Top 10 Must Have Games From E3 2018

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Now that the E3 2018 has just wrapped up in LA, it is time for ravenous gamers to take stock of the news and announcements and start planning the games they need for the next 12 months of play. From online role-playing to first-person shooters, this list has it all.

You may have already seen FinalBoss io‘s top 10 video on Youtube, but that was a collaborative top 10 effort from the team. My top 10 list is a little different and I hope you guys enjoy it and of course agree, or even think I’ve missed anything!

Top 10 games from E3 2018

1) Cyberpunk 2077 – We just have to put Cyberpunk 2077 in the number one spot because it’s made by CD Projekt RED. That’s right, the same team behind the critically acclaimed Witcher series that we couldn’t get enough of. This dark role-playing game has been garnering a ton of buzz, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. With the extended trailer being described as “50 minutes of William Gibson level insanity,” how could this be anything but epic?

2) Death Stranding – This game almost took the top ranking, so we’re putting it here at number two because it has been created by the legendary Hideo Kojima, the man behind the Metal Gear Solid series. Described as completely genre-defying, it features voice performances from Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, Hannibal’s Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, Lindsay Wagner, and Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro.

3) Fallout 76 – Let’s face it – the ability to get online in Fallout is all many of us have ever wanted in a game. This perennial classic gets a fresh new reboot and online connectivity in this new release, a prequel that is a staggering 4 times larger than Fallout 4. At E3 we learned that this would always be a multiplayer online game; you can still play solo, but remember that the other characters you encounter are real people.

4) Last Of Us Part 2 – The original Last Of Us was probably the highest rated game of the last generation, seeing as it won 5 BAFTAs. Sure, this is the sequel we didn’t exactly need, but by god do we ever want to play it! Developers Naughty Dog have a lot to live up to, as this game keeps being touted as the most anticipated of 2018. Some special news was dished at E3 – creative director Neil Druckmann stated, “Ellie is the only playable character in the game.”

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5) Beyond Good and Evil 2 – Yes, yet another sequel on our list, but we are beyond stoked to play Beyond Good and Evil 2. Technically, this one is a prequel, and we enjoyed the original so much that we can’t wait to explore everything leading up to its storyline of space pirates navigating outer space. While its still in its early stages, insiders who have seen gameplay say that the game is wildly ambitious – we can’t wait.

6) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Man, there are so many characters to choose from in the biggest ever roster in the Smash Bros Series, I’m taking Cloud! We love the clash between legendary game worlds, classic characters and fighters, and playing it in Switch will be a lot of fun. Creator Masahiro Sakurai has recently hinted that this will be the last game in the series, all the more reason to get excited about Ultimate.

7) Days Gone – This is Sony’s hotly anticipated open-world zombie game, their answer to Microsoft’s wildly popular State of Decay series. While they are a little late to the zombie craze game, this game does seem really promising. In fact, one fan put it perfectly – “It’s like if you put Last of Us, Sons of Anarchy and Dead Rising in a blender – Days Gone is the result.”

8) Gears of War 5 – Gears of War 4 left us wanting more from its story, and it looks like Gears 5 will deliver a much richer story (and a lot more focus). The graphics look stunning, with plenty of beauty to sink our teeth into. The 5th instalment in the series will also feature their online multiplayer options, which (let’s face it) is the only thing keeping the franchise alive at this point!

9) Halo Infinite – Halo was the first person shooter that changed the FPS genre forever on consoles, and now it looks better than ever in its official E3 reveal trailer. As always, this is an enjoyable game and we are looking forward to many hours immersed in the 343 Industries landscape. This game is so ambitious, that 343 needed to create an entirely new engine called Slipstream, designed specifically for what they wanted to achieve. So, come for the game, stay to check out the next-gen SlipSpace Engine.

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10) Skull and Bones – We all know that the best part about the AC Black Flag was the pirate ship combat. Well well well, Ubisoft took that element and made it into a full game! Set in the Indian Ocean, this is an online naval game with a lot going on in the trailer. Skull and Bones looks like it will be super fun, and one of the rare options on our list that is suitable for the whole family to play together. If you enjoyed the ship-to-ship combat scenes in Black Flag, then you should be able to pick up on Skull & Bones quickly – that said, those who have played the beta version say they are excited, but that the game will benefit from an extra year of work to ‘put some meat on its bones.” Well, when it’s ready, so are we!

Did I miss leave anything off of the list that you think belongs here? Disagree with these picks, or want to leave some first-hand knowledge? Please Leave a comment below. Looking for more gaming articles? Maybe movie or TV features instead? FinalBoss has you covered! 

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