The Top 5 Best Cameras For Vlogging

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Vlogging is one of the biggest YouTube trends, we love to watch what other people are getting up to, and we love keeping up to date with the latest gossip from our favourite Youtubers. 

But have you ever considered becoming a vlogger yourself? 

If the answer is yes, then look no further, because we have created a list of 5 cameras that are perfect for vlogging and creating great YouTube content. We will give you a rundown of the features of the cameras and why they lend themselves nicely to the vlogging style. Leaving you with a confident knowledge of the best cameras to start your vlogging journey. 

Take a look…

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DJI Osmo PocketDJ Osmo Pocket

Price- $309

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The DJI Osmo Pocket camera is exactly that- a camera small enough to fit in your pocket. However, its small size does not mean it lacks in quality. 

The vlogging style that we see so often in YouTube videos can take hours to edit and construct despite appearing effortless. This camera really bridges that gap and provides professional-looking footage without the need to really know what you’re doing. Therefore, this camera is ideal for beginners or technophobes who still want to produce professional content. 

The main feature that puts this camera above the rest is its three-axis stabilized gimbal. This ensures that all footage taken is smooth and really adds to the professional feel of your videos. You can also export the footage directly to your phone via the DJ Mimo app or via a USB- making it ideal for uploading to YouTube.

However, this camera does fall short in its audio quality- with it definitely not matching that of the visual quality. For a vlogging camera, you would expect a little more- however, DJI does sell a USB to microphone jack converter for the camera which allows you to connect an external microphone. This would definitely be worth doing if you are considering vlogging for YouTube.

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Sony Alpha 6400

Sony Alpha 6400

Price- $991

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The Sony Alpha 6400 is a fantastic option for a vlogging camera. With a 180-degree flipping touchscreen, it is perfect for vlogging and gives you the ability to be both the filmmaker and the subject at the same time. 

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The main attributes to this camera include real-time eye autofocus which tracks the subject. This allows you to point and shoot without worrying that the footage will be out of focus- a great attribute for vlogging as you may just want to capture moments as they happen, without the stress of worrying about settings and focus. 

That being said though, one of the only downfalls to this camera is its tricky settings menus. With pages and pages of settings that can only be accessed using the navigation buttons, it can be difficult to find what you are looking for. This does mean that it’s difficult if you want to change settings regularly and quickly. 

However, if you have a bit of patience and are happy to spend some time rooting through different menus and settings, then you won’t be disappointed in the fantastic video quality that this camera has to offer. 

Sony Vlog Camera ZV-1

Sony ZV-1

Price- $698

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If you are looking for an all-rounder, all in one vlogging camera, then look no further than the Sony ZV-1. It is lightweight and compact like the other cameras on our list. 

This camera has the inclusion of a 3.5mm microphone port. This means that it is easy to have great audio quality alongside the great image quality that this camera has to offer. You can mount accessories without needing a bracket to support them. 

The camera also comes with a windshield which is useful for shooting outdoors, which may be the case for many vloggers. The camera also has a side-flipping screen making it perfect for the vlogging style footage. 

The only real downfall to this camera is the video stabilization isn’t great. When walking and talking or running you will be left with jumpy rather than smooth footage that’ll leave you trying to fix the footage in the editing room, however, this camera is an overall great choice for a vlogging camera. 

Canon PowerShot G7X MIII Digital Camera 


Canon Powershot

Price- $649

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This camera really does stick to the classic Canon feel. It is small and neat looking and really has been adapted to the vlogging culture and feels very much designed for this purpose. 

It has Wifi compatibility with both Windows and MacOS meaning transferring your footage is easy, ready for editing room. Check out some of our favourite free editing software here! the edit- for tips on the best editing software see our previous article on How to become a Youtuber. 

Like some of the other cameras on this list, the Canon PowerShot has a flip-up screen making it ideal for vlogging, it also has image stabilization and an excellent auto-focus system. Like the Sony Vlog camera, the canon also has a 3.5mm mic port meaning you can capture great audio alongside your footage. 

However, what really breaks this camera apart from the rest is its ability to stream live to YouTube. This allows you to stream directly to your channel (providing you have good network signal) which makes this camera a step above the rest. 

You can also share images from the camera directly to Twitter, Google Drive and email, making it very quick and simple to snap and upload to your feed. It really has been designed perfectly for the modern generation and the latest trends in blogging and YouTube. 

Panasonic DC-G100KEB-K Vlogging camera


Panasonic Camera

Price- $799.99

Buy Here from Amazon

This Panasonic camera is again tailored to be the perfect vlogging camera. It has features such as autofocus and an audio tracking system making it perfect for being out and about and shooting quality footage. 

The camera even has the option to shoot vertical video which is ideal for playback on your phone and the camera shows the framing on the LCD rotating monitor, which allows you to see exactly what your shot will look like. 

The image and sound quality on this camera are of great quality, it is a user friendly and easy to use camera that also has built-in Bluetooth settings which allow you to send content from the camera straight to your smartphone. 

Perfect for newbies and also vlogging professionals, this camera is a great choice for vlogging and will leave you with smooth and great quality footage.

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