Pokemon Go: 5 Tips To Catch Pokemon While Driving

    Pokémon Go: The Rundown

    Pokémon Go is huge right now; there’s no escaping that! It’s certainly a lot bigger than mobile games company Niantic, Inc could have predicted. This is painfully obvious in the masses of server issues and dropouts since users swarmed to the game, so much so that Niantic limited release to the US, but that didn’t stop savvy gamers downloading the game from APK file sites. See APKMirror for details.

    Having taken the world all by storm, the consequences for a game that went viral so quickly could only be a good thing for us, right? Unity in the community right? Wrong, aside from the constant server issues, people have been severely hurt playing this game.

    Now you might think how? Cases range from teenagers wandering into incoming traffic to car accidents; I’m sure there are many more unreported cases floating around, but for now, I’m going to give you my personal tips to avoid the latter.
    By no way am I advocating playing Pokémon Go while driving, but if you feel like you must have are my top 5 tips to catching Pokémon and making it home in one piece!


     Get yourself a phone mount for the car

    This is self-explanatory really, keeping your phone in your hand, or on your lap just isn’t going to end well for you while driving. Think about it?51-t-swao5l
    This is my choice from Bestek, it doubles as a pretty decent cup holder as well and can be adjusted to fit even the biggest smartphones, I’m rocking a Samsung S7 Edge one of the largest on the market at 5.5 inches, and there’s still room to spare.
    Pick it up on for a tenner.

    Mount established, play it smart!

    Mounts installed, phones sitting pretty, away you go? Wrong again.. If you are driving around with AR on, turn it off now! It will only lead to an accident.
    It might be cool walking around watching Pokémon frolic around you, but in a moving death waggon, this is bad news.
    For instance, if you are driving around a corner or roundabout and you tap the Pokémon on-screen, the battle will take place with that Pokémon stuck on the far right or left of your car, making it uncatchable.

    Turn it off, play it safe and the Pokemon will be locked directly in front of the phone, for an easy up swipe catch.

    Time your battles

    Even though you have my first two life-saving tips in place, you are still at risk of causing mass carnage! emicujqzppdaw

    Eyes always on the road, this is a given for any driver, but when Pokémon Go is in eyesight. Oh, the temptation right?
    Try to keep your phone within your peripheral vision, with a glance here and there to check for new Pokémon, a great trick here is to time the traffic, wait for ques and jams and you are golden; you have ample time to bag that bastard!

    Driving too far away can cause you to lose your catch

    If you battle a Pokémon on the move and you venture too far from where that Pokémon first popped up, even if you catch it, you’ll probably lose it…
    Pokémon Go is cruel like that, the game will probably crash, my advice here is if you think you are too far out after entering battle you probably are, flee if it’s a common encounter, but if it’s that rare beast you’ve been after I have two tricks here to help.

    If you can simply pull the car over safely, stop, win that fight and celebrate later that you’ve caught that Pokémon.
    If you absolutely cannot pull over, drive slow, real slow.. And toss that Pokeball!

    Bring a friend

    A simple one to finish off here, bring a friend. Your buddy will most likely be focused on his own game, but if your phone is sitting right in the middle of the damn car he sure as hell can sack up and play both, after all, his life is literally on the line just as much as yours.

    Closing comments

    I hope you’ve enjoyed my quick rundown here; these tips could quite literally save your lives, so thank me later! Or if I didn’t do a good enough job, rage at me from your hospital bed. I have kept it real with you guys, and I expect the same from you, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Ryan Lipton
    Ryan Lipton
    Ryan is your local game aficionado. A master button basher with years of dedicated gaming under his belt, he’ll constantly be keeping you up to date with all the latest releases.

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