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How to survive apex legends

How to Survive: Apex Legends — Apex Legends Survival Guide

At FinalBoss, we’re known for our quirky survival guides. Well, I say known… I’ve written a handful. Usually, these are on-the-nose, humorous pieces, like the...

How the Gaming Industry is Leading the Way in Social Responsibility

Across the majority of industries, now is not a good time to be a CEO. Sure, pay packets are skyrocketing for those at the...
Things you didn't know about apex legends

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Apex Legends

In its very limited lifespan, Apex Legends has already collected scores of fans and looks set to be one of the most played games...
Apex Legends youtubers

Best Apex Legends YouTubers: Streamers and Players You Need to Watch

Who are the best Apex Legends Youtubers? It’s not an easy question to answer. With 25 million active players across the world, Apex has...

Interview With British Rationals’ Keif Gwinn

Keif Gwinn is a director and producer based in the UK, focusing mostly on short film content. Keif, alongside co-creator and host CMJ Taylor,...