The Best Christmas Movies: Top 10 Films To Watch This Christmas

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If you haven’t seen the festive flicks that made our ultimate Christmas Movies list, where have you been all your life? Get ready to launch Netflix and be filled to the brim with seasonal spirit (not the kind that you have to put away before that one weird relative arrives).

#10: Santa’s Slay (2005)

Santa's Slay movie

The one and only Christmas horror film that makes the cut. Santa’s Slay is one twisted take on the Santa Claus we all know and love. This tale sheds a grim light on the myth when we find out that St. Nick’s merry ways are merely down to losing a bet to an angel. A bet that for 1000 years forced him to spread nothing but good cheer. Well, now that bet is over, and Santa has some serious slaying to do.

#9: Jingle All The Way (1996)

Jingle All The Way Movie “Picture this” cried writer Randy Kornfield to a mid-nineties 20th Century Fox exec, “Arnie and Sinbad, in an epic battle for the last doll on Christmas Eve. There’ll be an all-out Santa brawl and Arnie will wear a jet-propelled superhero suit.” Thus, Jingle All The Way was born. It’s a Christmas movie that basically teaches kids there’s no Santa, but in a cute and empowering kind of way.

#8: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

The Nightmare Before Christmas Movie What’s this, what’s this, a Christmas movie set in the underworld with a spooky Danny Elfman soundtrack? “Why, what a perfectly festive film!” I hear you cry. Yet strangely, it is. The Nightmare Before Christmas tells us that absolutely anyone can get into the Christmas spirit if they go from loner to loved up. It’s empowering stuff. Just don’t go staring at Oogie Boogie too long because he will freak you out. He is an evil sack of bugs, after all. Ho, ho, ho?

#7: Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (1992)

Home Alone 2 Movie Imagine being a kid alone on Christmas in the Plaza hotel, with a platinum card and a whole city full of toys to enjoy. Sound good? Not when Tim Curry is out to get you and a scary bird lady is on the attack. Swoop, swoop go the pigeons. Luckily this is Home Alone 2 and plucky Kevin McCallister is already used to surviving oddly violent attacks on his tiny person. The scene in the toyshop is still one of the most exciting and wondrous Christmas movie moments ever.

#6: How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

The Grinch How the Grinch Stole Christmas stars Jim Carey, the green grump who has become the face for all Christmas repugnance. (We love you really Jim). The Grinch ruined Christmas for the first time back in 2000, and year after year we find ourselves watching this envious bastard kill Christmas cheer. What can we say, he’s just too damn obnoxiously charming.

#5: The Snowman and The Snowdog (2012)

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The Snowman and The Snowdog This award-winning animated short film is a delightful experience for young and old. If you remember the original The Snowman film from your childhood (we’re walking in the aaaaaiiiiirrrrr) it’ll be a pleasant trip up Nostalgia Avenue to take in The Snowman and The Snowdog. Although the annual Snowman party could do with livening up a bit.

#4: White Christmas (1954)

White Christmas Movie Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Then check out the original musical that the classic song came from; it’s warm, sentimental and all about falling in love. Turn the lights way down low, snuggle up with your SO and enjoy some true Christmas magic, Bing Crosby-style.

#3: Elf (2003)

Elf Movie SANTA’S COMING!!!! If you watch one Christmas movie this year, let it be Elf. This Jon Favreau movie stars comedy legend Will Ferrell and, oddly, James Caan (he of gangster movie fame). It’s wacky, wonderful and full of amazing oneliners that will delight adults and kids alike. Elf explores what it means to be a family at Christmas and how to find the joy in everyday moments, while covering everything in spaghetti and chocolate sauce. Go on, do it. Grab that remote.

#2: Home Alone (1990)

Home Alone Movie The nostalgia is always strongest when Home Alone hits our screens. It has to be our generation’s favourite childhood Christmas film. When eight-year-old Kevin McCallister takes on Christmas alone – not to mention a pair of determined crooks loitering around outside the house – all hell breaks loose. And God knows we’re rooting for the kid.

#1: Die Hard (1988)

Die Hard Movie We’ve all been there when the Christmas Office party has taken a turn for the worst. But I think it’s safe to say Officer John Mclane has had it pretty rough. Die Hard is the ultimate Christmas thriller: with a seriously likeable protagonist, plenty of 1980’s charm and tonnes of action. It’s a flaming Christmas bonanza with all the bells and bullets you could wish for.

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