Avengers Infinity War: Why It’s the Best Avengers Movie

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Endgame brought with it an end to a saga of incredible films that have transformed the landscape of the movie industry. The culmination of some of cinema’s most expansive and interwoven storytelling, many argue it is the pinnacle of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But is it? Since the MCU kicked off over a decade ago, we’ve had a huge selection of films release, including four massive Avengers movies. FinalBoss contributor Diana Budurea isn’t convinced by the Endgame hype, and instead believes Infinity War to be the best Avengers movie. This is why:

Infinity War: The Best Avengers Movie

From my point of view, the best movie from the series of The Avengers is definitely Infinity War. It has a lot going for it:

  • The mystery surrounding the intergalactic titan, Thanos,
  • It builds to an “unbreakable” team of Avengers at their peak
  • There is a a touch of humour as with most MCU films, but also heart, as exemplified by a scene where Thor remembers the death of all his loved ones.

Infinity War is everything you’d like to see in an action movie with superheroes.

Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, and written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the film tries to bring together many of the threads that were left hanging in the previous Marvel movies.

Infinity War seems to be a sequel of several movies. In a theoretical, way it’s a follow-up of the last Avenger’s movie: Age of Ultron, but in a narrative way, it’s actually the follow-up of Captain America: Civil War – at the end of which the Avengers team “broke up” according to Bruce Banner. The beginning of the film is also a continuation of Thor: Ragnarok, because of the fact that it tells us what happened with the population that has been evacuated from Asgard in the end. Leading on from so many different films definitely gives this one a satisfying edge, as it becomes the culmination of so many plots. This is in contrast to Endgame, which essentially is just a continuation of Infinity War.

The Most Gripping of Avenger’s Plots

While each of the Avengers films has an interesting narrative, Infinity War definitely takes the top marks. The film is focused around Thanos’ chase to collect all the Infinity Stones, just to accomplish his goal, to have the power to wipe out half the universe with a snap of fingers. It’s a ferocious and terrifying concept that has you gripped from the moment that Thanos is introduced.

The obvious task for The Avengers (plus the Guardians of the Galaxy) is to halt Thanos in his thunderous tracks. The narrative is structured in a weird manner, with characters jumping from world to world all the time, in places they don’t belong. For example, the moment Thor dropped surprisingly in the Guardians spaceship as an unlikely passenger, Hulk arriving into Doctor Strange’s Manhattan mansion, and the hole crew showing up in Wakanda.

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For anyone watching without perspective, it’s kind of overwhelming. You have to keep up with the storyline as it jumps from one story thread to another, from one location to another, from one set of heroes to another. Yet while this would be difficult for those who aren’t familiar with Marvel films, for fans it really builds a non-stop, engaging story. Even in Endgame, this sort of complex twisting of plots isn’t achieved, with the narrative being far more linear.

What Really Sells Infinity War as The Best Avengers Movie

For me, the best part of the movie is the fact that Thanos got through the trap set up by Doctor Strange. Most of us didn’t expect that. In a movie like this, you expect the heroes to succeed. At that point, we all thought that the Avengers were going to win and everything would end nicely for our favourite characters.

Well, how about no?

Their crushing defeat is then followed by a myriad of heart breaking scenes, including a highlight where Wanda is compelled by circumstances to kill her beloved one, Vision, for a final chance to defeat the intergalactic evil.

We’re then left wondering if Thanos can actually be stopped. Besides the fact that the titan shows signs of weakness when he’s stabbed by Gamora, hurt by Iron Man and then Stormbreaker, nothing clearly proves that Thanos is either mortal or immortal. We’re left with the question: Will Thanos even die in Avengers Endgame or not?

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Our Final Thoughts on the Best Avengers Movie

The conclusion of Avengers: Infinity War is so shocking because it doesn’t stand anywhere near of finding a resolution. It feels more like of a pause before the whole cycle starts again. The final outcome is quite impressive, because you can find yourself moved, you may feel a sense of melancholy or even feel exhausted by all you’ve witnessed. It really is a bleak and tragic ending. Thinking forward to the next Avengers film, you obviously feel widely curios and excited. Unlike any film in the Avengers series, the MCU, or even many in recent cinema history, you are left with this utter bombshell of a conclusion that leaves you shaken and desperate for the finale. Few movies have had the profound impact of Infinity War.


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