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Harry Potter: Top 5 Most Powerful Wizards in the Potterverse

Some witches and wizards in the Potterverse have a much keener command of magic than others. Just take Hermione as an example compared to...
Family Guy Logo

Is Family Guy Still Running? The Brilliant Irrelevance of Family Guy

Ask Google to describe the word “Irreverence” and it will tell you it means a lack of respect for people or things that are...

Apple iWatch Series 3 Cellular – Honest Review

It's been over a year now since the iWatch Series 3 Cellular was released. Reviews came flooding out the gate, as they always do,...
Bobs Burgers Family in Dinner

Why You Should Watch Bob’s Burgers: The Mundane Brilliance of Bob

In a strange little town somewhere in New Jersey is a greasy spoon business by the name of Bob’s Burgers, run by manager and...
Classic PC gaming

Classic PC Games You Must Play If You Missed Them

We live in an age of gaming past generations would never have predicted: virtual reality gaming, graphics that are barely distinguishable from film, and...