of the series. But, for the softer few of us the idea of these broken men (and let’s be honest, merciless killers and criminals) retiring happily to their mansions and farms is the best ending we could hope for. All we want is Arthur to go back to his chickens.

A-List Actors Galore

Thinking more about the make-up of the show rather than its juicy innards, it’s time to gossip about who could be appearing in the upcoming series! Throughout the run of the show, Peaky Blinders has had a rolling selection of A-list stars. Series 1 had the might of Sam Neil of ‘Jurassic Park’, series 2 brought in Tom Hardy fresh from his successes with ‘Inception’, series 3 showcased British acting legend Paddy Considine and series 4 brought the international acclaim of academy award winner Adrien Brody. Series 5, by comparison, kept the cast tight and brought in little extra talent from the previous series’, bringing in lesser known actors, barring Sam Claflin, to fill out the cast. Early rumours, however, suggest that Knight is looking to bring in the likes of Julia Roberts and James Mcavoy to his already star-studded cast for series 6, and with those types of names being mentioned, we have a lot to look forward to for the next series.

Ada to Catch a Break

Poor Ada, she can’t have anything nice, can she? First Freddie Thorne’s off-screen death and now poor Col. Younger being unceremoniously killed off this series, Ada hasn’t had the best of luck throughout the show’s run, especially with her baby-daddies. Following the death of Younger she is once again left without a father for her unborn child, even though she admits she didn’t love him, she says he was a good man and had some hope for something good to come of it. It would be nice for Ada to finally have something nice in the next series, and maybe the newborn baby could be that. Even if little Karl was a bit of a dick to Younger, she would still have her family if the worst were to happen to her brothers.

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Talking of dicks…

Michael to Stop Being a Dick

What has happened to that young impressionable Michael we first met in series 2? He’s turned from aspiring Blinder to usurper to the throne and has become almost an antagonist by the finale of series 5. So what’s next for the character? He could redeem himself, saving the family from perils not yet seen, or he could become the family’s undoing and bestow himself the new king of Small Heath. His story must have completion for his true intentions to be revealed… or he could die, either way.

Polly to Go Ape

It’s been building for a few series now. Polly Gray’s already had a pretty crazy life but this final string of events must surely be the straw that breaks the mad gypsy’s back. Poor Aberama’s demise and the aforementioned Michael going rogue leaves her in a sticky situation. What we can say is whichever side Polly falls on, there’s gonna be some fireworks in store for the matriarch of the Shelby family.

Answers, Answers and More Answers!

What we really want are our questions answered. Who betrayed Tommy and scuppered his assassination attempt? Did Tommy really kill himself, or at least try to, at the end of the series? What next for Polly? Is Michael actually going to declare war on the Blinders? Who are Gina’s family and how will they feature in the future? What next for Oswald Mosley? Will Arthur ever get back to those chickens?

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All very good questions and, hopefully, all will be answered when the next series premieres.


Some of the most entertaining scenes in series 5, for one reason or another, were Arthur’s rapid descent into madness. While watching a man bludgeon someone’s face into smithereens isn’t exactly a recipe for a loveable character, Arthur has become a favourite due to his duality, and his savage exploits and violent outbursts have been some of the most visually stunning moments of the series. if the next series has more outbursts to come then it will be brilliant to watch, even at the detriment to the character. However for those inclined to want a happy ending for the eldest Shelby brother…

Some-sort of Redemption For Arthur

Arthur has been Tommy’s most loyal soldier since the beginning of the series, but after Linda left him, and with his mental health failing him, he seems to be heading for the exit door one way or another. After his desperate pleas with Tommy to take Michael’s deal fall on deaf ears he gets back in line, almost dying in the process. If we want any redemption for Arthur it seems he may have to leave Tommy’s side, but that begs the question of whether he can do that to his brother? The only other option that seems available is to leave the Blinders in a body bag.

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More Alfie Solomons

The best friend/worst enemy, or should that be worst friend/best enemy, Tom Hardy’s return to the series was long-teased and a most welcome sight as his performance of the manic Solomons was the centre-piece of many scenes since his introduction back in series 2. Even in his small cameo in the series 5 finale, he chewed up every inch of the scene and reminded us how brilliantly written and what an amazing performance Hardy can give to the show. He even makes the already infallible Cillian Murphy better, and that’s saying something. Solomons still has some unfinished business and looks to be in favour of ousting Moseley as well, but most importantly, he needs to get his dog, Cyril, back.

Series 5 of Peaky Blinders was by no means the best series of the show, with some complaints about the pacing being thrown its way. However, the series held firm and still delivered beautifully choreographed scenes and stunning images as well as top-class entertainment leaving us wanting more. We hope we get everything we want from this list when the new series is released. With that said, all we really want is for it not to finish as ‘Game of Thrones’ did…

With a whimper.

Written By Adam Austin

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