Star Wars Rankings: Planets as Holiday Destinations

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Summer is coming! In any normal year, holiday plans would be being made. This, though, is no normal year, so let’s dream big. Imagine that you inhabited the Star Wars universe and you had a whole galaxy of destinations to choose from. We assess the suitability of ten of the most famous planets for a holiday. 

Here, in alphabetical order, is the list…



A hard-to-find, hidden gem that’s come to prominence in recent years. Despite that, it’s still sparsely populated. The few buildings are set in the scenic mountains and well maintained by the hard-working natives. Be sure to look out for the cute Porgs, the most popular species native to the planet.

Best If: You’re looking for isolation.


Canto Bight

Money to burn? This is the place for you. The resort city of Canto Bight is home to the Canto Casino and Racetrack. Here you can gamble away to your heart’s content. Be careful though, those you meet are often only interested in money and should not be trusted. Local law enforcement can be a bit heavy-handed. The kids are alright though.

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Best If: You’re rich and reckless.


The governmental centre of the universe and therefore heavily populated. Home to such attractions as the Galactic Senate and the ancient Jedi Temple. Beware the lower levels though, the further you descend the more crime you are likely to encounter.

Best If: You’re interested in politics.


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The dry season is too hot for most and the wet season is, well, too wet. Seriously lacking in infrastructure. There’s no guarantee that you’ll find a solid landing spot for your ship. Accommodation is undersized for the average being and is surrounded by swampland. Look out for caves. Great for a digital detox.

Best If: You need time out to do some training. Or have demons to face.


A rocky, dusty-looking planet dominated by the manufacturing industry. Not a lot to see here. Locals are hostile. Come for the Clone Wars history, stay for the tan. 

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Best If: You’re a geologist.



The snowy landscapes make for a pretty picture. Hidden within the icy tundra are some hi-tech buildings that would make a suitable base for a stay. Visitors may encounter two species of local wildlife. The friendly Tauntauns may let you ride them. Wampas probably won’t.

Best If: You don’t mind the cold, maybe fancy a snowball fight.



This planet is dominated by forests. Experience life in the trees. The native Wookie’s have some technology but may be hard to communicate with due to the complexity of their language. (For a similar, but slightly more backwards experience, try Endor, where if you’re lucky you may spot an Ewok)

Best If: You like trees.



A volcanic planet dominated by gushing rivers of lava. The climate is not really compatible with long-term stays, hence just one known resident in recent history. Just walking around will be enough to have you hot and sweaty.

Best If: You need some heat or are on a health kick and looking to lose some water weight.



Naboo is arguably the most luxurious planet in the galaxy and offers a variety of landscapes to tourists. The capital city, Theed, has stunning architecture on display across a range of buildings. The countryside offers lush, green rolling hills and friendly wildlife. There are lots of water features too, with the planet’s underwater cities being home to the Gungans. If you meet one of these, you are definitely in for a treat! Also one of the few places in the galaxy to offer swimming, though keep an eye out for big fish.

Best If: You want variety.



Desert planet with much of the activity centred on the many spaceports. Here you’ll find plenty of bars offering a flavour of the local music. There are also lots of markets and traders if you’re looking for that special holiday gift. Tatooine is also one of the only planets to offer top-level sport; in the form of podracing. Join the crowds, have a bet, watch the thrills and spills of a podrace. (If you can survive without podracing, Jakku offers an almost identical experience)

Best If: You want some sand and sun – no sea, though. 


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