The Boys Season 2 Preview

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Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys season 2 will be released on September 4. If you haven’t seen the show before you should abandon this article and read our spoiler-free guide to the series.

Here we remind you where we left the series’ major players at the end of season 1 and take a look at what might lie ahead for them in our season 2 preview.

Warning SPOILERS for The Boys Season 1

What Of The Seven In The Boys Season 2? 


The Boys Season 2: Homelander

The leader of the Seven had a busy last episode of season 1. After confessing to Stillwell, his boss, that he created the supervillains to ensure the military needed superheroes he murdered her. He then revealed to Billy Butcher that Butcher’s wife was alive and well and raising Homelander’s son. Big questions of the leader of the Seven going into The Boys season 2. Is he a bad guy now? Will he get away with it? Certainly seems to have the power to do so.


The Boys Season 2: Starlight

The small-town girl achieved her dream of joining the Seven, only to find out it that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. She had issues with the other heroes, found out her mum had been lying to her for her whole life and that her boyfriend was mixed up with some very questionable company. Despite all of that, it still seems likely she will want to work for the greater good. Could she look to take down Homelander in The Boys season 2? You’d love to see it.

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The Boys Season 2: A-Train

We left him in big trouble. Hooked on the drug Compound-V and mourning his girlfriend, Popclaw. After A-Train hunted down the Boys, Starlight stepped in to aid them, ensuring their escape. Subsequently A-Train suffered a heart attack, did Starlight save him?

Queen Maeve

The Boys Season 2: Queen Maeve

As the season progressed Maeve became increasingly frustrated at her role, at the fact that she was just part of a marketing machine, no longer a real hero. She encouraged Starlight to do the right thing, will she do it herself?

The Deep

The Boys Season 2: The Deep

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Slumming it in Ohio, desperate to get back into the big time, will the chaos at Vought bring him back into the fold during The Boys season 2?

Black Noir

The Boys Season 2: Black Noir

The quiet one. The mysterious one. Will he do something, anything in The Boys season 2?


With the loss of Translucent, there’s an opening on the super team. We haven’t really spent any time with any other heroes so it’s likely to be a newcomer. And it looks like it will be a character called Stormfront, who appears in this clip for The Boys season 2

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What About Vought International In The Boys Season 2?

Madelyn Stillwell was very much the boss of the Seven, so who, if anyone, will take on that role now? Her superior was barely seen and heading for retirement so again this leaves an opening for a newcomer. Will the emergence of supervillains ensure the heroes are recruited by the military as Vought desires? The reveal that heroes are not born but created is becoming more widely known. How is that going to impact the company that cares so much about perception in The Boys season 2?

What Will Happen To The Boys In Season 2?


The Boys Season 2: Billy Butcher

His vendetta against Homelander looked to be coming to a climax when he drew the hero to him after kidnapping Stillwell. The plan didn’t quite come off though. Homelander killed the hostage, and then saved Butcher from the explosion. He then took Butcher and showed him his believed dead wife, alive and well and raising Homelander’s child. Following this revelation, you have to think that Billy’s head is going to be in a bad place as The Boys season 2 begins. That will be bad news for someone. The trailer shows that Billy and the Boys are wanted by the law but it surely won’t be too long before they run into a superhero or two.


The Boys Season 2: Hugh Campbell

Such a normal guy, he’s been through a lot. Girlfriend killed by a pumped-up A-Train. Recruited by Butcher, dragged into a world of wrong yet it gave him a thrill. Blew up Translucent. Made small talk with a girl at the park, who became his girlfriend and turned out to be a superhero. Their relationship has been up and down but they’re such a good couple you have to hope for them. Where will his loyalty lie now?

One thing we do know is that Simon Pegg, who played Hugh’s father, is not returning for The Boys season 2. Hopefully he’s safe and well, back in the apartment, on the couch and watching TV.

Kimiko, Frenchie and Mother’s Milk

The Boys Season 2; Frenchie and Mothers Milk

The accomplices are now fugitives on the run after escaping the clutches of the Pentagon. Despite knowing only bad things happen, they seem to have a loyalty that draws them to be to Billy so I have no doubt the gang will be reunited once more.

The Boys Season 2: Kimiko

The Boys Season 2 will be available on Amazon Prime from September 4.

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