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The 20 Cutest Pokémon EVER

Pokéfans are always debating which Pokémon is the cutest. We were fed up with seeing top 10 lists compiled by an editor based on their personal opinion, so we invited over 650 Pokémon fans to vote for the cutest Pokemon EVER in a definitive FinalBoss poll.

FinalBoss’s Top 20 Cutest Pokémon


Popplio is 20th cutest Pokémon everGen: 7
Type: Water (starter)
Evolves from: N/A
Evolution: Primarina
Pokédex info: Popplio can snort bubbles of water from its nose during battle. On land it performs acrobatic stunts and jumps using water bubbles.
Trivia: In the anime, Popplio is used by Lana as her main Pokémon and is often seen outside of its Pokéball.


Joltik is 19th cutest Pokémon everGen: 5
Type: Bug/Electric
Evolves from: N/A
Evolution: Galvantular
Pokédex info: Joltik is one of the smallest Pokémon. It’s so small that it can’t generate its own electricity, so it has to absorb the static electricity of other Pokémon and store this energy in an electric pouch on its body.
What fans who voted say: “How can you resist a 3″ Pokémon? I mean come on, he’s adorable” – Jonathan C


Gen: 4
Type: Grass/Mythical
Evolves from: N/A
Evolution: N/A
Pokédex info: Shaymin is known as the Gratitude Pokémon, as it can communicate with telepathy and sense the gratitude of others.
Trivia: Shaymin doesn’t evolve, but it does have a second grass/flying-type forme that can be activated by using a Gracidea flower in the daytime. It reverts back to its original land forme at night.


Gen: 2
Type: Electric
Evolves from: N/A
Evolution: Flaafy, Ampharos
Pokédex info: Mareep appears to be on tiptoe at all times. The orange sphere at the end of its tail acts as a small lightbulb that glows brighter the more electricity it has.
What fans who voted say: “I instantly fell in love with Mareep as soon as I saw it! Who wouldn’t love a little fluffy electric sheep?” – Eve C


Type: Psychic
Evolves from: Eevee
Evolution: N/A
Pokédex info: Espeon’s fur allows it to sense minute shifts in the air and predict the weather. The red gem embedded in its forehead boosts its psychic powers.
Trivia: Espeon evolves from Eevee when levelled up with high friendship during the day, if you have a Sun Shard in your trainer’s bag.


Gen: 2
Type: Normal
Evolves from: N/A
Evolution: Delcatty (with Moon Stone)
Pokédex info: In battle, Skitty’s tail puffs out and it threatens opponents with a sharp growl. Skitty chases its tail and becomes dizzy, which isn’t very useful, but it can also use the moves of other Pokémon using Assist, which is quite useful.


Gen: One, the OG
Type: Water (starter)
Evolves from: N/A
Evolution: Blastoise
Mega Evolution: Wartortle
Pokédex info: Squirtle can withdraw into its shell for protection and sprays foamy water from its mouth in battle.
Trivia: The gender ratio of Squirtle is massively skewed, at 87.5% male.


Gen: One, the OG
Type: Dragon
Evolves from: N/A
Evolution: Dragonair, Dragonite
Pokédex info: This mythical Pokémon is rare and hard to catch. It continually moults its skin, increasing its life energy and growing more powerful.
Trivia: Dratini can get to be over six feet long.


Gen: 2
Type: Dark
Evolves from: Eevee
Evolution: N/A
Pokédex info: Umbreon evolves from Eevee when it is levelled up with high friendship during the night or when you have a Moon Shard in your bag.
Trivia: Umbreon hides in the darkness waiting for opponents and its yellow rings glow when it attacks.


Gen: 2
Type: Fairy (from Gen 4, Normal originally)
Evolves from: N/A
Evolution: Togetic – when levelled up with high friendship, or Togekiss – when exposed to a shiny stone.
Pokédex info: Togepi doesn’t shed its shell. It’s able to release poison from the spikes on its head and siphons the positivity of others, sharing its joy with its trainer.


Gen: 7
Type: Ghost/Fairy
Evolves from: N/A
Evolution: N/A
Pokédex info: Mimikyu is a lonely Pokémon that has to stay disguised because seeing its true form will cause a mysterious illness or even a painful death. It desperately wants to make friends with people instead of accidentally killing them. It changes appearance when hit during an attack, because its disguise slips.


Gen: 2
Type: Electric
Evolves from: N/A
Evolution: Pikachu, Raichu
Pokédex info: Pichu evolves into Pikachu when levelled up with high friendship, which evolves into Raichu when exposed to a Thunder Stone.
What fans who voted say: “I chose Pichu because he’s so cute in Smash Bros he makes you fall in love” – Kaycy L


Gen: One, the OG
Type: Fire (starter)
Evolves from: N/A
Evolution: Charmeleon, Charizard
Pokédex info: Charmander is known as the lizard Pokémon. Its flame can be used as an indication of its health and mood, burning brightly when it is happy and blazing when it is enraged. It is said that Charmander will die if its flame ever goes out.

Joint 7th Place: Sylveon

Gen: 6
Type: Fairy
Evolves from: Eevee
Evolution: N/A
Pokédex info: Sylveon is known as the intertwining Pokémon because of its bows, which send a soothing aura to calm fights. In order to get Sylveon, you must level up Eevee with it knowing a fairy-type move and having at least two levels of affection.

Joint 7th Place: Growlithe

Gen: 1
Type: Fire
Evolves from: N/A
Evolution: Arcanine (requires Fire Stone)
Pokédex info: Growlithe is obedient, friendly and loyal. It will fearlessly defend its trainer and territory against any enemy and chase away any perceived threat.


Gen: One, the OG
Type: Electric
Evolves from: Pichu
Evolution: Raichu
Pokédex info: Pikachu is an electric mouse Pokémon that stores electricity in its red cheek pouches. It sends and receives messages from other Pikachus using electric signals.
Trivia: In Pokémon Yellow, Pikachu is Ash’s starter Pokémon and will refuse to evolve into Raichu unless it is traded and evolved on another save file.


Gen: 1
Type: Psychic/Mythical
Evolves from: N/A
Evolution: N/A
Pokédex info: Mew is known as the New Species Pokémon. It has a unique ability to learn every TM, HM and Move Tutor move and is the last Pokémon in the Kanto Pokédex.
What fans who voted say: “Mew is pink and she has a cute giggle, which instantly puts her at the top of the list for me” – Serena R


Gen: One, the OG
Type: Grass/Poison
Evolves from: N/A
Evolution: Venusaur
Pokédex info: Bulbasaur has a seed on its back that was planted there at birth. The bulb provides Bulbasaur with energy through photosynthesis.
Trivia: Bulbasaur is known to be very loyal and dedicated to its trainer.

Alolan Vulpix

Gen: 7
Type: Ice (regional variant unique to Alola)
Evolves from: N/A
Evolution: Alolan Ninetails
Pokédex info: Known as the “Fox Pokémon”, Vulpix is a fire-type Pokémon that has a regional variation called Alolan Vulpix, an ice-type Pokemon. Alolan Vulpix evolves into Alolan Ninetails when exposed to an Ice Stone and is obtainable in Pokémon Sun at Mount Lanakila and Tapu Village.
Trivia: Alolan Vulpix was Lillie’s Pokémon in the anime, she nicknamed it “Snowy” <3


Gen: One, the OG
Type: Normal
Evolves from: N/A
Evolution: Sylveon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Glaceon
Pokédex info: The clear winner of our poll, Eevee is a super cute Pokémon that is rarely found in the wild and mostly found in cities or towns. It can evolve into many different types of Pokemon in order to suit its environment.
What fans who voted say: “Eevee is the best. So cute” – Ronae C

So what are your thoughts? Did our poll participants choose the right 20 cutest Pokémon or is your favourite missing from the list? Should Eevee have won? Comment below to let us know!

Sources and Info
Votes gathered on behalf of, from users of the following Facebook pages:

The poll ran from 1-13th Feb 2019, participants could choose Pokémon from any generation of Pokémon game as well as Pokémon that appeared in the official animated TV show and movies. They were invited to add their own favourite Pokémon to the selection options in the list and comment on the poll to say why theirs was cutest – permission was sought for publication of each user comment that appears in this article.

Additional Pokedex info – Bulbapedia

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