‘You Deserve Better’ – An Honest Review

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There are not many films that enter our radar so fast and so powerful such as this one. ‘You Deserve Better’ is the big sister you never thought you needed.

This film pretty much came out of nowhere and it will definitely struggle to disappear from any of our memories any time soon. It visited us, gave us the warm, comforting hug that we never knew we needed, and has truly set a course for a change within the narrative.
But how did this all happen? Why is it that this one film from first time director, Georgie
Chantrell-Plant has caused such a stir and started such an important dialogue in this current era of cinema?
Well, it started with a campaign, like most films nowadays, but this campaign was
under the guise of a new age dating site, it’s main goal is to unite you with your true love, once and for all.
A scene from You Deserve Better
We have all seen adverts and posts for ‘Growing Hearts’ all over Instagram, with numerous
shares, likes and comments from users up and down the country eager for the much-anticipated company launch. This was paired with what looked like a new dating app, rivalling the familiar Tinder, Bumble or Grindr. Everyone thought they were going to get the opportunity to allow this new startup the chance to put their money with their mouth is. We were already convinced by some of their early customer comments, giving nothing but glowing reviews.
Everyone was chomping at the bit for this launch, to see what all the hype is about! However, what came in its stead was not a revolutionary new dating app with a 98% success rate, but a trailer for a new film from Lime 58 Films.
It’s important to note that not many of us have heard of Lime 58 films before; previously sticking to student-led independent short films in and around the Hampshire area, so props to them for managing to get this amount of buzz for their first feature.
It’s a film that centres around Kate, someone who is ridiculously unlucky in love, not through any fault of her own, more so her male counterparts being the definition of ‘the worst’. The trailer tells a story that isn’t unheard of, but it harnesses the painful and awkward experience often found with dating in this age, encapsulating all the disappointment and heartache involved with that. This trailer tells us that ultimately what’s different about this film is that we are not in for a normal run-of-the-mill love story. It’s bonkers, maybe even a little batshit. But what it more importantly tells the audience, is that the course of true love never did run smooth, and for Kate, she is in for one hell of a rough ride!
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