Cute Pokemon Craze: Meet the 20 Fan Favorites of 2023!

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Every Pokéfan has their favorite cute Pokemon, but with so many adorable creatures, how can one decide which is the cutest Pokemon ? To settle the debate once and for all, we invited over 650 Pokémon enthusiasts to vote for the cutest Pokémon in a definitive FinalBoss poll.

We’ve also created a delightful video to showcase these irresistibly cute Pokémon in all their glory. Take a moment to watch the video below before diving into the detailed list, and experience the charm of the top 20 cutest Pokémon as chosen by fans!

Without further ado, here are the top 20 cute Pokémon as chosen by the fans.

Cute Pokemon #20 : Popplio

pokemon scarlet and violet hentai

Popplio stands out as one of the cutest water types and starters in all of the franchise. It’s even cuter than Seel and Spheal, and that’s saying something! It’s easy to see why Pokéfans voted for it – it’s basically a sea puppy mixed with a friendly looking clown.

Who wouldn’t want this little guy at their children’s birthday party?

Cute Pokemon #19: Joltik

pokemon scarlet and violet hentai cutest Pokémon ever

One of the smallest Pokémon in the entire series, Joltik is the kind of bug you wouldn’t want to squish if you saw it crawling on your bed. While some others give it a run for cutest electric type, it’s definitely the cutest bug type.

Props to the designers of this ‘mon, because who would ever find something with -tik/tick in the name cute?

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Cute Pokemon #18: Shaymin

cute pokemon

The Pokédex entry for Shaymin lists it as the “Gratitude Pokémon,” so let’s all show how grateful we are for this super cute grass type hedgehog. Just like Joltik above, Shaymin is one of the smallest Pokémon at less than 8” (0.2m).

It could easily fit into a backpack or purse, so you can take it with you wherever you go to show off its adorable little face.

Cute Pokemon #17: Mareep

pokemon clicker

Phillip K. Dick wrote the sci-fi novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, and now I want to pose that question for humans living in the Pokéverse: do they count Mareep when they have a hard time getting some shut eye at night? I think counting Mareep would keep me up going “aww!”

Not only is this electric type Pokémon fluffy and huggable, I bet the farmers in the Johto region who raise them save a ton on their utility bills each month. Cute and useful – a double threat.

Cute Pokemon #16: Espeon

pokemon shoes

Sorry, sports fans. We’re not talking about ESPN. We’re talking about Espeon, one of the prettiest Eeveelutions. Its Pokédex entry says that its psychic type abilities help it predict the weather, so if you owned one, you wouldn’t need to check the weather channel or app anymore.

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Its design is so cute in such a compelling way as it isn’t just small and adorable like some of the previous entries, but instead it looks like an uncanny cat from another planet.

Cute Pokemon #15: Skitty

pokemon mystery box

Speaking of uncanny felines, I imagine that the artists at GameFreak tasked themselves with making a cat composed almost entirely of ovals and circles, and that’s how we got this round cutie pie normal type. Its Pokédex entry says that “it threatens opponents with a sharp growl,” but who could take a growl seriously coming from such a plump, happy-looking face?

Just make sure you have enough Skitty litter for it to use for the bathroom if you consider adopting one.

Cute Pokemon #14: Squirtle

random pokemon genorator

One of the original starters and the first water type you encounter in the Pokémon: Red and Blue games, Squirtle has been a fan favorite for decades now. The Pokéfans we surveyed voted Squirtle as the cutest water type, and it’s easy to see why: like Skitty, it’s round and friendly looking. Not to mention that it’s a turtle with a squirrel’s tail – it’s too dang adorbs.

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Fun fact: in the original anime, the Squirtle squad threatened to murder Misty if Ash broke the promise he made to them in the Japanese dub and threatened to dye her hair purple in the English dub – maybe something got lost in translation there.

Cute Pokemon #13: Dratini

dragon pokemon

In Pokémon: Red and Blue, Dratini and its two evolutions were the only dragon types in the entire series. Not only is Dratini the cutest dragon type, but it was also one of the rarest back in the day.

Its design is sort of a mix between a worm and the dragons of East Asian cultures with their long, floaty bodies. This makes it look both elegant and darling at the same time.

Cute Pokemon #12: Umbreon

morty pokemon

Sorry, Espeon stans – more Pokéfans voted for Umbreon for the cutest Pokemon than they did for your favorite of the two Pokémon: Gold and Silver eeveelutions. It’s quite easy to see its appeal: it’s both cute like any other eeveelution and a little spooky with its black, red, and gold color schemes.

Perfect for people who love Eevee and Halloween time. Despite coming off a little eerie, Umbreon must be a great companion as it requires a high friendship level to evolve it from Eevee.

Cute Pokemon #11: Togepi

pokemon iron leaves

Babies make you go aww. Togepi is basically a perpetual baby Pokemon still stuck half in its eggshell. No wonder so many people voted for this adorable fairy type (or normal type if you’re playing the older games). It’s also a favorite for many fans of the first few seasons of the anime, because Misty had one for a long time.

Weird fact about Togepi: the Pokédex says it can release poison from its spikes and steal the positivity of other people to give to its trainer. Try not to get on Togepi’s bad side, or it’ll give you depression.

Cute Pokemon #10: Mimikyu

snake pokemon

Mimikyu is both one of the cutest ghost and fairy types, and it has one of the saddest backstories in the games’ lore – the Pokédex says its desperate to make friends with humans, but it keeps accidentally killing them, because seeing it without its shabby Pikachu disguise can make people sick or cause an excruciating death.

The tragic backstory makes it even cuter. Don’t you just want to hug Mimkyu or die trying?

Cute Pokemon #9: Pichu

random pokemon generator

GameFreak must have seen the international sensation that Pikachu became after the first games released and went, “what if we made it a baby?” Pichu was one of the first prevolutions introduced to the Pokémon series in Gold and Silver. Not only is it one of the cutest electric types, it’s also similar to Umbreon and Espeon where it needs to be leveled up with friendship making it a very affectionate ‘mon.

Seems perfect for cuddling.

Cute Pokemon #8: Charmander

flamigo pokemon

How can you deny this fire type’s cuteness when it has charm in its name? Charmander, like Squirtle, is one of the OG starters from Red and Blue. It also has one of the cutest calls in the anime series.

Just be sure to take care of your Charmanders if you train one: letting its flame on its tail go out will kill it according to its Pokédex entry. Don’t kill this cutie!

Joint Cute Pokemon #7th Place: Sylveon

cute kawaii pokemon

Perhaps the most twee Pokémon in the entire series, Sylveon was the first real fairy type as it introduced the concept in generation 6. Its cuteness is literally part of its biology: it evolves covered in bows! It’s like a present from Arceus to all Pokéfans.

Its bows even send out a calming aura, so it’s perfect to bring around people you know like to argue. Goodbye anger management, hello Sylveon!

Joint Cute Pokemon #7th Place: Growlithe

cutest pokemon

Like a real dog, the Pokédex says that Growlithe is “obedient, friendly, and loyal.” It sounds like the perfect pet for Pokéfans. Can your pooch help you roast s’mores? I didn’t think so.

Fans love this little guy so much that he’s our list’s cutest fire type – even beating out Charmander! So bring out your milk bones and give some pats to this adorable good boy/girl.

Cute Pokemon #5: Pikachu

Best cute pokemon

You didn’t think the fans would forget Pikachu, did you? Whether it’s the OG fat Pikachu or the newer, post-diet one, you’d have to be heartless to hear its call and see its red cheeks without squealing in an overload of cuteness. While Pikachu wasn’t voted the number one cutest Pokemon, its place makes it the cutest electric type, meaning it beat out Pichu, its baby form.

Fun fact: even its name is delightful as it’s basically the Japanese equivalent of “sparkle squeak.”

Cute Pokemon #4: Mew

cutest pokemon

Mew comes in at #4 on our list and wins the title of cutest psychic type and cutest legendary Pokemon. For fans who have been around since the original games, Mew truly was legendary.

Before mystery gifts and Pokemon games with internet connectivity, fans had to go in-person to special events hosted by Nintendo to get this pink cutie without using cheats. It required true dedication.

Cute Pokemon #3: Bulbasaur

best cute pokemon

Bulbasaur is our #3 cutest Pokemon on the list and officially the cutest starter, poison type, and grass type due to its placement. Bulbasaur is every biology nerd’s dream: something that is both part of the animal and the plant kingdom. It’s perfect for people who want a combination of a dog-lizard and garden rolled into one Pokémon.

Fun fact: Mew, the entry above this, was the end of the Kanto Pokédex at #151 while Bulbasaur is the start at #001.

Cute Pokemon #2: Alolan Vulpix

cutest pokemon

The first ice type and regional variant on our list, Alolan Vulpix takes an already cutest fox Pokémon with the original Vulpix and turns the dial to eleven out of ten. The Alolan variant has a beautiful white coloring, a poofy tail and patch of fur on its head, coloring that makes its feet look like socks, and gorgeous multicolored eyes.

It’s obvious why the Pokéfans voted this variant as #2 on our list.

Cute Pokemon #1: Eevee

cutest pokemon ever

Drumroll please… our #1 cutest Pokemon on our list is Eevee! She’s so loveable that even the Pokédex describes her as “a super cute Pokemon.” That’s GameFreak’s official endorsement right there. Pokéfans of all ages adore Eevee as she’s a fluffy, cuddly, friendly fox-dog hybrid that can turn into countless other delightful Pokémon.

As beautiful and charming as those eeveelutions are, though, you have to bow down to the cutest normal type: the OG Eevee.

So what are your thoughts? Did our poll participants choose the right 20 cute Pokemon or is your favorite missing from the list? Should Eevee have won? Comment below to let us know!

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The participants choose the best cute Pokemon from any generation of Pokémon game as well as Pokémon that appeared in the official animated TV show and movies. They were invited to add their own favourite Pokémon to the selection options in the list and comment on the poll to say why theirs was cutest – permission was sought for publication of each user comment that appears in this article.

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