Westworld Theory: This Major Character Isn’t Dead

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This Westworld theory contains spoilers from the season finale. 

Westworld ended with a bang. Quite literally.

Dolores put a bullet through Robert Ford’s head. It was a shocking twist, Dr Ford — portrayed by the legendary Anthony Hopkins — sacrificed himself to save his beloved hosts and start a robotic revolution.

At first, I was devastated. There are so many great characters in Westworld, but none so complex and interesting as Hopkin’s Ford. With many seasons ahead of us, I was saddened by the idea of him not being a part of them. But, as I had some time to think about the series, it suddenly dawned on me…

Dr Ford is not dead.

Let’s Do a Westworld and Time Jump

In episode seven, poor Teresa was brutally murdered at the hands of Bernard. This is a powerful moment in the story and was when the game really changed.

There was so much going on in the scene, and so much has happened since.

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So much, in fact, that it was all too easy to miss or forget about a vital clue slotted into this very scene.

As Bernard murders his former lover, we see a brand new host laying on a table, currently in the process of being printed. We never see a new host in the park beyond this point.

Our Westworld Theory? Dr Ford Is Not Dead

We at Two Honest Guys are certain that this host is a copy of Ford. He created it as part of his new ‘narrative’ to become a martyr for the cause and begin the host revolution.

Nobody would know. It would stun the world and the audience alike. A host kills a human, and everything changes. But, really, a host has only done what they always do: Kill another host. Sure, we see Dolores firing random shots into the crowd, but she may just be hitting more disguised hosts.

Think about it. Ford isn’t like Arnold. He isn’t plagued by tragedy, he isn’t unstable. He is a cold, calculating man, and this was just another step towards getting what he truly wants.

What is Ford’s Westworld Endgame?

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If Ford isn’t dead, what is he up to?

Perhaps he truly is repentant but wants to help his hosts win their battle for survival without giving up his life. Perhaps he thought it was the only way. Or maybe there are more nefarious reasons involved.

Ford has pointed out many times that he believes humans have reached their limit and that  the Hosts are ‘better’ than them. That life outside Westworld was stagnant, seeming to imply it had no worth.

Whatever his plan is, we’ll find out if he really is dead next year when Westworld returns.

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